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High Speed Read/Write Techniques for Advanced Printing and Data Handling
Editor(s): Leo Beiser

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Volume Number: 0390
Date Published: 20 September 1983

Table of Contents
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Wideband Signal Recording And Playback With High Time-Bandwidth Product
Author(s): R. A. Coppock; R. F. Croce; R. J. Ellis; R. N. Markell
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Laser Image Recording For Wideband Spectrum Analysis
Author(s): Robert Blosser; Michael Price; Edward Willett
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Automatic Handling Mechanisms For An Optical Disc Mass Memory System
Author(s): G. J. Ammon; B. W. Siryj
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A High Speed, High Resolution, Laser Scanner Subsystem; Measurement Techniques
Author(s): Lee M. Burberry
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Precision Optical Scanners In Production
Author(s): William Caithness
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Advances In Polygon Scanner Technology
Author(s): Randy J. Sherman
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Compact Optical System For Laser Scanning
Author(s): Tibor S. Fisli
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Catadioptric Laser Scanning System With Dynamic Field Flattening
Author(s): Michael Nagler
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Low Wobble Resonant Scanners
Author(s): William Reimels
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Resonant Mechanical Scanners In Bar Code Applications
Author(s): Stanley Reich; Henry Brill
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Precision, Post-Objective, Two-Axis, Galvanometer Scanning
Author(s): Kurt Pelsue
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Optical System Design For A Laser Printing System
Author(s): Laurence M. Hubby Jr.
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Electrophotographic Laser Copier Printer Scanner
Author(s): W. I. Imaino; R. T. Kerth; J. C. King; B, J. Milander
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High Performance Acousto-Optic Devices: Solutions To Fresnel Field Problems
Author(s): J. Bradford Merry
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Lasers In The Graphic Arts
Author(s): S. Thomas Dunn; Barry V. Harris
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High Speed Laser Recording For Applications In The Graphic Arts
Author(s): Heinrich Juergensen
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Large-Format, Full-Resolution Digital Laser Platemaking...A New Experience
Author(s): Joe Honablew
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Is He-Cd The Ideal Laser For High Speed, High Resolution Data Recording?
Author(s): Mark W. Dowley
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Helium-Cadmium Lasers For High Speed Writing Applications
Author(s): William F. Hug
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New Multicolor Laser For Color Scanning
Author(s): S. C. Wang
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Intelligent Image Digitizing Subsystems
Author(s): Richard A. Tuft
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Studies Of Fabrication Parameters Of Textured Storage Media
Author(s): L, M. Schiavone; H. G. Craighead; R. E. Howard; J. L. Shay
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Performance Comparisons Of Electrophotographic, Dry Silver, And Wet Processed Recording Media Exposed With Gas Laser And Laser Diode Light Sources For Image Recording
Author(s): D. G. Herzog; L. W. Dobbins
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Characteristics Of Efficient Laser Diode Collimators
Author(s): John F. Forkner; David W. Kuntz
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Hologon Laser Scanners For Nonimpact Printing
Author(s): Charles J. Kramer
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Holographic Scanner For Laser Printer
Author(s): Hiroyoshi Funato
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