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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Techniques for Submicrometer Lithographies III
Editor(s): Alfred Wagner

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Volume Number: 0471
Date Published: 18 June 1984

Table of Contents
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Electron-Beam Lithography Error Sources
Author(s): Chi K Chen
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Enhanced Pattern Accuracy With Mebes III
Author(s): J. Freyer; K. Standiford; R Sills
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Measurement And Inspection Of Contact Holes On In-Process Vlsi Devices With A Low. Voltage Scanning Electron Microscope (Sem)
Author(s): William Roth; Vincent J Coates
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Retarding Field Optics For Practical Electron Beam Lithography
Author(s): T. H Newman; RF. W Pease
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Si MOSFET Fabrication Using Focused Ion Beams
Author(s): R L Kubena; J Y Lee; R A Jullens; R G. Brault; P L Middleton; E H Stevens
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An Application Of Focused Ion Beams To Electron Beam Testing Of Integrated Circuits
Author(s): J Puretz; J Orloff; L Swanson
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Masked Ion Beam Lithography Using Stencil Masks
Author(s): J. N Randall; D C Flanders; N P Economou
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POLY(2,2,2-Trifluoroethyl A-Chloroacrylate) PTFECA, A High Sensitivity Ion Resist
Author(s): John E. Jensen; Charles W. Slayman
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Amorphous Silicon As An Inorganic Resist
Author(s): P H La Marche; R. Levi-Setti
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Analysis Of The Energy Broadening Of Liquid Metal Ion Sources
Author(s): M A Gesley; D L Larson; L W Swanson; C H Hinrichs
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Initial Operation Of A New High-Resolution Scanning Ion Microscope
Author(s): R Levi-Setti; P H La Marche; K Lam; Y L. Wang
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Precision Alignment For X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): J L Kreuzer; G P Hughes; C LaFiandra
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Automatic X-Ray Alignment System For Submicron VLSI Printing
Author(s): B Fay; W T Novak; I Carlsson
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Dc Electroplating Of Sub-Micron Gold Patterns On X-Ray Masks
Author(s): G. E. Georgiou; C A Jankoski; T A. Palumbo
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Characterization Techniques For X-Ray Lithography Submicron Metrology
Author(s): S. A Harrell; D. Alexander
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Linewidth Control In X-Ray Lithography: The Influence Of The Penumbral Shadow
Author(s): R. P Jaeger; B L Heflinger
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X-Ray Resist Characterization With Monochromatic Synchrotron Radiation
Author(s): R P Jaeger; P Pianetta
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Defect Repair Techniques For X-Ray Masks
Author(s): D K Atwood; G J Fisanick; W A Johnson; A Wagner
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