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Fiber Optics in Adverse Environments II
Editor(s): Roger A. Greenwell

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Volume Number: 0506
Date Published: 15 October 1984

Table of Contents
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Material Dispersion Measurements On Fiber Optic Cables Used At The Nevada Test Site
Author(s): Vern N. Smiley; Mark A. Peressini; Daniel E. Whitaker
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Gamma-Ray To Cerenkov-Light Conversion Efficiency For Pure-Silica-Core Optical Fibers
Author(s): B. L. Pruett; R. T. Peterson; D. E. Smith; L. D. Looney; R. N. Shelton Jr.
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Measuring Transient Radiation Effects In Optical Fibers
Author(s): Mark D. Rotter; Donald R. Jander
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Optical Characterization Of Radiation-Resistant Fibers
Author(s): Vern N. Smiley; Bruce M. Whitcomb; Mark A. Peressini; Daniel E. Whitaker; Randy L. Flurer; Christopher W. Colburn; Peter B. Lyons; James W. Ogle; Larry D. Looney
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A High-Bandwidth Multichannel Fiber Optic System For Measuring Gamma Rays
Author(s): F. Roeske; D. E. Smith; B. L. Pruett; R. P. Reedy
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A Novel Probe For Determining The Size And Position Of A Relativistic Electron Beam
Author(s): T. J. Orzechowski; Helmut Koehler; W. Edwards; M. Nelson; B. Marshall
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Radiation Response Of Optical Fibers In A Nuclear Reactor
Author(s): Judy K. Partin
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Fore-Optics Systems Designed For Electronic Streak Cameras Using Fiber Optics'
Author(s): Robert P. Reedy
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Development Of The Nuclear Optical Penetration
Author(s): K. Inoue; K. Koike; Y. Imada
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Laser-Based Data Acquisition In Gas Centrifuge Environments Using Optical Fibers
Author(s): M. R. Cates; S. W. Allison; B. Marshall; T. J. Davies; L. A. Franks; M. A. Nelson; B. W. Noel
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Ec-135 Fiber Optic Technology Review
Author(s): Jan R . Schultz; Harry N. Hodges
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New Submerged-Robot Control Optical Fiber Cable With Small-Diameter, High-Strength Frp Covered Optical Fiber
Author(s): K. Fuse; Y. Shirasaka; H. Yanagawa
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A Fiber Optic Digital Uplink For Ocean-Floor Experimentation
Author(s): John P. Powers
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Single Fibre Cable For Dispensing Applications
Author(s): Peter G. Hale; J. Garth Lamb; Robert C. McEleny
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Considerations For Applying Fiber Optic Technology To Increase Electromagnetic Pulse (Emp) System Survivability
Author(s): J.Philip Castillo
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A Fiber Optic Sensor For Measuring Multimegampere Currents From Flux Compression Generators
Author(s): L. R. Veeser; R. S. Caird; C. M. Fowler; D. J. Erickson
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Fiber Optic Aircraft Systems Electromagnetic Pulse (Emp) Survivability
Author(s): Byron Gage; Roger Greenwell; Michael Summerlin; Bryan Zetlen
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Microshell®-Tipped Optical Fibers As Sensors Of High-Pressure Pulses In Adverse Environments
Author(s): Robert F. Benjamin; Frederick J. Mayer; Robert L. Maynard
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Application Of Optical-Fiber Pins To Explosive, Pulse-Power Generators
Author(s): R. S. Caird; R. F. Benjamin; R. G. McQueen; D. J. Erickson
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Colorado Springs Area Emp Hardening Project
Author(s): Ronald J. Schemmel
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Silicon Oxynitride Coatings To Reduce Mechanical Fatigue And Hydrogen Induced Optical Ageing In Silica Fibres
Author(s): W. J. Duncan; K. J. Beales; D. M. Cooper; P. L. Dunn; M. Herman; J. D. Rush; G. R. Thomas
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Pcs Cable Connector Termination, Radiation Exposure, And Testing
Author(s): Roger H. Ellis; David Johnson
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The Application Of Commercial Star Couplers To Increase Signal Dynamic Range
Author(s): B. M. Whitcomb; V. N. Smiley; R. L. Flurer; L. K. Nelson
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Characterization Of Fiber Optic Cables Under Large Tensile Loads
Author(s): J. W. Ogle; L. D. Looney; R. T. Peterson
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Transient Attenuation In Connectors To PCS Fibers And In Glass-On-Glass Fibers Induced By Pulsed X-Rays
Author(s): Joseph Zucker; Ray Clarke; Ralph Narciso
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New Source Compounds For Fabrication Of Doped Optical Waveguide Fibers
Author(s): D. A. Thompson; P. L. Bocko; J. R. Gannon
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Radiation Resistance Of Pure-Silica Core Image Guides
Author(s): A. Utsumi; H. Hayami; H. Tanaka; H. Imai; Yasuyuki Goho
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Environmental Effects On Hard Clad Silica Optical Fibers
Author(s): Bolesh J. Skutnik; Ronald E. Hille
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Radiation-Induced Light Emission In Silica Core Fibers
Author(s): W. Schneider; U. Babst; O. A. Balk; E. Hochhauser
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Fluorescence Emission By Molecular Impurities In Irradiated And Non-Irradiated Silica
Author(s): G. Boisde; W. Carvalho; P. Dumas; V. Neuman
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Radiation Response Of Optical Fibers And Selfoc Microlenses At 1.3 Um
Author(s): E. J. Friebele; K. J. Long; C. G. Askins; M. E. Gingerich
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Transient Attenuation In Optical Fibers
Author(s): A. A. Hopkins; R. E. Kelly; L. D. Looney; P. B. Lyons
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The Effect Of Neutron Irradiation On The High Temperature Operation Of Injection Laser Diodes
Author(s): Charles E. Barnes
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A1Gaas/Gaas Radiation Hardened Photodiodes
Author(s): J . J. Wiczer; C. E. Barnes; T. A. Fischer; L. R. Dawson; T. E. Zipperian
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Radiation Response Of A Radiation-Hardened Si Photodiode Incorporating A Sinker Diffusion
Author(s): T. A. Fischer; J. J. Wiczer
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