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Advanced Technology Optical Telescopes II
Editor(s): Lawrence D. Barr; Brian Mack

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Volume Number: 0444
Date Published: 8 November 1983

Table of Contents
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The Multiple Mirror Telescope: A Progress Report
Author(s): J. M. Beckers; B. L. Ulich; J. T. Williams
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The UK 4.2 Metre Optical Telescope
Author(s): J. D. Pope
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Concept Design Of A Precision, Versatile, Inexpensive 3-To 4-Meter Class Telescope
Author(s): Bruce Balick; Ed Mannery; Walt Siegmund
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Proposed 3-M Alt-Az Telescope As The Japanese Next Large Telescope
Author(s): Syuzo Isobe; Shiro Nishimura; Minoru Shimizu
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Conceptual Design Of An 18m Aperture Multi-Mirror Telescope
Author(s): Brian Mack
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The Scientific Potential Of The 15M National New Technology Telescope (NNTT)
Author(s): Roger L. Davies
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The 15-Meter National New Technology Telescope (NNTT): The Two Design Concepts
Author(s): L. D. Barr; C. R. Lynds; J. R. P. Angel; N. J. Woolf; T. Mast; J. E. Nelson
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Perception For A Large Deployable Reflector Telescope
Author(s): J. B. Breckinridge; P. N. Swanson; A. B. Meinel; M. P. Meinel
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A Balloon-Borne Three-Meter Telescope For Far Infrared And Submillimeter Astronomy
Author(s): William F. Hoffmann; Giovanni G. Fazio; Doyal A. Harper
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Design Features Of A 10 m Telescope For Submillimeter Astronomy
Author(s): J. W. M. Baars; P. G. Mezger; B. L. Ulich; W. F. Hoffmann; R. E. Parks
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Low-Cost Enclosure For The Sub-Millimeter Telescope
Author(s): Bobby L. Ulich; William F. Hoffmann; Warren B. Davison; Jacob W. M. Baars; Peter G. Mezger
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The Versatile Array
Author(s): N. J. Woolf; J. R. P. Angel; D. W. McCarthy Jr.
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Optical Interferometry With The MMT
Author(s): J. M. Beckers; E. K. Hege; P. A. Strittmatter
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Very Large Optical Arrays Using Boule-Type Telescopes
Author(s): G. J. Odgers; W. A. Grundmann
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Field Corrector Lens And Grens For The Starlab Ultraviolet Telescope. I. Photocathode On Window
Author(s): Harvey Richardson; Murk Bottema
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Reflecting Correctors For Large Spherical Primaries
Author(s): Stephen A. Shectman
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A Generalized Sine Condition And Performance Comparison Of Wolter Type II And Wolter-Schwarzschild Extreme Ultraviolet Telescopes
Author(s): Timo T. Saha
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A Compact f/2 To f/5 Converter And Field Corrector For Paraboloid Mirrors
Author(s): Richard G. Bingham
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Design And Software Aspects For The Control System Of The 30 m MRT
Author(s): J. Schraml; W. Brunswig; G. Juen
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High Resolution Position And Velocity Measurement With Incremental Encoders
Author(s): U. Beckmann; R. Bardenheuer
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A System For Load Isolation And Precision Pointing
Author(s): Claude R. Keckler; Brian J. Hamilton
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A Telescope Drive With Emphasis On Stability
Author(s): Robert H. Hammerschlag
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The 15-Meter New Technology Telescope Site Evaluation Program
Author(s): K. Michael Merrill; Fred F. Forbes
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Mauna Kea Site Survey
Author(s): Laird A. Thompson
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Heat Extraction
Author(s): M. Khairy Abdel- Gawad
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Seeing Measurements At The Anglo-Australian Telescope
Author(s): P. R. Gillingham
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Atmospheric Turbulence Effects On Large Telescope Image Motion And Size
Author(s): Fred F. Forbes; Neville J. Woolf
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Steps Toward 8M Honeycomb Mirror Blanks: III. 1.8m Honeycomb Sandwich Blanks Cast From Borosilicate Glass
Author(s): J. R. P. Angel; J. M. Hill
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Steps Toward 8M Honeycomb Mirrors IV: Some Aspects Of Design And Fabrication
Author(s): J. R. P. Angel; N. J. Woolf; J. M. Hill; L. Goble
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Fused Silica Mirror Evaluation For The Shuttle Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF)
Author(s): William P. Barnes Jr.; Ramsey K. Melugin
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Thermal Measurements And Control Of A Lightweight Mirror
Author(s): Woon-Yin Wong
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Passive Support Systems For Thin Mirrors
Author(s): W. A. Grundmann
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Surface Error Analysis For The University Of Texas 7.6m Telescope Primary Mirror
Author(s): F. B. Ray; Y. T. Chung; B. S. Mani
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Primary Mirror Figure Control By Laser Autocollimation
Author(s): Robert G. Tull; Brenda W. Young
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Interferometric Method For Optical Testing And Wavefront Error Sensing
Author(s): Tapio K. Korhonen
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Bending The CFHT Cassegrain Secondary For Optical Figure Improvement
Author(s): Pierre Y. Bely; Derrick A. Salmon; Peter L. Wizinowich; Alain Tournaire
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Off-Axis Parabola Fabrication At Kitt Peak National Observatory
Author(s): L. D. Barr; P. E. Gillett; K. L. Shu
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Large Optical Generator
Author(s): R. R. Shannon; R. E. Parks
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The Segmented-Mirror Control System Prototype For The Ten Meter Telescope: A Status Report
Author(s): Jerry E. Nelson; Michael P. Budiansky; George Gabor; Terry S. Mast
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Actuators For A Segmented Mirror Control System
Author(s): George Gabor
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Edge Sensors For A Segmented Mirror
Author(s): Terry S. Mast; George Gabor; Jerry E. Nelson
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Segmented Mirror Edge Alignment Sensor
Author(s): C. W. Gillard; N. E. Buholz; L. Davis; P. E. Perkins
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Statistics Of Weather Data And Telescope Usage At Kitt Peak National Observatory And Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
Author(s): David L. Crawford
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