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Science with Soft X-Rays
Editor(s): Roger W. Klaffky; F. J. Himpsel

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Volume Number: 0447
Date Published: 27 March 1984

Table of Contents
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Use Of Undulators In Atomic, Molecular And Solid State Physics
Author(s): Yves Petroff
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Design And Modeling Considerations For SSRL Beam Line Wunder
Author(s): R Z Bachrach; R D Bringans; N Hower; I. Lindau; B B Pate; P Pianetta; L E Swartz; R Tatchyn
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Optimum Undulator Trajectories
Author(s): Roman Tatchyn
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Performance Of Multilayer Dispersion Elements From 80 To 500 eV
Author(s): R J Bartlett; D R Kania; W J Trela; E Kallne; P Lee; E Spiller
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Reflectivity And Roughness Of Layered Synthetic Microstructures
Author(s): O J Petersen; J M Thorne; L V Knight; T W Barbee Jr.
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Core Level Resonances In The Rare Earths Monitored By Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Author(s): Falko P Netzer; Gregor Strasser; James A. D. Matthew
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Photoemission Studies Of Carbon Overlayers On Nb
Author(s): S Krummacher; D Wesner; R Carr; M Strongin; T K Sham; W Eberhardt
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Surface Atom Core Level Shifts In The Noble Metals
Author(s): G K Wertheim; P H Citrin
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Surface Core-Level Shifts In Metals
Author(s): Tran Minh Duc
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The Surface Electronic Structure Of Gaas(100) And GaAs(111) From Angle Resolved Photoemission
Author(s): R D Bringans; R Z Bachrach
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Soft X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy Using Synchrotron Light Excitation
Author(s): T A Callcott; D L Ederer; E T Arakawa
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Possibilities And Limitations Of Spectroscopy In The Ultrasoft X-Ray Region Using The Continuum Of A Conventional X-Ray Tube
Author(s): Erich Gilberg
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Photoelectron Diffraction: Present Applications And Future Prospects
Author(s): Stephen D Kevan
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Angle�Resolved Photoemission Extended Fine Structure
Author(s): J J Barton; C C Bahr; Z Hussain; S W Robey; L E Klebanoff; D A Shirley
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Soft X-Ray Photoemission Techniques For Characterizing Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces
Author(s): L J Brillson
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Surface Structure Determinations From Near Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Studies
Author(s): D Norman; P J Durham
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Sexafs Studies Of Nickel Silicide Nucleation On Si(111)
Author(s): F Comin; J. E Rowe; P. H. Citrin
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Soft X-Ray Monochromators At Bessy
Author(s): W Braun; H Petersen; J Feldhaus; A M Bradshaw; E Dietz; J Haase; I. T . McGovern; A Puschmann; A, Reimer; H. .H Rotermund
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Soft X-Ray Spectroscopics Applied To The Study Of Organic Materials
Author(s): Ernst-Eckhard Koch
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Relaxation And Localization Of Photogenerated Charges In Organic Solids
Author(s): C. B. Duke
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Gas Phase Spectroscopy Near The Carbon K-Edge
Author(s): W. Eberhardt; T. K. Sham
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Gas-Phase Photoemission With Soft X-Rays: Cross Sections And Angular Distributions
Author(s): D A Shirley; P H Kobrin; C M Truesdale; D W Lindle; T A F errett; P A Heimann; U Becker; H G Kerkhoff; S H Southworth
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Scanning Soft X-Ray Microscopy With A Fresnel Zoneplate At The National Synchrotron Light Source
Author(s): John M Kenney; Janos Kirz; Harvey Rarback; Ralph Feder; David Sayre; Malcolm Howells
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Possibilities For The Study Of Blood Platelets Using Soft X-Ray Microscopy
Author(s): Mario G. Baldini; B K Kim; R Feder; D. Sayre; V. Banton; Jonathan L Costa
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Soft X-Rays As A Tool To Investigate Radiation-Sensitive Sites In Mammalian Cells
Author(s): D J Brenner; M Zaider
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Line Source X-Ray Microscopy
Author(s): R. J. Rosser
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Soft X-Ray Imaging Of Hydrated Biological Specimens
Author(s): Barbara J Panessa-Warren
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On The Possibility Of Measuring The Diffraction Pattern Of Single Micro Objects
Author(s): D Sayre; R, P Haelbich; J Kirz; W B Yun
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X-Ray Holographic Microscopy Experiments At The Brookhaven Synchrotron Light Source
Author(s): M R Howells; M Iarocci; J Kenney; J Kirz; H Rarback
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Electron Beam Fabrication And Characterization Of Fresnel Zone Plates For Soft X-Ray Microscopy
Author(s): D Kern; P Coane; R Acosta; T.H. P. Chang; R Feder; P Houzego; W Molzen; J Powers; A Speth; R Viswanathan
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