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Biostereometrics '82
Editor(s): Robin E. Herron

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Volume Number: 0361
Date Published: 12 July 1983

Table of Contents
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Study Of Craniofacial Anomalies With A Portable Stereo Camera
Author(s): Bhim Sen Savara; Quentin D. Clarkson; John C. Steen; George F. Gross
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Family Of Calibrated Stereometric Cameras For Direct Intraoral Use
Author(s): Sean Curry; Francis Moffitt; Douglas Symes; Sheldon Baumrind
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Automated System For Stereometric Analysis Of The Human Face
Author(s): Michael Keefe; Donald R. Riley; Frank W. Worms; Thomas M. Speidel
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Semireal Time Monitoring Of The Functional Movements Of The Mandible
Author(s): Robert J. Isaacson; Sheldon Baumrind; Sean Curry; Robert A. Molthen
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Rapid Three-Dimensional Measurements In Clinical Dentistry-A New Approach
Author(s): G. W. Butcher; C. D. Stephens
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Close-Range Photogrammetry In Predicting Animal Weight
Author(s): John N. Hatzopoulos
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Rotating Microscope For LANDSAT Photography Of Vertebrate Embryos
Author(s): Richard Gordon
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A 35 And 70 mm Stereoanalytic Compilation-Graphic System
Author(s): H. Dell Foster
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Three-Dimensional Stereometric Measurement System Using Optical Scanners, Cylindrical Lenses, And Line Sensors
Author(s): Yasuo Yamashita; Nobumasa Suzuki; Masamitsu Oshima; Yoshiomi Yamaguchi
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Contouring Of Tooth Imprints By Means Of A Fluorescence Technique Adapted To A Spatially Filtered Moire Illumination
Author(s): Frans H. M. Jongsma; Paul Lambrechts; Guido Vanherle
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Automatic Topography Using High Precision Digital Moire Methods
Author(s): T. Yatagai; M. Idesawa; S. Saito
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Studying Abdomen Size And Shape Variations During Pregnancy: An Application Of Moire Topography
Author(s): G. E. Karras; K. N. Tympanidis
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Moire Techniques In Biomedical Case Studies
Author(s): O. D. D. Soares
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Reconstruction Of Anatomical Shapes From Moire Contourographs
Author(s): Carl G. Saunders
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Measurement Of Kyphosis Using Moire Topography
Author(s): Burkhard Drerup
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Analysis Of Scoliosis By Back Shape Topography
Author(s): Alan R. Turner-Smith; John D. Harris
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Three-Dimensional Anthropometric Measurement
Author(s): C. Gross; M. Neuwirth; J. Graham; J. Pugh
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Stereophotogrammetric Method For Breast Cancer Detection
Author(s): D. B. Sheffer; R. E. Herron; W. M. Morek; F. Proietti-Orlandi; C. W. Loughry; R. H. Hamor; R. A. Liebelt; R. S. Varga
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Automatic Measurement Of Body Surfaces Using Rasterstereography
Author(s): E. Hierholzer; W. Frobin
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Mathematical Representation And Shape Analysis Of Irregular Body Surfaces
Author(s): W. Frobin; E. Hierholzer; B. Drerup
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Four-Dimensional Processing And Display System For Cardiovascular Data
Author(s): Steven E. Wixson
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Interactive Structure (EUCLID) For Static And Dynamic Representation Of Human Body
Author(s): Ch. Renaud; R. Steck
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Spatial Sorting For Sampled Surface Geometries
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Posdamer
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Holographic Three-Dimensional Hard Copy For Medical Computer Graphics
Author(s): Brian E. Keane
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Biostereometric Data Processing In ERGODATA: Choice Of Human Body Models
Author(s): J. C. Pineau; R. Mollard; M. Sauvignon; M. Amphoux
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Biostereometrics As The Basis For High Resolution Raster Displays Of The Human Figure
Author(s): William A. Fetter
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Roentgen Stereophotogrammetry In Orthopedics
Author(s): Goran Selvik
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Single Image X-Ray Photogrammetry System Used To Detect Total Joint Loosening
Author(s): F. G. Lippert III; S. A. Veress; R. M. Harrington; T. EI-Garf
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Method For Determining In-Vivo Ligament Lengths From Biplanar X Rays With Incomplete Data
Author(s): Thomas S. Buchanan; Arthur F. Mak; Jack L. Lewis
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Dedicated Stereophotogrammetric X-Ray System For Craniofacial Research And Treatment Planning
Author(s): Sheldon Baumrind; Francis Moffitt; Sean Curry; Robert J. Isaacson
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Stereoroentgenographic System With Portable Calibration Cage For Use In Clinical Medicine
Author(s): Francis Moffitt; Sheldon Baumrind; Neil Chafetz; Sean Curry
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Establishing Quantitative Within-Subject Confidence Limits For Clinical Stereoroentgenographs
Author(s): Edward L. Korn; Sheldon Baumrind; Neil Chafetz; Sean Curry; Francis Moffitt
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Accuracy Of Stereometry In Assessing Orthognathic Surgery
Author(s): Geoffrey E. King; R. A. Bays
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X-Ray Photogrammetry for endocavitary radiation therapy
Author(s): E. Baj Agnoletto; U. Cerchiari; A. E. Sichirollo
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Biostereometric Study Of A Sample Of 50 Young Adults By Photogrammetry
Author(s): R. Mollard; M. Sauvignon; J. C. Pineau
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Measurement Of Reach Envelopes With A Four-Camera Selective Spot Recognition (SELSPOT) System
Author(s): James H. Stramler Jr.; Barbara J. Woolford
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Cinephotogrammetric Evaluation Of Thoracic Deformation Due To Safety Belt Action During A Crash Test
Author(s): J. P. Verriest
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Analysis And Display Of Human Wrist Motion
Author(s): Steven W. Peterson; Arthur G. Erdman
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Transverse Forces On A Finger Tendon Analyzed Using Transmission Ultrasound Imaging
Author(s): P. Dev; K. W. Marich; V. R . Hentz
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Importance Of Biostereometrical Techniques In Analyzing The Gestures Performed In Two Distinct Environments: Air And Water
Author(s): G. Ignazi; R. Mollard; J. C. Pineau
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Computer-Aided Socket Design For Amputees
Author(s): Aleksey Novicov; James Foort
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Television Scanning Technique For Topographic Body Measurements
Author(s): Alan R. Turner-Smith
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Stereometric Analysis Of The Human Body And Articular Surfaces
Author(s): Zhang Ren-xiang; Lu Ming; Lan Zu-yun; Zhang Hong-zi
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Temporal Resolution Requirements For The Double Stance Period Of Human Gait
Author(s): Juerg U. Baumann; Philip Procter; Alex Schaer
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Moments About Body Centered Coordinate Axes At Limb Joints From Force Plate And Biplane Photography Measurements
Author(s): S. Balakrishnan; A. B. Thornton-Trump; G. W. Brodland
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Variations In Gait Patterns Of Runners: Relationship To Anthropometric Measurements
Author(s): S. Adelsberg; C. Tauber; J. Au; J. Pugh
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Orthopaedic Application Of Spatio Temporal Analysis Of Body Form And Function
Author(s): C. Tauber; J. Au; S. Bernstein; A. Grant; J. Pugh
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Algorithms For Two-Camera Video Motion Analysis
Author(s): J. Au; J. Pugh
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Contour Photography Of The Optic Nerve Head: Stereometric Basis
Author(s): Jerrold M. Shapiro
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Stereo Measurement Of The Ocular Fundus In Ophthalmology
Author(s): Takenori Takamoto; Bernard Schwartz
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Stereometric Description And Analysis Of Skull Growth In P. Cynocephalus Anubis (Olive Baboon)
Author(s): Ordean J. Oyen; Pete E. Lestrel
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Three-Dimensional Perspective Display For Chicken Brain Autoradiographs
Author(s): Kunio Takaya; Stephen W. Ellis; Jun-ichi Hasegawa
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Applications Of Biostereometry To Geriatric Neurology
Author(s): Roger M. Morrell
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Concepts Of Biostereometrics Applied To Robotics
Author(s): Andrew Filo
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