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Technical Issues in Infrared Detectors and Arrays
Editor(s): Esther Krikorian

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Volume Number: 0409
Date Published: 30 November 1983

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Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth And Characterization Of Hg1_xCdxTe
Author(s): C. J. Summers; E. L. Meeks; N. W. Cox
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Isothermal Growth Of Hgi_xCdxTe Films
Author(s): R. Monchamp; C. Devaney; J. Miles
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The Refractive Index Of Cd[sub]x[/sub]Hg[sub]1-x[/sub]Te
Author(s): B. Jensen; A. Torabi
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Conduction Pronerties Of Annealed (Hg[sub].8[/sub]Cd[sub].2[/sub])Te Thin Films On Silicon Substrates Prepared By Triode-Sputtering With Substrate Bias
Author(s): Ro y H. Cornely; Lawrence Suchow; Robert Bourne; Michael Mulligan; Riaz Haq; Chia-Jen Wu
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Interrelation Between Hg[sub]1-x[/sub]CdxTe Interfaces, Defects, Oxidation, Band Structure, And The Strength Of The Hg-Te Bond
Author(s): W. E. Spicer; J. Silberman; I. Lindau; J . Wilson; A. Sher; A.B. Chen
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Calculation of Misfit Dislocations and Dangling Bond Densities in Abrupt Hg[sub]1-x[/sub]Cd[sub]x[/sub]Te Heterojunctions
Author(s): Richard B. Schoolar
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The Anodic Oxide of Hg[sub]1-x[/sub]Cd[sub]x[/sub]Te: THe Composition And Reaction With The Substrate
Author(s): G. D. Davis; S. P. Buchner; J . S. Ahearn; N. E . Byer
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Hg[sub]1-x[/sub]Mn[sub]x[/sub]Te: A New Candidate For Infrared Detectors
Author(s): J. K. Furdyna
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Development Status Of Silicon IR detectors
Author(s): Nathan Sclar
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Dark Current Phenomena in InSb Metal Insulator Semiconductor (MIS) Detectors
Author(s): S. R. Jost
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The Evolution Of Metal Silicide Schottky Barrier Infrared Focal Plane Detectors
Author(s): P. W. Pellegrini; F. D. Shepherd
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Charge Imaging Matrix For Infrared Scanning
Author(s): S. R. Borrello; H. B. Morris; R. A. Schiebel; C. G. Roberts
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Monolithic Lead Salt-Silicon Focal Plane Development
Author(s): John R. Barrett; Murzban D. Jhabvala; Francis S. Maldari
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Performance Of Multispectral Response Lead Salt Infrared Detectors
Author(s): T. K. Chu; A. C. Bouley; G . M. Black
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Frontside-Or Backside-Illuminated HgCdTe Detectors: A New Structure For Infrared Charge-Coupled Device (IRCCD) Focal Plane Arrays
Author(s): J. Ameurlaine; J. Fleury; A. Gauthier; J. Maille
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Silicide Mosaic Array Compensation
Author(s): William S. Ewing
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Short Wavelength Infrared Hybrid Focal Plane Arrays
Author(s): K. Vural; J. D . Blackwell; E C. Marin; D. D . Edwall; J. P. Rode
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Motion Induced Clutter Leakage In An AC-coupled Sensor
Author(s): Nai K. Shi
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A High Resolution CCD Multiplexer
Author(s): Larry Shey-Ping Sheu; Narayan Kadekod i; Yohanes Nugroho; Mike Lo; Margaret Mortz; Ali Ibrahim
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Dependence Of Resolution And Detector SNR On Detector Design, Optical Performance, And Flight Dynamics
Author(s): T. C. Rearick; D. R. Hertling
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