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10th Intl Optical Computing Conf
Editor(s): Sam Horvitz

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Volume Number: 0422
Date Published: 15 April 1983

Table of Contents
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Chances For Optical Computing
Author(s): A. W. Lohmann
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Architectures For A Sequential Optical Logic Processor
Author(s): P. Chavel; R. Forchheimer; B. K. Jenkins; A. A . Sawchuk; T. C. Strand
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Parallel Algormiivls For Optical Digital Computers
Author(s): Alan Huang
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Optical Logic Array Processor
Author(s): J. Tanida; Y. Ichioka
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Optical Matrix Algebraic Processors : A Survey
Author(s): Ravindra A. Athale
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Image Enhancement By Partially Coherent Imaging
Author(s): William T. Rhodes; M. Koizumi
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Coherent Imaging Devices : Extended Capability For 1-D Multichannel Processing
Author(s): Guy Lebreton
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A Monolithic Piezo-Electric Elasto-Optic Image Modulator
Author(s): G. Sirat; N. Ben-Yosef
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Incoherent Optical Image Processing - Theory
Author(s): Steven Cartwright
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Optical Heterodyne Microscopy Of The Interferometric Objects
Author(s): Yoichi Fujii
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A Fiber-Optic Magnifying Display Panel
Author(s): William E. Glenn
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Holographic Principles Applied To Low Frequency Electromagnetic Imaging In Conductors
Author(s): B. P. Hildebrand; A. J. Boland; T. J. Davis
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Panoramic Imaging In Biology And Medicine
Author(s): Pal Greguss
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Information Content In Wavefields Reconstructed From Scaled Holograms
Author(s): Odd Lovhaugen
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Automatic Compensation For Array And Phasefront Distortion In Microwave Imaging
Author(s): Bernard D. Steinberg
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Tomographic And Projective Reconstruction Of 3-D Image Detail In Inverse Scattering
Author(s): N. H. Farhat; T. H. Chu; C. L. Werner
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Optical-Hybrid Backprojection Processing
Author(s): C. C. Aleksoff; I. J . LaHaie; A. M. Tai
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Imaging Radio Wave Sources With Two Spatially Non-Coherent, Sparse Wavefront Sampling Arrays And Multiplicative Processing
Author(s): G. Tricoles; E. L. Rope; R. A. Hayward
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An Incoherent Optical Processor For Real Time Complex Fourier Transformation
Author(s): Anthony M. Tai; Carl C. Aleksoff
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Coherent-Optical Fourier Transform Of Multidimensional Signals Represented As Sequences
Author(s): J. Hofer-Alfeis; R. Bamler
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Source Encoding, Signal Sampling And Filtering For White-Light Signal Processing
Author(s): F. T. S. Yu
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Coherent-Optical Generation Of The Wigner Distribution Function Of Real-Valued 2D Signals
Author(s): Richard Bamler; Helmut Glunder
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Modal Analysis Of Randomly Vibrating Objects Via Holographic Spectroscopy
Author(s): J. Politch; B. Reiser; Z. Sherf
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Linear Invariant Multiclass Component Spaces For Optical Pattern Recognition
Author(s): Charles F. Hester
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Pattern Recognition Using Wigner Distribution Function
Author(s): B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar; Christopher Carroll
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Applications Of Optical Image Processing For The Determination Of The Optical Properties Of The Cellular Membranes.
Author(s): M. L. Calvo; M. Chevalier; C . Carreras
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Two-Dimensional Superresolving Image And Spectral Restoration Using Linear Programming
Author(s): George Eichmann; Jaroslav Keybl
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Optical Restoration For Rotation Blur By Sequence Deconvolution
Author(s): Richard Bamler; Josef Hofer-Alfeis
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Unconventional Imaging And Unconventional Transformations
Author(s): Stanley VanDerBeek
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Hybrid Optical-Digital Image Processing System For Pattern Recognition
Author(s): F. Merkle
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Opto-Electronic System For Automatic Holographic Fringe Counting
Author(s): Ri . Peralta-Fabi
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Fabrication Of MOS Field Effect Transistors In Laser Recrystallized Silicon Films On A Lithium Tantalate Substrate
Author(s): R. E. Reedy; S. H. Lee
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A Digital Optical Processing System
Author(s): Howard Barr; Sing H. Lee
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Optical Singular Value Decomposition For The Ax = b Problem
Author(s): John Gruninger; H. J. Caulfield
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Adaptive Optical System For Astronomical Applications
Author(s): F. Merkle; J. Bille; G. Jahn; H . -L . .Reischmann
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The Relative Importance Of Phase And Amplitude In Matched Filtering
Author(s): Joseph L. Horner; Peter D. Gianino
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Performance Of Synthetic Discriminant Functions For Infrared Ship Classification
Author(s): David Casasent; Vinod Sharma
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Coherence Properties Of Pulsed Laser Diodes
Author(s): Michael Haney; Demetri Psaltis
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Acousto-Optic/CCD Image Processor
Author(s): Demetri Psaltis; Eung Gi Paek; Santosh Venkatesh
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Guidelines For Efficient Use Of Optical Systolic Array Processors
Author(s): David Casasent
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Low Frequency De-Emphasis Of The MTF. II Two-Dimensional Case.
Author(s): N. Konforti; E. Marom
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