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Picosecond Optoelectronics
Editor(s): Gerard A. Mourou

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Volume Number: 0439
Date Published: 28 November 1983

Table of Contents
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Femtosecond Optical Pulses And Technology
Author(s): R. Yen; C. V. Shank; R. L. Fork
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Picosecond Electronic Relaxations In Amorphous Semiconductors
Author(s): Jan Tauc
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Photoexcited Carrier Lifetime And Auger Recombination In 1.3 Micron Bandgap InGaAsP
Author(s): J. P. Heritage; B. Sermage; O. E. Martinez
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Subpicosecond Hot Electron Transport
Author(s): R. O. Grondin; P. Lugli; D. K. Ferry; H. L. Grubin
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Photoluminescence Dynamics Of High Density Electron Hole Plasma In Ga.5 In.5 P Under High Power Picosecond Laser Pulse Excitation
Author(s): H. Zarrabi; R. R. Alfano
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Picosecond Photoconductivity In 3He+ Bombarded Inp
Author(s): P. M. Downey; B. Schwartz
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Picosecond Optical Control Of Transferred Electron Devices
Author(s): T. F. Carruthers
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Picosecond Pulse Generation With Semiconductor Diode Lasers
Author(s): P.-T. Ho
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Generation Of Sub-Picosecond Pulses From Mode Locked Algaas Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): J. P. van der Ziel
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Semiconductor Lasers Optically Pumped By Injection Lasers
Author(s): M. A. Duguay; T. C. Damen
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Picosecond Mode-Locking And X-Band Modulation Of Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): C. Harder; K. Lau; A. Yariv
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Modelocked Picosecond Pulses From 490 nm To 2 µm With Optically Pumped Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): Roger S. Putnam; Michael M. Saloum
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Chirp In Picosecond Semiconductor Film Lasers And Passive Pulse Compression In Optical Fibers
Author(s): Jay M. Wiesenfeld; Julian Stone; Dietrich Marcuse
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Pulse Modulation Of Double Heterostructure Diode Lasers By Picosecond Optoelectronic Switches
Author(s): Ernst O. Gobel; Jurgen Kuhl; Gustav Veith
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Photoconductive Switches Used For Waveform Generation At The National Bureau Of Standards
Author(s): R. A. Lawton
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Diamond Switches And Blumlein Pulse Generators For Kilovolt Optoelectronics
Author(s): P. T. Ho; C. S. Chang; M. J. Rhee; Chi H. Lee; J. C. Stephenson; R.. R. Cavanagh
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Picosecond Photoconductive Switching In Semiconducting And Insulating Natural Diamond
Author(s): H M. van Driel; R F Code; D. J Moss; P K. Bharadwaj
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Picosecond Optoelectronic Switching In Lpe Grown Semi-Insulating Inp:Co
Author(s): Kenneth Li; Edward Rezek; H. David Law
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Silicon Switch Development For Optical Pulse Generation In Fusion Lasers At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Author(s): Russell B. Wilcox
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Photoconductive Power Switches
Author(s): W C Nunnally; R B Hammond
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Optoelectronic Devices For Millimeter-Waves
Author(s): Aileen M. Vaucher; Ming G. Li; Chi H. Lee; Charles D. Striffler
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Peak Conductance Measurements Of Gaas Switching Devices
Author(s): Barry A. Bell; Arnold G. Perrey
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Subpicosecond Electrical Sampling
Author(s): J. A. Valdmanis; G. Mourou; C. W. Gabel
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Picosecond Optical Electronic Measurements
Author(s): Brian H. Kolner; David M. Bloom; Peter S. Cross
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A Traveling Wave, Microwave Optical Modulator
Author(s): Peter S. Cross; Richard A. Baumgartner; Brian H. Kolner
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Dispersion Of Picosecond Pulses On Microstrip Transmission Lines
Author(s): G. Hasnain; G. Arjavalingam; A. Dienes; J. R. Whinnery
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InP Optoelectronic Switches And Their High-Speed Signal-Processiny Applications
Author(s): C. H. Cox III; V. Diadiuk; I. Yao; F. J. Leonberger; R. C. Williamson
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Signal Processing Using Photoconductor Gates
Author(s): H. J. Whitehouse; W. H. Mcknight
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Picosecond Optoelectronics In High-Speed Integrated Circuits
Author(s): R. K. Jain; K. Stenersen; D. E. Snyder
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Ultrahigh Speed Photodetectors
Author(s): S. Y. Wang; D. M. Bloom; D. M. Collins
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Studies Of High Speed Photodetectors In III-V Compounds
Author(s): A. von Lehmen; S. Wojtczuk; D. K. Wagner; J. M. Ballantyne
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High Speed M-B-M and M-I-S-I-M Detectors For Integrated Optics
Author(s): Joel Wummer; T. K. Gustafson; Suwat Thanyavarin
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InP:Fe Picosecond Photoconductors
Author(s): R. B. Hammond; R. S. Wagner; N. G. Paulter
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Enhancement Of Optical Detector Response Via Microstructured Electrodes
Author(s): P. F. Liao; A. M. Glass; A. N. Johnson; D. H. Olson; L.. M. Humphrey; M. B. Stern
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A novel GaInAs/GaAs Heterostructure Interdigital Photodetector (HIP) Using Lattice Mismatched Epitaxial Layers
Author(s): G. N. Maracas; D. Moore; J. K. Kim; R. S. Sillmon; S. M. Bedair; J. R. Hauser; T. Carruthers; L. Figueroa
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Submicrometer Interdigital Silicon Detectors For The Measurement Of Picosecond Optical Pulses
Author(s): R. J. Phelan; D. R. Larson; N. V. Frederick; D. L. Franzen
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