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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision
Editor(s): David P. Casasent; Ernest L. Hall

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Volume Number: 0521
Date Published: 17 January 1985

Table of Contents
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Chord Distributions In Pattern Recognition: Distortion Invariance And Parameter Estimation
Author(s): Wen-Thong Chang; David Casasent
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3-D Object Recognition From a Single Image
Author(s): Fernand S. Cohen; Jean Francois P. Cayula
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Ego-Motion Complex Logarithmic Mapping
Author(s): Ramesh Jain; Nancy O'Brien
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Method Of 2D And 3D Object Recognition In Nonoptimal Conditions
Author(s): Hannu Hakalahti; Ilkka Moring
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Determining Object Orientation Using Ellipse Fitting
Author(s): Nigel J. Foster; Arthur C. Sanderson
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Role Of Wigner Distribution Function In Pattern Recognition
Author(s): B.V.K.Vijaya Kumar
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Resolution And Invariance Criteria For Object Pattern Recognition
Author(s): Lowell Jacobson; Uwe Thomanschefsky; Harry Wechsler
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Omnidirectional Position Location For Mobile Robots
Author(s): Mohammad Ehtashami; Sung J. Oh; Ernest L. Hall
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Vision Algorithm For Finding Holes
Author(s): R. Kelley; P. Gouin
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Matching Perspective Views Of A Polyhedron
Author(s): W. K. Gu; T. S. Huang
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Recognition Of Complex Three Dimensional Objects Using Three Dimensional Moment Invariants
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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A Realistic Approach To Bin Picking
Author(s): D. Van Laethem; M. Bogaert; O. Ledoux
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Recognizing Partially Hidden Objects
Author(s): J. L. Turney; T. N. Mudge; R. A. Volz
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Shape From Occluding Contours
Author(s): Lina Massone; Pietro Morasso; Renato Zaccaria
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Vision Based Sensing Of Position And Orientation Of Overlapped Variably Shaped Components For Robot Manipulation
Author(s): Aristides Gogoussis; Max Donath
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The Determination Of Object Type And Position Using High Speed Vision
Author(s): M. Herregods; L. Van Gool; P. Vuylsteke; J. Vermeiren; A. Oosterlinck
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Methodologies For Understanding And Evaluation Of Image Processing Algorithms
Author(s): Michael E. Bazakos; Ngoc-Chi Vu
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Three Generations Of Image Understanding Architecture: Studies In Automatic Target Recognition System Design
Author(s): William W. Wehner; Paul S. Schenker
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A Geometric Matcher For Recognizing And Positioning 3-D Rigid Objects
Author(s): N. Ayache; O. Faugeras; B. Faverjon
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A Heuristic Route Planner For Autonomous Robots
Author(s): John F. Gilmore; Antonio C. Semeco; Pipat Eamsherangkoon
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Rule-Based Evidence Accrual System For Image Understanding
Author(s): Nelson Marquina
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Models And Primitives From Point Sets
Author(s): A. Klinger; E. Bassett; W. Fox
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Computing Dense Displacement Fields With Confidence Measures In Scenes Containing Occlusion
Author(s): P. Anandan
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Graphical Operations In A Hierarchical Parallel Computer
Author(s): Steven L. Tanimoto
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A Mathematical Model For Representing Patterns And Pattern Classes Using Semantic Nets
Author(s): A. M. Gokeri
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What Is The Benefit Of Artificial Intelligence For Robotics?
Author(s): Herbert Stoyan
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Design Of A Robotic Locating System
Author(s): William J. Wolfe; Wendell H. Chun; Lewis J. Pinson
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Trajectory Planning In Time-Varying Environments, 1: TPP = PPP + VPP
Author(s): Karnal Kant; Steven Zucker
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Task Planning And Verification Using Visual Feedback
Author(s): E. E. Pickett; R. Jha
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Fast Computation Of Jacobian And Inverse Jacobian Of Robot Manipulators
Author(s): Sanjit K. Mitra; Abhijit Mahalanabis
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Adaptation In Biological Sensory-Motor Systems: A Model For Robotic Control.
Author(s): Amitabha Mukerjee
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Computer Control Of Coordinate Movement With Anthropomorphic Two-Arms
Author(s): Chang Hsiao-tsu; Shi Bai-yan
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Distributed Control In The Multi-Sensor Kernel System
Author(s): Tom Henderson; Bir Bhanu; Chuck Hansen
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3-D Active Vision System
Author(s): Paul R. Haugen; Robert E. Keil; Curt Bocchi
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An Imaging Tactile Sensor With Magnetostrictive Transduction
Author(s): Ren-Chyuan Luo; Fuling Wang; You-xing Liu
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An Optical Tactile Array Sensor
Author(s): Stefan Begej
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Light Interference In Ir Instrumentation And Sensing Systems Operating In Confined Spaces.
Author(s): Chris J. Georgopoulos
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Extraction Of Tactile Features By Passive And Active Sensing
Author(s): R. E. Ellis
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Design Of A Conformal Tactile Sensing Array
Author(s): Ian McCammon
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Techniques For Real-Time, 3D, Feature Extraction Using Range Information
Author(s): Donald J. Svetkoff; Patrick F. Leonard; Robert E. Sampson; Ramesh Jain
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High Speed Robot Vision Using Specialized Hardware
Author(s): P. Wambacq; L. Van Eycken; A. Oosterlinck; H. Van den Berghe
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Generating Cylindrical Representation Of Solid Objects From Surface Representation
Author(s): Thomas S. Huang; Homer H. Chen
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Dynamic Stereo From Multiple Image Flows
Author(s): Allen M. Waxman; Sarvajit S. Sinha
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Comparison Of Methods For Absolute Location Of A Mobile Robot In Non-Polyhedral Environments
Author(s): L. Marce; C. J. Zhao; H. Place
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A Computer Vision Technique For Surface Curvature Gaging With Projected Grating
Author(s): S. K. Cheng; Y. Y. Hung; N. K. Loh
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3-D Object Representation In Imaging Systems
Author(s): G. A. Laub; G. Lenz; E. R. Reinhardt
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Inspection And Adaptive Robot Applications Based On Three-Dimensional Vision Measurements
Author(s): Richard Q. Schmidt
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A Computer Vision System For Assembly Inspection
Author(s): Costas Tsatsoulis; King-sun Fu
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Towards The Adaptive Laser Robot
Author(s): B. Zavidovique; L. Foulloy; D. Gerbet
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Thermal Image Processing For Detection Of Cracks In Railroad Wheels
Author(s): George W. Batten Jr.
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Design And Implementation Of Integrated Vision-Based Robotic Workcells
Author(s): Michael J. Chen
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Some Experiments In Distributed Vision
Author(s): Peter G. Selfridge; Marcia A. Derr
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Vision For Control Of A Manipulating End Effector
Author(s): Ramiro Liscano; William J. Palm
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Cad Data-Based Comparison Method For Printed Wiring Board (PWB) Inspection
Author(s): Olli Silven; Ilkka Virtanen; Matti Pietikainen
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