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Applications of Lasers to Industrial Chemistry
Editor(s): Richard L. Woodin; Andrew Kaldor

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Volume Number: 0458
Date Published: 31 May 1984

Table of Contents
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Overview - Laser Applications To Industrial Chemistry
Author(s): S H Bauer
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Laser Pyrolysis Techniques: Application To Catalysis, Combustion Diagnostics, And Kinetics
Author(s): Gregory P Smith
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Laser As A Precision Diagnostic Tool In Modern Chemistry
Author(s): I Nadler; H Reisler; C, Wittig
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Detection Of Gas Phase Species In Reactor And Flame Environments.
Author(s): Kee-Ju Choi; Howard Fang; George Havrilla; J. Gary Pruett
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Analytical Applications Of Laser Powered Pyrolysis
Author(s): R L. Woodin; K A Kajkowski
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Laser Microprobe Mass Analysis Of Materials
Author(s): Robert W. Odom; Charles J. Hitzman
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Formation Of Vinyl Chloride And Vinylidene Fluoride By UV-Laser Induced Chain Reactions
Author(s): J Wolfrum; M Schneider
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UV Laser Triggered Chemical Chain Reactions
Author(s): K Virupaksha Reddy
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The Trapping Of Laser-Generated Biradicals With Molecular Oxygen: The Synthesis Of Peroxides Related To Vitamin K, Insect Pheromones And Prostaglandins.
Author(s): R Marshall Wilson
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Viable Commercial Ventures Involving Laser Chemistry Production: Two Medium-Scale Processes
Author(s): P A Hackett; C Willis; M. Gauthier; A J Alcock
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Laser-Initiated Free Radical Chain Reactions: Synthesis Of Hydroperoxides
Author(s): R. G Bray; M. S Chou
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Laser Initiated Free-Radical Reactions
Author(s): J. B Clark; J. C Stevens; D J Perettie
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Three-Dimensional Photochemical Machining With Lasers
Author(s): Robert E Schwerzel; Van E Wood; Vincent D McGinniss; Carl M. Verber
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Laser Synthesis Of Powders From Large Molecules
Author(s): G. W. Rice; R. L Woodin
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Ceramic Powders From Laser Driven Reactions
Author(s): John H. Flint; John S Haggerty
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Metal Bonding With High Intensity Pulsed Lasers
Author(s): Michael B Frish; Peter E Nebolsine
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A New Industrial Laser Chemistry Program In Australia
Author(s): G L Paul
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Infrared Laser Generation Of Heterogeneous Catalysts And Laser-Induced Reactions At Catalytic Surfaces
Author(s): Wayne C Danen; Sheng-San Cheng,; Pradeep K. Iyer; Shane-Jaw Chiou
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Production Of Light Olefins From Synthesis Gas Using Catalysts Prepared By Laser Pyrolysis
Author(s): Arunava Gupta; James T Yardley
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Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Observation Of Catalytically Active Intermediates Produced By Laser Photolysis Of Iron Pentacarbonyl
Author(s): Michael S Paquette
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Spectroscopy And Reaction Kinetics Of Photolytically Generated Fe(CO)[sub]x[/sub] (X = 2,3,4)
Author(s): A J Ouderkirk; T A Seder; Eric Weitz
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Laser Initiated Homogeneous Catalysis: Kinetics Of Elementary Reactions
Author(s): Michael E. Miller; Edward R Grant
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