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Thin Film Technologies I
Editor(s): J. Roland Jacobsson

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Volume Number: 0401
Date Published: 28 November 1983

Table of Contents
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Applications Of Thin Films In Optics And The Principles And Methods Of Their Design
Author(s): Zdenek Knittl
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Refractive Index Measurement During The Deposition Of Dielectric Coatings
Author(s): Andreas Englisch; Johannes Ebert
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Software For Thin Film Design And Production
Author(s): Robin Hull
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Physical And Chemical Aspects In The Application Of Thin Films On Optical Elements
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther
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Strain Of Metal Surfaces Determined By Optical Ellipsometry
Author(s): O. Keller; K. Pedersen
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Mechanical Stresses On Evaporated Chromium Films
Author(s): R. Berger; H. K. Pulker
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Monitoring Of Optical Thin Films During Deposition
Author(s): E. Pelletier
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Automated Control Of Optical Layer Fabrication Processes
Author(s): R. Herrmann; A. Zoller
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Digital Signal Processing Of Optical Monitoring By Means Of A Kalman Filter
Author(s): M. Nixon; J. S. Seeley
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Thickness Measurement, Rate Control And Automation In Thin Film Coating Technology
Author(s): H. K. Pulker
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Interpretation Of Wide Band Scans Of Growing Optical Thin Films In Terms Of Layer Microstructure
Author(s): F. Flory; B. Schmitt; E. Pelletier; H. A. Macleod
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Linear Correction Of The Influence Of Thickness Errors During The Evaporation Process
Author(s): C. J. van der Laan; H. J. Frankena
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Antireflection Coatings Utilizing Multiple Half Waves
Author(s): Gary W. DeBell
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Broad, Double-Band Antireflection Coatings On Glasses For 1.06µm And Visible Or Ultraviolet Radiation: Design And Experiment
Author(s): I. Szafranek; I. Lubezky
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Multilayer Antireflection Coatings (ARCs) : A Versatile Method For Design And Optimisation
Author(s): C. L. Nagendra; G. K. M. Thutupalli
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Organic Thin Films In Integrated Optics
Author(s): C. W. Pitt; F. Grunfeld
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Preparation Of Planar Optical SiO[sub]2[/sub]-TiO[sub]2[/sub] And LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] Waveguides With A Dip Coating Method And An Embossing Technique For Fabricating Grating Couplers And Channel Waveguides
Author(s): K. Tiefenthaler; V. Briguet; E. Buser; M. Horisberger; W. Lukosz
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Scattering And Waveguiding Properties Of General Slanted Gratings Consisting Of Anisotrodic Media
Author(s): Katsu Rokushima; Jiro Yamakita
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A Model For Polychromatic Photoresist Exposure In Optical Microlithography
Author(s): Giovanni Crosta
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Tin Oxide Films On Glass Substrates By A SOL-GEL Technique
Author(s): R. Puyane; I. Kato
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One Dimensional Linear Refractive Index Profiles From Angular Reflectivity Measurements At One Wavelength
Author(s): M. N. Grimbergen; R. B. Goldner
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Complex Reflectivity And Refractive Index Profiles From Reflectivity Magnitude Measurements
Author(s): R. B. Goldner; T. F. Quatieri; M. N. Grimbergen
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Spectrophotometric And Ellipsometric Study Of Leached Layers Formed On Optical Glass By A Diffusion Process
Author(s): E. Casparis-Hauser; K. H. Guenther; K. Tiefenthaler
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Possibilities Of Optically Non Linear Thin Films
Author(s): Marc De Micheli; Joseph Zyss; Alain Azema
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Replication Technique For Determining The Microroughness Of Large Or Unusually Shaped Optics
Author(s): Darrell L. Gourley; Helen E. Gourley; Jean M. Bennett
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Angle-Resolved Scattering: Comparison Of Theory And Experiment
Author(s): J. M. Bennett; J. M. Elson; J. P. Rahn
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Physical Aspects Of Laser-Induced Damage Of Optical Coatings
Author(s): Arthur H. Guenther; Thomas W. Humpherys
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Light Scattering From Multilayer Filter Coatings
Author(s): Desmond R. Gibson; Paul H. Lissberger
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Surface Roughness Assessment Of Ultrasmooth Laser Mirrors And Substrates
Author(s): K. H. Guenther; P. G. Wierer
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Ultra-Violet Laser Damage In Aluminium Mirrors
Author(s): Stephen S. Wiseall; David C. Emmony
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High-Rate Sputtering For Optical Purposes
Author(s): Bogdan Zega
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The Use Of Ion Implantation For Thin Film Optics
Author(s): P. D. Townsend
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Control Of The Optical Properties Of Transparent Conducting Films Prepared By Reactive Magnetron Shuttering
Author(s): Martin I. Ridge; Ronald P. Howson; Inarid Ten Have
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Thin Film Deposition Using SOL-GEL Technology
Author(s): R. Puyane; C. J. R. Gonzalez-Oliver
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The Distribution And Material Usage Efficiency Of Evaporation Sources
Author(s): Joseph H. Apfel
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RF-Plasma Deposition Of Hydrogenated Hard Carbon Thin Films
Author(s): A. Bubenzer; B. Dischler; G. Brandt; P. Koidl
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Optical Coatings For Energy Efficiency And Solar Applications: Some Recent Developments
Author(s): C. G. Granqvist
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Spectrally Selective Solar Absorbing Surfaces. Characteristic Parameters - Measurement Techniques.
Author(s): Jacques Lafait
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Transparent And Heat Reflecting Coatings
Author(s): Ronald P. Howson; Martin I. Ridge; Charles A. Bishop
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Highly Absorbing Coatings Using Graded Refractive Indices And Textured Surfaces
Author(s): H. G. Craighead
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Effect Of Roughness On The Selectivity Of Absorbing Surfaces : Application To "Black" Molybdenum Prepared By CVD
Author(s): A. Donnadieu; H. Ezbakhe
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Thin Transition-Metal Nitride Films With Surface Roughness For Application As Selective Absorbers In Evacuated Solar Collectors
Author(s): E. Vogelzang; A. A.M.T. van Heereveld; M. Sikkens
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Selective Transmission Of Thin TiN-Films
Author(s): E. Valkonen; T. Karlsson; B. Karlsson; B. o. Tohansson
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