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Holographic Data Nondestructive Testing
Editor(s): Dalibor Vukicevic

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Volume Number: 0370
Date Published: 13 December 1983

Table of Contents
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Some Unsolved (And Partially Solved) Problems In Holography
Author(s): E. N. Leith
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Diagnostics Of Fields Excited On Finite Dielectric Structures By Incident Microwaves
Author(s): G. Tricoles; E. L. Rope; R. A. Hayward
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State Of Art Of 360° Panoramic Holography
Author(s): Pal Greguss
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Holographic Stereograms As A Tool Of Non-Destructive Testing
Author(s): Jumpei Tsujiuchi
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Clinical Application Of The Multiplex Holography
Author(s): Kazuro Sugimura; Michimasa Matsuo; Shigeto Ikeda
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Remarks Of The Chairman: Scientists, Scientific Societies, And Military Research
Author(s): Gert von Bally
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Fringe Visibility And Homology In Holographic Interferometry Of Transparent Isotropic Media
Author(s): W. Schumann; D. Cuche
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Real Time Measurement Of Index And Geometry Changes By Parallelism Interferometry
Author(s): J. E . Ludman; C. Warde
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Holographic Investigation Of Shock Wave Diffraction
Author(s): Romuald Pawluczyk; Zbigniew Kraska; Grzegorz Kowalewski
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The Use Of Heterodyne Speckle Photogrammetry To Measure High-Temperature Strain Distributions
Author(s): Karl A. Stetson
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Sandwich Hologram Interferometry For Industrial Measurements And Non-Destructive Testing
Author(s): Hans I. Bjelkhagen
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Measurement Of The Stress Intensity Factor KI In Large Specimens By Means Of Holographic Interterometry
Author(s): W. Juptner; K . Grunewald; R. Zirn; H. Kreitlow
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Holographic Testing Of Vacuum-Stressed Paint Films
Author(s): J. W. Burgmeijer; P. C. Hopman
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The Holowriter
Author(s): H. J. Caulfield; Peter F. Mueller; Alan Epstein; David Dvore
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Holographic And Microscopic Study Of Morphology And Velocity Distribution Of Solidifying Particles In Rapidly Stirred Melts
Author(s): R. J. Smeulders; F. H. Mischgofsky; H. J . Frankena
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Separation Of Vibration Modes Of Different Frequencies By Synchronized Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): F. H. Groen; R. A. Rooth
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Time Average Holographic Interferometry In Fourier Plane For High Amplitude Vibration Analysis
Author(s): V. I. Vlad; D. Popa
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Surface Wear Measurement Using Optical Correlation Technique
Author(s): Kresimir Acinger
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Coherent Optical Testing Of Quality And Geometric Shape Of Mirror Reflective Surfaces
Author(s): V. G. Volostinkov; V. A. Katulin; V. V. Kotlyar; A. N. Malov
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Bioengineering - Biomechanics. Reactions Of Technical Material And Of The Tissues Of Support To Mechanical Stresses
Author(s): Benno Kummer
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Laser Metrology In Biomechanics
Author(s): Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz
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Otological Investigation By Holography
Author(s): G. von Bally
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Dental Holography
Author(s): Ingegerd Dirtoft
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Color Coded Biological Image Processing
Author(s): Silverio P. Almeida; Luis M. Bernardo; John Cairns Jr.
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Eardrum Function Studied On Physical Tympanic Membrane Models
Author(s): W. F. Decraemer; E. R. Raman
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Holographic-Interferometric Studies On The Damped Axially Symmetric Resonant Vibrations Of A Finite Isotropic Cylinder
Author(s): J. Rendl; R. Rohler; C. Sieger
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Sandwich Hologram Interferometry For Determination Of Sacroiliac Joint Movements
Author(s): S. Vukicevic; I. Vinter; D. Vukicevic
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Holographic Control Of Radial Distribution Of Myelinized Nervous Fiber Refractive Index In Vitality State
Author(s): Antonov I. P.; Goroshkov A. V.; Kalyunov V. N.; Markhvida I. V.; Rubanov A. S.; Tanin L. V.
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Recognition Of The Erythrocytes Deformation On A Coherent Correlator
Author(s): A. Kalestynski; T. Kudrycki
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Assymmetries In Pedemoiregraphy
Author(s): O. D.D. Soares; J. C.A. Fernandes; M . Grosmann
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Dependence Of The Diffraction Efficiency Of Bi12SiO[sub]20[/sub] On Recording Parameters
Author(s): J. D. Gaskill; P. Lam; J. C. Wyant
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Quantitative Analysis Of Holograms And Specklegrams On A Hand Held Calculator
Author(s): R . J. Pryputniewicz
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Speckle Shearing Interferometry And Its Application
Author(s): Ke Jingtang; Zhang Hongqing; He Yeling; Chang Yanfu
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Fault Detection In Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) By An Opto-Electronic Hybrid Processor
Author(s): Helmut Glunder; Reimar Lenz
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Fringe Visibility Method As A New Method Of Holographic Interferograms Interpretation
Author(s): Marek J. Matczak
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Holography Using Picosecond Lightpulses
Author(s): Nils H. Abramson
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Block Defocused Spherical Fabry-Perot Interferometer III: Laser Light Frequency Structure Monitoring For Pulse Holography
Author(s): D. Vukicevic; A . Dzubur
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Computer-Aided Speckle Pattern Interferometry
Author(s): S. Nakadate; T. Yatagai; H. Saito
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A Digital System For Real-Time Holographic Stress Analysis
Author(s): P. Hariharan; B. F. Oreb; N. Brown
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A Small Aperture-Dependent Error In Quantitative Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): J. de Jong
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Identification Of The Local Minima Of Fringes Order In Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): Zbigniew Kraska; Romuald Pawluczyk; Marek J. Matczak
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Problems Occuring With The Application Of Holographic Heterodyne Interferometry
Author(s): C. Martin; J. Rendl; R. Rohler; C. Sieger
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Diffuse Illumination In Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): Marek J. Matczak; Romuald Pawluczyk; Zbigniew Kraska
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Extraction Of Common Or Different Part From Optical Images
Author(s): Barbara Smolinska; Miroslav Dawidowicz
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Influence Of The Non-Linearity Weighting Function On The Vander Lugt Correlation
Author(s): Nazif Demoli
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Experimental Determination Of The Parameters Affecting The Vander Lugt Filtering Procedure For Non-Destructive Testing Application
Author(s): L . Bistricic; N. Demoli; D. Vukicevic
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Theory Of Moire Metrology
Author(s): J. Harthong; M. Grosmann; P. Meyrueis
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Industrial Use Of Holographic Nondestructive Testing
Author(s): H. Rottenkolber; J . Schorner; W. Juptner
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New Type Of Holographic Nondestructive Tire Tester
Author(s): Ke Jingtang; Zhao Caifu; Wang Jingang; Yang Guangming
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Double Exposure Holography On The Ghiberti Panel "The Life Of Joseph"
Author(s): D. Bertani; M. Cetica; G Molesini
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Holographic Non-Destructive Testing For Cultural Relics
Author(s): Jia Defang; Dai Paijun; Kan Yuzhi; Sheng Fahou; Li Wen-ying
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Economic Development Of Photonics In Europe
Author(s): M. Grosmann; O. D.D. Soares
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Closing Remarks
Author(s): Nils Abramson
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