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Processing and Display of Three-Dimensional Data
Editor(s): James J. Pearson

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Volume Number: 0367
Date Published: 8 April 1983

Table of Contents
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Texton Theory Of Two-Dimensional And Three-Dimensional Vision
Author(s): Bela Julesz
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Computer Techniques For The Representation Of Three-Dimensional Data On A Two-Dimensional Display
Author(s): Gabor T. Herman; R.Anthony Reynolds; Jayaram K. Udupa
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Survey Of Holographic Stereograms
Author(s): Stephen A. Benton
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Stereoscopic Displays
Author(s): Bruce Lane
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Real-Time Depth Measurement In A Stereoscopic Television Display
Author(s): M. Robinson; S. C. Sood
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Viewpoint Dependent Imaging: An Interactive Stereoscopic Display
Author(s): Scott Fisher
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Target Identification Using Three-Dimensional Features
Author(s): C. M. Bjorklund; R. S. Loe
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Application Of An N-Dimensional Algebra To Processing "Battlefield Obscuration" Stereo-Pair Video Data
Author(s): Robert E. De Kinder,Jr.; George G. Blackman; Laurie Gibson
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Transmission And Storage Bandwidth Reduction For Spatial Image Data Associated With Three-Dimensional Television Systems With Parallax
Author(s): Daniel H. Hudgins
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Processing Of Multidimensional Signals By Coherent Optics
Author(s): Richard Bamler; Josef Hofer-Alfeis
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Application Of Holographic Stereograms To Three-Dimensional Data Display
Author(s): Lloyd Huff; Richard L. Fusek
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Construction, Display, And Manipulation Of Three-Dimensional Models Of Biopolymers
Author(s): Robert Charles Ladner
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Interactive Three-Dimensional Display And Interpretation Of A Complex Physical Model
Author(s): David Fisher; G.H. F. Gardner; H. R. Nelson Jr.; Richard Verm
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Computer Animation Of Three-Dimensional Time-Varying Meteorological Fields
Author(s): Richard Grotjahn
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Digital Holographic Display Of Medical CT Images
Author(s): Robert J. Perlmutter; Joseph W. Goodman; Albert Macovski
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Design Of And Image Editing With A Space-Filling Three-Dimensional Display Based On A Standard Raster Graphics System
Author(s): Henry Fuchs; Stephen M. Pizer; E. Ralph Heinz; Sandra H. Bloomberg; Li-Ching Tsai; Dorothy C. Strickland
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Digital Perspective Correction For Cylindrical Holographic Stereograms
Author(s): Stephen M. Jaffey; Kalyan Dutta
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True Three-Dimensional Display Of Computer Data
Author(s): Hank Stover
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Clinical Verifocal Mirror Display System At The University Of Utah
Author(s): Steven A. Johnson; Robert Anderson
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Multiple Exposure Holographic Display Of CT Medical Data
Author(s): Kristina M. Johnson; Lambertus Hesselink; Joseph W. Goodman
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Interactive Three-Dimensional Computer Space
Author(s): Christopher Schmandt
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Two-Pass Warp Algorithm For Hardware Implementation
Author(s): Michael Shantz
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