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Ocean Optics VII
Editor(s): Marvin A. Blizard

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Volume Number: 0489
Date Published: 27 September 1984

Table of Contents
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Introduction To Ocean Optics
Author(s): Howard R. Gordon; Raymond C. Smith; J.Ronald V. Zaneveld
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Microplankton And Optical Variability In The Sea: Fundamental Relationships
Author(s): Dale A. Kiefer
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The Effect Of Suspensoids On Optical Parameters In A Typical Estuary
Author(s): Jerome Williams; Fred Skove; John Foerster
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A Two Component Model Of Optical Pulse Propagation In Seawater
Author(s): Charles P. Frahm
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Optical Controls On The Radiant Energy Dynamics Of The Air/Water Interface: The Average Cosine And The Absorption Coefficient
Author(s): R. H. Stavn; F. R. Schiebe; C. L. Gallegos
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Optical Particle Sizing For Hydrodynamics Based On Near Forward Scattering
Author(s): Y. C. Agrawal; J. B. Riley
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Bioluminescence In The Marine Environment
Author(s): J. Losee; D. Lapota; Mark Geiger; S. Lieberman
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Bioluminescence Of Marine Snow: Its Effect On The Optical Properties Of The Sea
Author(s): J. K. Orzech; K. H. Nealson
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Characteristic Vertical Patterns Of Particles, Oxygen, And Chlorophyll Pigments In The North Pacific Gyre
Author(s): Hasong Pak
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Variability Of Particulate Spectral Absorption Coefficients In The Eastern Pacific Ocean
Author(s): B.Greg Mitchell; R. Iturriaga; D. A. Kiefer
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The Analysis Of Ocean Optical Data
Author(s): Raymond C. Smith; Karen S. Baker
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Mueller Matrix Measurements Of Ocean Water
Author(s): Edward S. Fry; Kenneth J. Voss
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Strong Backscattering And Cross Polarization From Bubbles And Glass Spheres In Water
Author(s): Philip L. Marston; Dean S. Langley
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Scattering Of Laser Light From Bubbles In Water At Angles From 68 To 85 Degrees
Author(s): Dean S. Langley; Philip L. Marston
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Optical Discontinuities Produced By Raindrops Falling In The Ocean
Author(s): John Hallett
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Completion Of The Marine Aerosol Spectrum
Author(s): Nancy J. Taylor; Jin Wu
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Influence Of Sea Ice And Sea Ice Biota On Downwelling Irradiance And Spectral Composition Of Light In McMurdo Sound
Author(s): C. W. Sullivan; A . C. Palmisano; J.Beeler SooHoo
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Spectral Dependence Of The Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient Of Light In Ocean Waters
Author(s): R. W. Austin; T. J. Petzold
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Effects Of Water Reflectance At 670 Nm On Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) Aerosol Radiance Estimates Off The Coast Of Central California
Author(s): James L. Mueller
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A Method Of Selecting Optimal Angstrom Coefficients To Obtain Quantitative Ocean Color Data From Nimbus-7 CZCS
Author(s): R. A. Arnone; P. E. La Violette
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Secchi Depth Atlas Of The World Coastlines
Author(s): R. A. Arnone; S. P. Tucker; F. A. Hilder
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The View From The Shuttle Orbiter - Observing The Oceans From Manned Space Flights
Author(s): John L. Kaltenbach; Michael R. Helfert; Gordon L. Wells
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The Optical Variability Of The Ocean Surface From CZCS Imagery
Author(s): Keith Peacock
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Ocean Remote Sensing With A Charge Injection Device (CID) Array
Author(s): S. E. Stewart; R. R. Buntzen
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Shuttle Mounted Sensors For The Analysis Of Ocean Phenomena
Author(s): David D. Steller
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Calculation Of LIDAR Beam Spread In Stratified Media
Author(s): Lawrence R. Thebaud; Stephen J. Gayer
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Recent Progress In The Measurement Of Temperature And Salinity By Optical Scattering
Author(s): Donald J. Collins; John A. Bell; Ray Zanoni; I.Stuart McDermid; James B. Breckinridge; Cesar A. Sepulveda
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Rapid Underwater Ocean Measurements Using Brillouin Scattering
Author(s): J. G. Hirschberg; J. D. Byrne
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Raman LIDAR For The Remote Measurement Of Subsurface Ocean Parameters
Author(s): Donald A. Leonard; Bernard Caputo
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The Effect Of Detector Field-Of-View On Laser Backscatter And Bottom Reflection Measurements
Author(s): Duane Bright; Jerald W. Caruthers; George Kattawar
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Effects Of Propagation-Induced Pulse Stretching In Airborne Laser Hydrography
Author(s): Gary C. Guenther; Robert W.L. Thomas
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LIDAR Return Pulse Profile And Its Relationship To Water Optical Parameters
Author(s): H. S. Lee; N. T. O'Neill
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Scattering Meters For Light In The Sea
Author(s): Willard H. Wells
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Beam Attenuation And Absorption Meters
Author(s): J. Ronald; V. Zaneveld; Robert Bartz
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A Solid-State Spectral Transmissometer And Radiometer
Author(s): K. L. Carder; R. G. Steward; P. R. Payne
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Flow Cytometric Analysis Of The Optical Characteristics Of Marine Particulates
Author(s): Richard W. Spinrad
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Instrumentation For Measuring In-Situ Sea Truth For Laser Radar Applications
Author(s): C. A. Moore; R. C. Honey; D. M. Hancock; S. Damron; R. Hilbers; S. P. Tucker
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Continuous Measurement Of Optical And Thermal Properties Of Seawater Using A Towed Array
Author(s): J. M. Wrabetz; C. A. Moore
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In-Situ Forward Scatter And Transmittance Measurement Using A Low Power Laser Diode
Author(s): F. M. Caimi; R. F. Tusting; G. Kennedy
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A Micro-Powered Underwater Logger For Recording Photosynthetically Active Radiation And Illumination
Author(s): Karel F. Zabloudil
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A Calibration Technique For Photometers
Author(s): I. B.C. Matheson; J. Lee; E. F. Zalewski
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Techniques To Measure The Spectral Reflectance Of Ice
Author(s): S. J. Bolsenga; G. M. Greene
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Wind Speed Measurement From Below The Sea Surface By Correlation
Author(s): William Brown
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Optimizing Optics For Remotely Controlled Underwater Vehicles
Author(s): A. B. Billet
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Underwater Camera Calibration Using The Finite Element Method
Author(s): Riadh A.Halim Munjy; Jay M. Goldfarb
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