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Application of Optical Instrumentation in Medicine XIII
Editor(s): Samuel J. Dwyer III; Roger H. Schneider

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Volume Number: 0535
Date Published: 11 June 1985

Table of Contents
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Digital Image Processing: Optimal Spatial Filter For Maximization Of The Perceived Snr Based On A Statistical Decision Theory Model For The Human Observer
Author(s): Heang-Ping Chan; Charles E. Metz; Kunio Doi
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Is Ideal-Observer Signal-To-Noise Ratio A Good Predictor Of Human Performance?
Author(s): K. J. Myers; H. H. Barrett; M. C. Borgstrom; D. D. Patton; G. W. Seeley
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Detection Of Disks In CT Noise
Author(s): Donald R. Jacobson
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Shift Variance In Digital Radiographic Imaging Systems As A Source Of Error In Contrast Detail Measurements
Author(s): Jose A. Bencomo; Lee M. Marsh; Tommie J. Morgan; Arthur Cole; Charles E. Willis
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Quantitative Description Or Characterization Of Three Image Receptors For Use In Extraoral Radiology
Author(s): L. Chavarria Jr.; T. J. Morgan; J. A. Bencomo; D. J. Finn
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Detectability Of Lesions Of Various Sizes On CT Images
Author(s): Philip F. Judy; Richard G. Swensson
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A Matched Filter For The Visual Perception Of A Dynamic Display
Author(s): Vanregemorter J.; Deconinck F.
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Detection And Identification Efficiency: An Update
Author(s): Arthur E. Burgess
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Progress In Signal And Texture Discrimination In Medical Imaging
Author(s): Robert F. Wagner; Michael F. Insana; David G. Brown
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Quantifying The Performance Of Imaging Systems
Author(s): H. H. Barrett; W. E. Smith; K. J. Myers; T. D. Milster; R. D. Fiete
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Image Processing: Mathematics, Engineering, Or Art?
Author(s): Kenneth M. Hanson
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Synthesis Of Arbitrary X-Ray Projections From A Finite Number Of Existing Projections
Author(s): R. L. Webber; U. E. Ruttimann; R. A.J. Groenhuis; P. Edholm
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Ectomographic Filtering Applied To Tomographic Digital Subtraction Angiography
Author(s): B. C. Yih; D. N.Ghosh Roy; R. A. Kruger; S. P.Del Rio; R. L. Power
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Application Of Iterative Reconstruction Techniques To Conventional Circular Tomography
Author(s): D.N. Ghosh Roy; R. A. Kruger; B. C. Yih; S. P. Del Rio; R. L. Power
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Rapid Circular Tomography System Suitable For Cardiac Imaging
Author(s): R. A. Kruger; J. A. Sorensor; J. R. Boye; J. Conrad; S. P. Del Ric; B. C. Yih; P. Liu
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Some Characteristics Of Diagnostic Scatter Radiation
Author(s): Keh-Shih Chuang; H. K. Huang
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A Scatter Correction Algorithm For Digitally Acquired Radiographs (SCADAR)
Author(s): John M. Boone; Ben A. Arnold
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Principles Governing The Transfer Of Signal Modulation And Photon Noise By Amplifying And Scattering Mechanisms
Author(s): Peter L. Dillon; John F. Hamilton; Madjid Rabbani; Rodney Shaw; Richard L. VanMetter
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Monte Carlo Studies Of Image Spread By X-Ray Intensifying Screens
Author(s): Ed Caruthers
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Radiation Transfer In Medical X-Ray Intensifying Screens
Author(s): Daniel J. Mickish
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The Effect Of Bias Exposure On The Detective Quantum Efficiency Of Radiographic Screen-Film Systems
Author(s): Richard L. VanMetter; Rodney Shaw
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Comparison Of Theory And Experiment For The Dqe Of A Radiographic Screen-Film System
Author(s): Phillip C. Bunch; Kenneth E. Huff; Rodney Shaw; Richard L. Van Metter
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The Role Of Screen And Film In Determining The Noise-Equivalent Number Of Quanta Recorded By A Screen-Film System
Author(s): Rodney Shaw; Richard L. VanMetter
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Image Quality Of Radiographic Systems As Evaluated By Direct Signal-To-Noise Ratio Measurements
Author(s): Romain Bolden
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Some Results In Multi-Energy Digital Radiology
Author(s): Gianni Vernazza; Francesco Caratozzolo; Sebastiano B. Serpico; Sandro Geraci
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Optical Transfer Function Of Digital Radiographic Systems
Author(s): iBruno Bianco; Gianni Vernazza; Francesco Beltrame; Luca Venzano; Epifanio Troina
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Veiling-Glare Of A Linear Multichannel Si(Li) Detector
Author(s): H. D. Zeman; E. B. Hughes; J. N. Otis; A. C. Thompson; J. T. Walton
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Sensitivity Characteristics Of A Prototype Selenium Plate Detection System For Digital Radiographic Imaging
Author(s): Patrick J. Papin; Nicholas J. Mankovich; H. K. Huang
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New Capabilities Of Ultrasonic Imaging For Tissue Characterization And Medical Diagnosis
Author(s): J. L. Bernatets; J. Pergrale
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A Comparison Of Ultrasound Dynamic Focus Phased Arrays With Fixed Focus Mechanical Scanners
Author(s): Carolyn Kimme-Smith; James Winter; William King III; Nancy Worthen
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Explososcan: A Parallel Processing Technique For High Speed Ultrasound Imaging With Linear Phased Arrays
Author(s): David P. Shattuck; Marc D. Weinshenker; Stephen W. Smith; Olaf T. von Ramm
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Flow Measurement By Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Author(s): K. Barth; M. Deimling; P. Fritschy; E. Mueller; E. R. Reinhardt
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Optimization Techniques In Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Author(s): Nola M. Hylton; Douglas A. Ortendahl; Leon Kaufman; Lawrence Crooks
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Influence Of Small Phase Variations In The Diffraction Pattern Of A Biological Cell
Author(s): M. Chevalier; M. L. Calvo; C. Carreras
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Clinical Experience With The Ophthalmic Image Processing System (IS 2000)
Author(s): Paul G. Rehkopf; Jospeh W. Warnicki; Mark R. Nelson; James L Camber; Stuart I. Brown
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Digital Analysis Of Rotated Images
Author(s): Stefano Alliney
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Author(s): Thomas J. Goliash
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Real-Time Local Adaptive Video Processing In Diagnostic Imaging
Author(s): Richard G. Hier; Greg W. Schmidt
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Command Line Image Processing System (CLIPS)
Author(s): S. R. Fleagle; G. L. Meyers; R. G. Kulinski
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System For The Digitization, Display And Archiving Of Radiographs: Design And Early Experience
Author(s): R. J. Jennings; M. C. Bruce
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The Use Of Computerized Tomographic (CT) Scans For 3-D Display And Prosthesis Construction
Author(s): Nicholas J. Mankovich; Tracey J. Woodruff; John Beumer III
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Regional Cerebral Blood Flow In Dementia: Receiver-Operating-Characteristic Analysis
Author(s): Alexander Zemcov; Laurie Barclay; Joseph Sansone; John P. Blass; Charles E. Metz
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Automated Estimation Of Lesion Size
Author(s): Urs E. Ruttimann; Richard L. Webber; Roelf A. J. Groenhuis; Emanuel Troullos; Michael T. Rethman
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Design Of A Digital Beam Attenuator System For Chest Radiography
Author(s): Bruce H. Hasegawa; James T. Dobbins III; Shaikh Naimuddin; Charles A. Mistretta; Walter W. Peppler; Ching-Shan Lee; Sabee Molloi; Nicholas Hangiandeou; Bakki B. Kudva; Kenneth M. Melbye
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Tissue Density Measurements From Digital Chest Radiographs
Author(s): Michael L. Cocklin; Peter M. Lams; Robert C. Schroter
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How Do Videodensitometric Ejection Fractions From Intravenous Digital Subtraction Ventriculograms Compare With First Pass Radionuclide Ejection Fractions? (Technical Aspects)
Author(s): Robert Detrano; William MacIntyre; Raymond MacIntyre; Houston Jones; Susan Withrow; Conrad Simpfendorfer; Ernesto E. Salcedo; Anthony Lando
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Simultaneous Viewing Of Lung And Heart CT Images Employing Automated Histogram Modification
Author(s): Gerald W. Davis; Susan T. Wallenslager
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A Preliminary Study On A Nonsubtraction Digital Angiogram Processing Technique
Author(s): Yen Wang; C. C. Li; Zhixiang Xu; Liben Huang
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Adaptive Processing Algorithms For Intravenous Digital Subtraction Coronary Angiography
Author(s): Ching-Shan R. Lee; Walter W. Peppler; Michael S. Van Lysel; Jack T. Cusma; John D. Folts; William C. Zarnstorff; Charles A. Mistretta; Sabee Molloi; Nick Hangiandreou; Jerome C. Lancaster
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Mammographic Texture Analysis : An Evaluation Of Risk For Developing Breast Cancer
Author(s): I. E. Magnin; F. Cluzeau; C. L. Odet; A. Bremond
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Clinical Application Of High Resolution Digital Image Storage For General Radiography
Author(s): E W Edmonds; D M Hynes; J A Rowlands; B D Toth; A. J. Porter
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Digital Filtering And Feature Extraction Of GI Digital Images
Author(s): Laurens V. Ackerman; Peter J. Feczko; Robert D. Halpert; David J. Kastan
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