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Thermosense V
Editor(s): George E. Courville

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Volume Number: 0371
Date Published: 21 March 1983

Table of Contents
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Science Behind Thermography
Author(s): Robert P. Madding
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What's Out There: State-Of-The-Art Survey Of Thermal Infrared Instrumentation
Author(s): Richard H. Munis; Herbert Kaplan
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Overview Of Industrial Applications Of Thermal Sensing
Author(s): Herbert Kaplan
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Roof Moisture Surveys: Current State Of The Technology
Author(s): Wayne Tobiasson
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Professionalism In Commercial Infrared Sensing�An Update
Author(s): George E. Courville
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Monitoring Of Generator Stator Core Lamination Repairs Using Thermographic Techniques
Author(s): D. C. Stevens
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Infrared Thermal Imaging Of Refinery Equipment
Author(s): A. G. Imgram; J. B. McCandless
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Thermographic Aspects Of Industrial Predictive Maintenance
Author(s): George S. Baird
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Thermographic Inspection Of Mechanical Systems
Author(s): Jay G. Vanier; David E. Gay
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Infrared Scanning For Electrical Maintenance
Author(s): Steven E. Eisenbath
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Practical Thermal Measurement Techniques
Author(s): Gary L. Orlove
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Use Of Thermography To Establish A Maintenance Program For A Pelletizing Mill
Author(s): Terry L. Loomis
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Steel Mill Infrared Surveillance: A Case Study
Author(s): Edward R. Schaufler
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Temperature Measurements On Semi-Permanent Mold Surfaces Using Infrared Thermography
Author(s): Ronald G. Hurley
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Thermography-Applications To The Manufacture And Nondestructive Characterization Of Composites
Author(s): E. G. Henneke; K. L. Reifsnider; R. J. Shuford; Y. L. Hinton; B. R. Markert
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Glass Temperature Measurement For The Glass Industry
Author(s): Gabor B. Kalos
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Quantitative Analysis Of Sludge Incinerators
Author(s): Stephen A. Seeber
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Implications Of Thermographic Standards On The Inspection Of Buildings
Author(s): Richard A. Grot
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Community Energy Management (CEM) In Michigan
Author(s): Charles W. Millar
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Thermographic Inspections And The Residential Conservation Service Program (RCS)
Author(s): Ronald J. Ward
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Year-Round Use Of Thermography In House Doctoring
Author(s): Kenneth J. Gadsby; David T. Harrje; Gautam S. Dutt
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Recording The Images Of Infrared Thermal Imaging Viewers
Author(s): Paul Grover
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Development Of Economic Techniques For Residential Thermography
Author(s): Lee R. Allen; Sharon Allen
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Practical Method For Applying Building Diagnostic Techniques To High Volume Urban Energy Auditing And Retrofit Quality Control: Results From Total Surveys In Three Major Swedish Cities
Author(s): Bengt Axen
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Professional Organization For Nondestructive Roof Surveyors
Author(s): Robert W. Lyons
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Thermography�A Diagnostic Tool For Locating Wet Insulation In Built-Up Roofing Systems
Author(s): Al H. Knehans; Paul E. Styer
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Locating Wet Cellular Plastic Insulation In Recently Constructed Roofs
Author(s): Charles Korhonen; Wayne Tobiasson
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Use Of Infrared Thermography In Roof Maintenance Budgeting
Author(s): Charles F. Towar
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Comparing The Effectiveness Of Ground Versus Aerial Roof Thermography
Author(s): Douglas C. Fishburn
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Quantitative Aerial Survey Of Building Heat Loss
Author(s): John R. Schott; Joseph D. Biegel; Elizabeth P. Wilkinson
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Limitations Of Infrared Thermography
Author(s): John R. Schott
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Use Of Infrared Imagery In Continuous Flow Wind Tunnels
Author(s): D. W. Stallings; R. G. Whetsel
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Incorporating Geometric And Radiative Effects Into Infrared Scanning Computer Analysis
Author(s): David L. Myrick; Andronicos G. Kantsios
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Advanced TV Compatible Thermal Imaging Using The SPRITE Detector
Author(s): Richard F. Leftwich
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Analytical Interpretation Of Thermograms Including Digital Processing Techniques
Author(s): R. P. Bruno; G. J. Burrer; E. A. Saporetti
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New Developments In Thermal Imaging Systems
Author(s): Dale W. Frederickson
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Description Of A Facility For Evaluating Infrared Imaging Systems For Building Applications
Author(s): Jim T. Wood; Richard A. Grot
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Design Analysis Of Rotating Machinery Using Infrared Thermography
Author(s): Charles C. Roberts Jr.
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