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Laser-Assisted Deposition, Etching, and Doping
Editor(s): Susan Davis Allen

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Volume Number: 0459
Date Published: 14 June 1984

Table of Contents
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Surface And Gas Processes In Photodeposition In Small Zones
Author(s): J Y Tsao; D J Ehrlich
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Thin Film Deposition By UV Laser Photolysis
Author(s): K. Emery; P K Boyer; L R. Thompson; R. Solanki; H Zarnani; G. J Collins
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Laser-Induced Neutralization And Negative-Ion Formation In Surface Scattering
Author(s): Kai -Shue Lam; K C Liu; Thomas F George
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Laser Photolysis And Ionization Of Polyatomic Molecules: Film Growth And Spectroscopic Diagnostics
Author(s): J G Eden; J. F Osmundsen; C C Abele; D B Geohegan
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Uv-Induced Photodeposition Of Fe Films From Iron Carbonyl
Author(s): P J Love; R T Loda; R A Rosenberg; A K Green; Victor Rehn
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Photochemistry Of Adsorbed Organometallics: Fe(CO)5 on SiO2
Author(s): Robert L. Jackson
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Optical And Thermal Effects In Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition
Author(s): S D Allen; R Y. Jan; R. H Edwards; S M Mazuk; S D Vernon
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Wafer-Scale Laser Pantography: VI. Direct-Write Interconnection Of VLSI Gate Arrays
Author(s): Bruce M McWilliams; Hon Wah Chin; Irving P Herman; Roderick A. Hyde; Fred Mitlitsky; John C. Whitehead; Lowell L. Wood
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Laser-Induced Deposition Of Metals
Author(s): Y Rytz-Froidevaux; R. P Salathe
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Large Area Deposition Of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon By CW CO[sub]2 [/sub]Lasers
Author(s): R Bilenchi; M. Musci; R Murri
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A-S:H Films Produced From Laser Heated Gases: Process Characteristics And Film Properties
Author(s): J H. Flint; M. Meunier; D Adler; J S Haggerty
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Metal Deposition By Laser Driven Pyrolysis Of Solid Organometallic Films
Author(s): R Y Jan; S D Allen
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Laser-Assisted Evaporations Of Dielectric And Semiconductor Materials
Author(s): H. Sankur
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Electron Beam Assisted CVD Of Silicon Dioxide And Silicon Nitride Films
Author(s): K Emery; L. R. Thompson; J J. Rocca; G. J. Collins
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Photochemical CVD For VLSI Fabrication
Author(s): R C Rossi; K K Schuegraf
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Boron Diffusion In Silicon From Ultrafine Boron-Silicon Powder
Author(s): Arunava Gupta; Gary A. West; Jeffrey P. Donlan
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Laser Induced Surface Modification Of Non-Ferrous Alloys
Author(s): P Hagans; C Langhoff; D Moll; D Perettie; R. Yates
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Laser - Assisted Chemical Etching
Author(s): F A Houle
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Nascent Product Time-Of-Flight Distributions From Laser Initiated Etching Of Germanium By Bromine
Author(s): Glenn P Davis; Cameron A Moore; Richard A. Gottscho
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UV Laser-Induced Radical-Etching For Microelectronic Processing
Author(s): G L Loper; M D Tabat
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Laser-Assisted Dry Etching Of Semiconducting Materials
Author(s): P Brewer; W Holber; G Reksten; R M Osgood Jr.
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Laser-Induced Etching Of Insulators Using A DC Glow Discharge In Silane
Author(s): J. M. Gee; P J Hargis Jr.
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