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Physics and Engineering in Medical Imaging
Editor(s): Orhan Nalcioglu

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Volume Number: 0372
Date Published: 1 November 1982

Table of Contents
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Positron Emission Tomography: Instrumentation Perspectives
Author(s): T. F. Budinger; S. E. Derenzo; R. H. Huesman; J. L. Cahoon
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The Unicon, A Universal Nuclear Imaging Construct
Author(s): G. Bennett; Y. Bizais; R. Dobert; K. I. Kim; W. Rowe; Y. Yonekura; G. Zubal; A. B. Brill
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Point Source Scatter Contributions From Finite Size Objects In Radioisotope Imaging
Author(s): J. A. Bieszk; C. B. Lim
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Analysis Of Spect Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Author(s): John W. Beck; Ronald J. Jaszczak; C. Frank Starmer
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Video Imaging System For Microscopy: Technical Aspects
Author(s): H. Callisen; M. Pincu; A. Norman
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Analytical Ion Microscopy Of Biological Tissue
Author(s): P. Galle; J. P. Berry; M. Meignan; S. Duckett
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Ultrafast Laser Scanner Microscope-First Performance Tests
Author(s): R. Shack; B. Bell; D. Hillman; R. Kingston; A. Landesman; R. Shoemaker; D. Vukobratovich; P. H. Bartels
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The Energy Factor In Radiographic Imaging
Author(s): A. Macovski; W. R. Brody; R. E. Alvarez; L. A. Lehmann
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Contrast Sensitivity Of Digital Fluorographic Systems
Author(s): S. J. Riederer; A. L. Hall; G. S. Keyes; N. J. Pelc
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The Objective Measurement Of Coronary Obstructions By Digital Image Processing
Author(s): K. Barth; U. Faust; E. Epple; K. Wedekind; A. Both
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Computer Assisted Exposure In Scanned Film Radiography
Author(s): D. B. Plewes
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Dynamic Radiography: A New Technique For Epicardial Imaging*
Author(s): Joseph J. McInerney; Michael D. Herr; Alan M. Jacobs; Edward S. Kenney
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Metal Foil Sandwiched Multiple Radiography
Author(s): E. Takenaka; M. Hatori
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Human Signal Detection Performance For Noisy Medical Images
Author(s): A. E. Burgess; R. F. Wagner; R. J. Jennings
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An Experiment On Computed Detection Of Lung Tumors
Author(s): P. V. Sankar; D. Petkovic; H. Rosenberg; M. Hashimoto; K. Davila; J. Sklansky
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A Contrast-Detail-Noise Approach To The Study Of Display Conditions
Author(s): S. C. Strother; T. M. Peters
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Dual-Potential Imaging In Digital Radiography
Author(s): H. K. Huang; C . K. Wong; F. L. Roder
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Digital Subtraction Of Radiographs As An Aid For Detecting Pathologic Changes In Periodontal Bone
Author(s): Richard L. Webber; Urs E. Ruttimann
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High-Speed, Multi-Slice, X-Ray Computed Tomography
Author(s): Douglas P. Boyd; John L. Couch; Sandy A. Napel; Dennis L. Parker; Kristian R. Peschmann; Roy E. Rand; William B. Herrmannsfeldt
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The Use Of Fourth Generation Ct Scanners For Gated Heart Scanning
Author(s): Peter M. Joseph
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Properties Of Statistical Noise In Positron Emission Tomography
Author(s): Eiichi Tanaka; Hideo Murayama
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Image Reconstruction With Limited View Angle Projections
Author(s): T. Inouye
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Algorithms For Limited-Angle Computed Tomography
Author(s): William H. Rowan; Douglas P. Boyd; John L. Couch; Douglas Ortendahl
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Quantitative Computer Graphic Displays Of Cardiac Ct Scans
Author(s): David Feinberg; Rolf Palmer; Pam Wiedenbeck; Victor Perez-Mendez; Erik Carlsson
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Limited Angle Reconstruction Problems In X-Ray And NMR Tomography
Author(s): F. Alberto Grunbaum
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Image Reconstruction From Limited Data
Author(s): B. P. Medoff; W. R. Brody; A. Marcovski
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Application Of Spatial Filtering To CT Imagery
Author(s): T. M. Peters; S. C. Strother
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Optimization Of Short Scan Convolution Reconstruction In Fan Beam CT
Author(s): Dennis L. Parker
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New Phantoms For Measuring Low Contrast Resolution And Comparison Of Several CT Scanners When Using Them
Author(s): E. Takenaka; T. A. Iinuma; M. Inoue
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New Dual Rectangular Photomultiplier Tube For Positron CT.
Author(s): T. Yamashita; M. Ito; T. Hayashi
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Continued Development Of An Inexpensive Simulator Based CT Scanner For Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
Author(s): K. R. Peschmann; D. L. Parker; V. Smith
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Imaging With A Multiplane Multiwire Proportional Chamber Using Heavy Ion Beams
Author(s): W. T. Chu; J. R. Alonso; C. A . Tobias
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Overview Of Ultrasonic Imaging
Author(s): P. N.T. Wells
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Effects Of Diffraction And Refraction On Computer-Assisted Tomography With Ultrasound
Author(s): J. F. Greenleaf
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Analysis And Processing Of Phase-Only Reconstruction In Acoustical Imaging
Author(s): Hua Lee; Glen Wade
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Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization And Quantitative Ultrasound Scatter Imaging: Methods And Approaches
Author(s): Joie Pierce Jones; Sidney Leeman
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Near Field Acoustic Pattern Of Fresnel Zone Plate Transducers
Author(s): M. Mortezaie; G. Wade; B. Noorbehesht
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Fabrication Of An Optically Activated Transducer For Real-Time Diagnostic Imaging
Author(s): Kung-Yen Su; Glen Wade
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The Application Of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance In Medicine: Methods Of Nmr Imaging
Author(s): E. R. Andrew
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Radiofrequency Coil Designs For Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Zeuciviatographic Imaging
Author(s): M. L. Bernardo Jr.; A. J. Cohen; P. C. Lauterbur
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