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Advances in Optical Materials
Editor(s): Solomon Musikant

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Volume Number: 0505
Date Published: 26 December 1984

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The Need For Better Optical Materials
Author(s): H. E. Bennett
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Growth Of Large-Diameter Crystals By Hem Tmfor Optical And Laser Applications
Author(s): C. P. Khattak; F. Schmid
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Transparent Polycrystalline Lanthana-Doped Yttria
Author(s): W. H. Rhodes; E. A. Trickett; G. C. Wei
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Optical And Mechanical Properties Of Highly Transparent Spinel And ALON Domes
Author(s): T. M. Hartnett; R. L. Gentilman
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Optical Materials Developments At The Army Materials And Mechanics Research Center
Author(s): Thomas V. Hynes; R. N. Katz; Dennis J. Viechnicki
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Optical, Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of CaLa[sub]2[/sub]S[sub]4[/sub]
Author(s): K. J. Saunders; T. Y. Wong; R. L. Gentilman
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Synthesis And Characterization Of Phosphides As Potential Novel Infrared (IR) Transmitting Materials
Author(s): Josephine Covino
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Development Of Calcium Lanthanum Sulfide As An 8-12 Um Transmitting Ceramic
Author(s): Josephine Covino; Daniel C. Harris; Marian E. Hills; Richard T. Loda; Robert W. Schwartz
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The Role Of A CVD Research Reactor In Studies Of The Growth And Physical Properties Of Zns Infrared Optical Material
Author(s): J. A. Savage; K. L. Lewis; A. M. Pitt; R. H.L. Whitehouse
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Optical Measurements On Advanced Performance Domes
Author(s): P. C. Archibald; D. K. Burge
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Diamond For Optical Material
Author(s): Robert D. Clay; John P. Clay
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Future Directions For Glass Research
Author(s): Donald R. Ulrich
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Transparent Microporous Silica By The Sol-Gel Process
Author(s): L. C. Klein; T. A. Gallo; G. J. Garvey
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Glasses With High Nonlinear Refractive Indices
Author(s): Hiroyuki Nasu; James S. Lin; John Lau; J. D. Mackenzie
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Towards Ultralow Thermal Distortion Glasses For IR And Visible Wavelengths
Author(s): Bernard Bendow; Diane Martin
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Si0[sub]2[/sub] Gel Glasses
Author(s): L. L. Hench; S. H. Wang; S. C. Park
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Oxide Glasses With Superior Infrared Transmission
Author(s): William H. Dumbaugh
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Compositional Effects On Nd[sup]3+[/sup] Concentration Quenching In The System R[sub]2[/sub]0 A1[sub]2[/sub]0[sub]3[/sub] Ln[sub]2[/sub]0[sub]3[/sub] P[sub]2[/sub]0[sub]5[/sub]
Author(s): L. M. Cook; A. J. Marker III; S. E. Stokowski
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Advances In Glass Filter Materials For Laser Fusion Systems
Author(s): A. J. Marker III; L. M. Cook
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Refractive Index Measurements Of AMTIR-1 At Cryogenic Temperatures
Author(s): Michael J. Nofziger; William L. Wolfe
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Critical Problems Associated With Fabrication Of Halide Glass Fibers
Author(s): John Lau; Alana M. Nakata; John D. Mackenzie
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Progress In IR Optical Fibers
Author(s): E. Hartouni; F. Hulderman; T. Guiton
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An Overview Of Tunable Diode Laser Technology Development
Author(s): Wayne Lo
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Overview Of Infrared Fibers: Prospective Materials, Fabrication Methods And Applications
Author(s): Bernard Bendow; Howard Rast; Osama H. El-Bayoumi
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Analysis Of Optical Losses In Fluoride Glass Fibers.
Author(s): Marcel Poulain; Mohammed Saad; Gwenael Maze; Vincent Cardin
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Partially Stabilized ZrO[sub]2[/sub] As A Possible Ir Dome Material
Author(s): R. W. Rice; J. R. Spann; W. J. McDonough; R. P. Ingel; D. Lewis
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Optical Properties Of Low Loss Fluoride Glass-Cladded Fibers
Author(s): M. J. Burk; D. C. Tran; C. F. Fisher; K. H. Levin; Patricia Hart; G. H. Sigel
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Observation Of Light Detection By Glass-Metal Seals: The Possibility Of Optical-Fiber Light Detectors
Author(s): N. S. Kopeika; C. S. Ih; R. G. Hunsperger
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Thermally Stable Composite (TSC[sup]tm[/sup]) - Graphite Fiber Reinforced Glass For Dimensionally Stable Applications
Author(s): Karl M. Prewo; Eric Minford
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Novel Zero-Expansion Materials For Precision Optical Substrates
Author(s): Yogesh Mehrotra; Dinesh K. Agrawal; V. S. Stubican
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Advanced Heat Pipes For Optical Applications
Author(s): Robert M. Shaubach; G.Yale Eastman
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Damage Resistant Plastics: Widened Application Possibilities
Author(s): A. B. Romberger; T. T. Saito; K. E. Siegenthaler; B. W. Mullins; A. A. Shaffer; J. F. Hilbing; C. D. Adams
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A Nondestructive Technique For Preprocessing Semiconductor Material
Author(s): G. A. Tanton; C. G. Walker; J. A. Grisham; Syed Razi
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Deposition, Characterization, And Simulation Of Thin Films With Form Birefringence
Author(s): M. R. Jacobson; F. Horowitz; Bangjun Liao
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Computer Simulation Of Thin Film Growth: Applying The Results To Optical Coatings
Author(s): M. Sikkens; I. J. Hodgkinson; F. Horowitz; H. A. Macleod; J. J. Wharton
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