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Optical Microlithography III: Technology for the Next Decade
Editor(s): Harry L. Stover

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Volume Number: 0470
Date Published: 29 June 1984

Table of Contents
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VHSIC - A Test Bed For Advanced Lithography
Author(s): Egbert D Maynard Jr.
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Submicron Optical Lithography: I-Line Lens And Photoresist Technology
Author(s): H L. Stover; M. Nagler; I. Bol; V. Miller
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How Process Technology Can Make Submicron Photolithography Easier : Some Practical Examples.
Author(s): F Buiguez; J P Lazzari; E Tabouret; M. Thouy
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Anisotropic Plasma Etching Of Polysilicon With 100:1 Selectivity Over Thermal Oxide
Author(s): D.Bhogeswara Rao
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Fine Line Patterning Of Al, Polysilicon, And Polycide
Author(s): R W Light; H B Bell; H A Macrc
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Applications Of The Square Count Yield Model
Author(s): A Marsh
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An Improved Alignment System For Wafer Steppers
Author(s): W R. Trutna Jr.; Mung Chen
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Parameters Affecting The Ability To Align Aluminum Layers On An Optical Wafer Stepper
Author(s): Hiroshi Ohtsuka; Hiroyuki Funatsu; Gohoichi Kushibiki; Toshiaki Koikeda
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Fully Automated Alignment For Mos Device Processing On The Model 500 Full-Field Projection System
Author(s): H, Sewell; F. Zernike
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Multiple Layer Techniques In Optical Lithography: Applications To Fine Line Mos Production
Author(s): M A Listvan; M. Swanson; A. Wall; S A. Campbell
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Optimization Of Optimetrix Wafer Steppers In Very Large Scaled Integrated Circuit (VLSI) Process
Author(s): Tonny Soesanto; Ken Harrison
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Wafer Alignment Performance Through An MOS Process
Author(s): A Marsh
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Implementation Of Automatic Alignment Utilizing Electrical Wafer Probe Techniques
Author(s): Robert R. Alien; Myron Cagan; Marti Foster; Talat Hasan
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The Effect Of Semiconductor Processing Upon The Focusing Properties Of Fresnel Zone Plates Used As Alignment Targets
Author(s): J M. Lavine; M T. Mason; D. R Beaulieu
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An Analysis Of Pellicle Parameters For Step-And-Repeat Projection
Author(s): Alex Flamholz
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A Broadband Deep UV Pellicle For 1:1 Scanning Projection And Step And Repeat Lithography
Author(s): Irl E Ward; Dawn L Duly
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Diffraction Characterization For Process Monitoring, Linewidth Measurement And Alignment
Author(s): H S Damar; F P Chan; TT. Albert Wu; A R. Neureuther
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UV/Ozone Cleaning For Organics Removal On Silicon Wafers
Author(s): Leo Zafonte; Rafael Chiu
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Improvement Of Overlay And Focusing Accuracy Of Wafer Step-And-Repeat Aligners By Automatic Calibration
Author(s): Herbert E Mayer
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Automatic Self-Testing Of Machine-To-Machine Matching Of Wafer Steppers
Author(s): Paul Swanson; Gerald Alonzo; Jim Dey
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Stabilization Of Single Layer And Multilayer Resist Patterns To Aluminum Etching Environments
Author(s): John C Matthews; John I. Willmott Jr.
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Stepper Exposed Critical Dimension Tolerances Using The Vapor Jet Developer Nozzle
Author(s): Donald F Ditmer; Matthew V Hanson
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160 Mpx/Sec Laser Pattern Generator For Mask And Reticle Production
Author(s): D B. MacDonald; M Nagler; C Van Peski; T R Whitney
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Characterization Of Optical Properties Of Chromium Substrates And Linewidth Control For Mask Making
Author(s): L C Hsia
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Optical Imaging With Phase Shift Masks
Author(s): Mark D Prouty; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Automatic Inspection Of Contaminants On Reticles
Author(s): Masataka Shiba; Mitsuyoshi Koizumi; Teiji Katsuta
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Reticle Contamination Monitor For A Wafer Stepper
Author(s): Akikazu Tanimoto; Kazunori Imamura
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Cad As The Foundation For Quality Assurance In VLSI Fabrication
Author(s): Raul Brauner; David Pollock; David Bedrosian
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Process Control By Automated In-Process Wafer Inspection
Author(s): K L Harris; P Sandland; R M Singleton
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EYESEE tm: A Computer Vision System For Inspection Of Integrated Circuits
Author(s): Michael L. Baird
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