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Integrated Optical Circuit Engineering I
Editor(s): Daniel B. Ostrowsky; Sriram Sriram

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Volume Number: 0517
Date Published: 29 January 1985

Table of Contents
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Integrated Optics: A Technology With A Future
Author(s): Stewart E. Miller
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Waveguide Fabrication Techniques In AlGaAs/GaAs
Author(s): Robert G. Hunsperger
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Design And Fabrication Of AlGaAs/GaAs Phase Couplers For Optical Integrated Circuit Applications
Author(s): G.Allen Vawter; James L. Merz
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Ion Implanted Gaas Integrated Optics Fabrication Technology
Author(s): M. A. Mentzer; R. G. Hunsperger; J. Bartko; J. M. Zavada; H. A. Jenkinson
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A Direct Writing Electron Beam Lithography Based Process For The Realisation Of Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits
Author(s): W. A. Hughes; J. A. Barnard
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High Power, Single Optical Frequency, Composite-Cavity Laser Diodes
Author(s): W. E. Stephens; T. R. Joseph; T. Findakly
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Advances In The Development Of Semiconductor Integrated Optical Circuits For Telecommunications
Author(s): A. J.N. Houghton; S. Ritchie; M. J. Robertson
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Optically Tuned And Modulated Microwave Oscillator Circuits
Author(s): P. R. Herczfeld; A. S. Daryoush; V. M. Contarino
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Time-Dependent Photorefractive Effects In Linbo3 Directional Couplers
Author(s): C. T. Mueller; E. Garmire
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Acousto-Optic Techniques In Integrated Optics
Author(s): A. Dawar; R. M. DeLa Rue; G. F. Doughty; N. Finlayson; S. M. Al-Shukri; J. Singh
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Acousto-Optic Bragg Diffraction In Proton Exchanged Waveguides
Author(s): Richard L. Davis
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Optical Threshold Logic Architectures For Hybrid Binary/Residue Processors
Author(s): R. Arrathoon; T. Klepaczyk
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Systolic Lattice Processing And Ultr.Af.Ast Pulse Shaping By Optical Coupled-Wave Device Arrays
Author(s): Moshe Nazarathy; J. W. Goodman
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Planar And Channel Optical Waveguides Utilizing Silicon Technology
Author(s): J. T. Boyd; R. W. Wu; D. E. Zelmon; A. Naumaan; H. A. Timlin; H. E. Jackson
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Polymer Waveguide Fabrication Techniques
Author(s): Delvan A. Ramey
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Fabrication Of Ion-Exchanged Glass Waveguides Through Electrolytic Release Of Silver Ions
Author(s): R. V. Ramaswamy; R. K. Lagu; S. I. Najafi
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Linbo3 Optical Waveguide Fabrication By Ti Indiffusion And Proton Exchange: Process, Performances And Stability
Author(s): C. Canali; A. Carnera; P. Mazzoldi; R. M. De La Rue
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Battelle's Proposed Cooperative Program To Develop Guided-Wave Optoelectronic Manufacturing Technology
Author(s): Robert L. Holman; Doyle P. Skinner
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Radiation-Field Coupling In Optical Waveguide Structures With Closely Spaced Abrupt Bends And Branches
Author(s): D. Yap; L. M. Johnson
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Determination Of Refractive Index From Multi-Wavelength Effective Index Data For Slab And Channel Waveguides
Author(s): M. D. Mill; J. C. Bradley
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Single-Mode Fiber Manipulation With Inchworm, Piezoelectric Translators
Author(s): W. R. Houde-Walter
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Optical Circuitry Cooperative
Author(s): H. M. Gibbs; U. Gibson; N. Peyghambarian; D. Sarid; G. Stegeman
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Integrated Optical Modulation And Switching
Author(s): Papuchon M.
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Electro-Optical Intensity Modulation Of Near-Surface Light For Optical Signal Processing Applications
Author(s): Steven C. Gustafson
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Electro-Optic Modulator On Ti : LiNbO3 With Very Low Drive Voltage
Author(s): Christian Duchet
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Linear Ti:Linbo3 Modulators At 1.3 um For Electromagnetic Field Sensing
Author(s): Catherine H. Bulmer; Suzanne C. Hiser
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Integrated Optical Oscillators And Multivibrators
Author(s): E. Voges; A. Neyer
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Guided-Wave Optics In LiNbO3: Physical Properties, Devices And Signal-Processing Systems
Author(s): R. A. Becker
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Wafer-Scale Integration Of LiNbO3 Components For Coherent Optical Signal Processing
Author(s): R. C. Booth; K. H. Cameron; P. G. Flavin; B. E. Daymond-John
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In-Line Electro-Optic Frequency Translator For Fiber-Optic Sensors
Author(s): Fred Heismann
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Applications Of Nonlinear Periodic Structures In Guided Wave Optics
Author(s): Herbert G. Winful; George I. Stegeman
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Bistable Reflection At The Nonlinear Interface With Linear Magnetic Properties
Author(s): C. B. Galanti; C. L. Giles
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All-Optical Logic Devices For Waveguide Optics
Author(s): Hermann A. Haus; Norman A. Whitaker Jr.
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Optoelectronic Switching
Author(s): Elmer H. Hara
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High-Speed Photodetector Switching
Author(s): Brian J. Markey
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Recent Results With Long Wavelength Ti : LiNbO3 Directional Coupler Optical Switches And Switch Arrays
Author(s): L. McCaughan
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High Speed LiNbO3 Integrated Optics Modulators And Switches
Author(s): Lars Thylen; Anders Djupsjobacka; Bo Lagerstrom; Per Svensson
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Integrated Optical Acousto-Optic Switching
Author(s): Ralf Th. Kersten
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8X8 Optical Waveguide Switch Using Liquid Crystal
Author(s): Hiroshi Terui; Morio Kobayashi
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A Mechanical Optical Switch
Author(s): S. Kaufman; R. L. Reynolds; G. C. Loeffler
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