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New Optical Materials
Editor(s): Solomon Musikant; Josette Dupuy

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Volume Number: 0400
Date Published: 18 September 1983

Table of Contents
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Some Current Directions In The Development Of Optical Materials
Author(s): Solomon Musikant
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New Infra-Red Window Materials
Author(s): J. A. Beswick; D. J. Pedder; J. C. Lewis; F. W. Ainger
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Recent Developments In The Fabrication Of Rare-Earth Chalcogenide Materials For Infra-Red Optical Applications
Author(s): K. L. Lewis; J. A. Savage; K. J. Marsh; A. P. C. Jones
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II-VI Semiconducting Materials For Enhanced Transmission In Infrared Region
Author(s): C. L. Nagendra; M. N. Annapurna; G. K. M. Thutupalli
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Polycrystalline MgAl[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]4[/sub] (Spinel) For Use As Windows And Domes From 0.3 To 6.0 Micrometers
Author(s): Donald W. Roy; James L. Hastert
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Properties Of I.R. Transmitting Glass-Ceramics In The As-Ge-Se System.
Author(s): Dalal Hemeda; Gilbert Tilloca
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News From Classical Optical Glasses
Author(s): Georg Gliemeroth
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Heavy Metal Fluoride Glasses. A New Class Of Optical Materials For Visible And Mid I.R.
Author(s): Jacques Lucas; Gilles Fonteneau; Marcel Poulain
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Fluoride Glass Fibres For Telecommunications
Author(s): Gwenael Maze; Vincent Cardin; Marcel Poulain
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Laser Glass: Today's Types And Investigation Methods
Author(s): Norbert Neuroth
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Glass Formation In The Chalcogenide System Se-Ge-As
Author(s): G. H. Frischat
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Properties And Applications Of Glassceramics In Optics
Author(s): Otto Lindig
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Ion Implantation : A Tool For The Production Of New Optical Materials
Author(s): Paul Thevenard
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The Use Of Ion Implantation For Thin Film Optics
Author(s): P. D . Townsend
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Production Of Antireflective Coatings By Ion Implantation
Author(s): Paolo Mazzoldi
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Selective Surfaces Produced By Ion Implantation For Solar Energy Conversion
Author(s): J. Davenas; X. L. Xu; G. Abouchacra; C. Dupuy
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Recent Developments In Antireflective - Interference - Layer-Systems
Author(s): Eckart K. Hussmann; Roland Schnabel
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Selective Absorption Of Copper Oxide On Stainless Steel
Author(s): A. Roos; T. Karlsson; C.-G. Ribbing
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Optical And Protective Properties Of Hard Carbon Coatings
Author(s): B. Dischler; A. Bubenzer; P. Koidl; G. Brandt
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Preliminary Performance Data On An Improved Optical Black For Infrared Use
Author(s): Stephen M. Pompea; Derek W. Bergener; Donald F. Shepard; William L. Wolfe
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How To Use Bulk Materials In Integrated Optics
Author(s): J . C. Peuzin; M. Olivier; R. Cuchet; A. Chenevas-Paule
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Achromatic Objectives For Several Wavelength Ranges, Current Possibilities And Future Requirements With Regard To Materials
Author(s): F. Aurin
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Material For Self-Q-Switching Mirrors For Solid State Laser (MSMSSL)
Author(s): L. Wolf; J. Walocha; A. Drobnik
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Electro-Optical Coefficient In BSO-Type Crystals With Optical Activity : Measurement And Applications
Author(s): Pierre Pellat-Finet; Guy Lebreton
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Coated Optical Plastics
Author(s): G. Buerge
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Electrochemically Polymerized Heterocycles As Electrochromic Materials
Author(s): M. Gazard
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Organic Materials For Non Linear Optics
Author(s): M. Perrin; A. Thozet; S. Lecocq; R. Perrin; R. Lamartine
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Highly Efficient SHG And Powder Phase Matching Properties Of Benzene And Pyridine Derivatives
Author(s): Alain Azema; Robert Twieg; Kanti Jain
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