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Image Assessment: Infrared and Visible
Editor(s): Thomas L. Williams

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Volume Number: 0467
Date Published: 14 May 1984

Table of Contents
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Spatial Filtering Of Retinal Images By The Human Visual System And Its Consequences For Visual Thresholds
Author(s): I E. Holliday; K. H. Ruddock; P. Skinner
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Human Image Evaluation, Hypothesis Formation And Threshold
Author(s): R.H. A. Rohler
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Biocular Magnifiers For Electro-Optio Displays-Assessment Of Visual Comfort
Author(s): J M Palmer; M H Freeman
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A Background Criterion For Use In Thermal Imager Range Modelling
Author(s): S P Braim
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Development Of An Image Quality Model For Object Discrimination
Author(s): A H. Blumenthal; S B Campana
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Performance Modelling Of Image Intensified Night Vision Goggles
Author(s): Roger Appleby; Alan F. J Cox
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Performance Measurement On Image Forming Systems, Based On Signal-To-Noise Ratios
Author(s): Ronald J Geluk
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Objective Measurement Of Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference (MRTD) For Thermal Imagers
Author(s): G W Edwards
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Review On Methods For Simplification Of Optical Performance Criteria
Author(s): Paul Kuttner
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Simplified Method For Measuring And Assessing The Veiling Glare Of 35 Mm Camera Lenses
Author(s): Hideki Kondo; Yasuhiro Chiba; Takashi Yoshida
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Optical Quality Criteria As A Means Of Simplified Description Of Imaging Behaviour
Author(s): K. J Rosenbruch
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Simple Techniques For Frequency Analysis Of Images
Author(s): J.A. J van Leunen
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Assessment Of Image Quality Of Photographic Lenses By Edge Image Analysis
Author(s): Harald Thomas
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International Intercomparison Of MTF Measurements On A 50mm F/2 Camera Lens
Author(s): D S Smith; T L Williams; J L Gresty
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Noise In Computerised MTF Machines
Author(s): S L Boersma
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A Practical Comparison Of Aberration Polynomials
Author(s): Ruixiang Liu; K G Birch
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Automated Data Handling And Instrument Control Using Low-Cost Desktop Computers And An IEEE 488 Compatible Version Of The ODETA V.
Author(s): J.A. J van Leunen; J Dreessen
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Computer Aided Testing For Production Quality Assurance
Author(s): David Price
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Equipment For Automatic MTF Testing Of Infrared And Visible Wavelength Optics
Author(s): T L Williams; N T Davidson
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Effect Of Surface Textures On Reliability Of I.R. M.T.F. Measurements
Author(s): John K Myler; Dennis Kelsall; Peter R Hall
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Sampling And Aliasing Problems With Imaging Arrays
Author(s): Andreas Nordbryhn
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Assessment Of Silicon Imaging Array Performance
Author(s): D J Purll
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Performance Requirements For An IR Staring Sensor
Author(s): W A Shand
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Test Facility And Performance Criteria For IR-Focal Plane Arrays
Author(s): W BUchtemann; W, Schuberth; W Wittenstein
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Transmittance Measurements Of Thermal Imaging Lenses
Author(s): Christopher D. P. Deans; J Peter Jennings; Colin Lewis; Ian McRae
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Assessment And Specification Of The Scatter And Residual Reflectance Of Coated Optical Components In The Visual Region
Author(s): S Martin
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Atmospheric Limitations On Imaging Systems
Author(s): W A. Shand
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Edge Location Accuracy
Author(s): J S Wiejak
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The Automated Enhancement Of Images Used In Diagnostic Medicine
Author(s): L Norton-Wayne
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Image Enhancement In Biological Microscopy
Author(s): Jim Piper; J K Elder
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The Extraction Of Latent Information From Photographs
Author(s): A F Lehar
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An Interactive Digital System For Image Enhancement And Restoration
Author(s): Peter-B Krause
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Image Assessment At The Institute Of Optical Research, Stodkholm
Author(s): Klaus Biedermann
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