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Advanced Applications of Ion Implantation
Editor(s): Michael I. Current; Devindra K. Sadana

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Volume Number: 0530
Date Published: 9 April 1985

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MeV Implantation In Semiconductors
Author(s): Nathan W. Cheung
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Performance Of The MV-H2O Ion Implanter
Author(s): R. D. Rathmell; G. E. Hollman; G. A. Linton
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The IONEX MeV Implanter System
Author(s): Kenneth H. Purser; Marshall Cleland; H. Naylor; Theodore H. Smick
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MeV Implantation For CMOS Applications
Author(s): Michael I. Current; Russel A. Martin; Kyriakos Doganis; Richard H. Bruce
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MeV Implantation In The III-V's
Author(s): H. B. Dietrich
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MeV Implantation Of N-Type Dopants Into GaAs
Author(s): Phillip E. Thompson; Harry B. Dietrich; Michael Spencer; David C. Ingram
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High Current Implantation Systems For CMOS
Author(s): B. A. Thorburn; R. B. Thayer
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Phosphorus In Antimony : A Case Study In Implant Cross-Contamination
Author(s): Lawrence A. Larson
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Avoidance Of Planar Channeling Effects In Si (100)
Author(s): Norman L. Turner; Michael I. Current; T. C. Smith; Dave Crane; Robert Simonton
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The Influence Of Ion Implantation On Solid Phase Epitaxy Of Amorphous Silicon Deposited By LPCVD
Author(s): Wang yang-yuan; N. W. Cheung; D. K. Sadana; C. Jou; M. Strathman
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Ionized Clusters: A Technique For Low Energy Ion Beam Deposition
Author(s): I. Yamada; T. Takagi; P. R. Younger; J. Blake
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Characteristics Of SiO[sub]2[/sub] Films Deposited By Ionized Nozzle-Beam Technique
Author(s): J. Wong; T.-M. Lu; R. Stump; S. Mehta
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PREDICT - A New Design Tool For Shallow Junction Processes
Author(s): R. B. Fair; R. Subrahmanyan
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Wafer Temperature Rise In Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP): A Study Of Chamber Effects And Hulk Silicon Material Parameters
Author(s): Vijay Basra; Daniel F. Downey
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Modeling Of Diffusion During Rapid Thermal Processing
Author(s): Carl Russo
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Ion Beam Mixing In Silicon Systems
Author(s): Bruce M. Paine
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Numerical Calculations Of Effective Barrier Heights Of Metal/Ge Contacts Formed By Ion Implantation
Author(s): E. D. Marshall; M. W. Randolph; C. S. Wu; S. S. Lau
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Xenon Irradiation-Induced Changes In CrSi[sub]2[/sub] Thin Films
Author(s): X-A. Zhao; T. C. Banwell; M-A. Nicolet
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Studies On The Rules For Amorphous Phase Formation By Ion-Mixing In Metallic Systems
Author(s): Y-T. Cheng; W. L. Johnson; M-A. Nicolet
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Alloying Au-Ge With Gaas By Ion Beam Mixing
Author(s): R. S. Bhattacharya; A. K. Rai; H. Rashid; A. Ezis; P. P. Pronko
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Investigation Of Formation Kinetics Of CrSi[sub]2[/sub], TaSi[sub]2[/sub] And Pt[sub]2[/sub]Si By Ion Beam Mixing
Author(s): Frank C.T. So; Uri Shreter; Marc A. Nicolet
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Experimental Investigations On The Oxidation Of Cobalt Disilicide(CoSi[sub]2[/sub])
Author(s): SJ. Kim; T. C. Banwell; R. Shima; M. A. Nicolet
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Rapid Thermal Annealing Of Ion Implanted Ti Films On Si
Author(s): D. Pramanik; M. Deal; A. N. Saxena; O. K. Wu
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Materials Characterization Tools For Advanced Ion Beam Processes
Author(s): Michael D. Strathman
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Resistivity Monitoring For Ion Beam Processes
Author(s): W. A. Keenan; A. K. Smith
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Characterization Of Material And Optical Effects In Annealed, Proton Irradiated N-Type GaAs
Author(s): J. M. Zavada; H. A. Jenkinson; R. G. Sarkis; R. G. Wilson; D. K. Sadana
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Use Of Thermal Waves To Measure Dose And Uniformity Of Si[sup]+[/sup] And Be[sup]+[/sup] Implants Into GaAs
Author(s): W.Lee Smith; R. A. Powell; John D. Woodhouse
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The Implantation Of MeV Er Into Si
Author(s): H. B. Dietrich; P. B. Klein; B. J. Mrstik; David C. Ingram
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Ultra-High-Resolution Dose Uniformity Monitoring With Thermal Waves
Author(s): W.Lee Smith; Michael W. Taylor; John Schuur
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Using Six-Point Probe Meter Models 101 And 101C
Author(s): James T.C. Chen
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Thermal Annealing Behavior Of Hydrogen-Free Amorphous Silicon And Germanium
Author(s): Graham K. Hubler; Edward P. Donovan; Kou-Wei Wang; William G. Spitzer
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Formation Of Silicon On Insulator Structures By Ion Implantation
Author(s): P.L.F . Hemment
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An Overview Of SOI By Implantation Of Oxygen: Materials, Devices And Circuits
Author(s): M. E. Burnham; S. R. Wilson
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Buried Oxide Formation By Ion Implantation
Author(s): K. Steeples; M. A. Guerra
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The Microstructure Of High Dose Oxygen Implanted Si And Its Dependence On Implantation Conditions
Author(s): O. W. Holland; D. Fathy; T. P. Sjoreen; J. Narayan; K. More
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