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Robotics and Industrial Inspection
Editor(s): David P. Casasent

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Volume Number: 0360
Date Published: 23 May 1983

Table of Contents
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Robotics In Manufacturing: Army View
Author(s): F. J. Michel
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Sensor Robotics In The National Bureau Of Standards
Author(s): James S. Albus; Anthony J. Barbera; M. L. Fitzgerald
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Nasa Research In Teleoperation And Robotics
Author(s): Alfred J. Meintel Jr.; Ronald L. Larsen
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DARPA Program-Intelligent Task Automation
Author(s): Elliott C. Levinthal
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Army's Activities In Artificial Intelligence/Robotics
Author(s): Robert D. Leighty
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Applications Of Artificial Intelligence/Robotics
Author(s): David R. Brown; Darrell V. Fowler; William T. Park; Ann E. Robinson
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Overview Of Navy Robotics
Author(s): S. Y. Harmon; G. R. McDevitt
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Advanced Automation For The Battlefield
Author(s): S. Y. Harmon
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Hidden Information In Early Visual Processing
Author(s): H. K. Nishihara
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Three-Dimensional Shape Recognition By Moire Correlation
Author(s): Joseph Der Hovanesian; Yau Yan Hung
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Spatial-Frequency Representations Of Images With Scale Invariant Properties
Author(s): C. H. Anderson; C. R. Carlson; R. W. Klopfenstein
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Image-Based Focusing
Author(s): Ted Selker
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Computational Structure For The Walsh-Hadamard Transform
Author(s): George M. Chaikin
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Hybrid Optical/Digital Moment-Based Robotic Pattern Recognition System
Author(s): David Casasent; Lee Cheatham; Donald Fetterly
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Pyramid-Based Extraction Of Local Image Features With Applications To Motion And Texture Analysis
Author(s): Peter J. Burt
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Segmentation And Compression Of Gray Level Images Using Piecewise Gradient Models
Author(s): A. C. Sanderson; R. Bracho
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Unsupervised Feature Selection For Object Recognition
Author(s): Jakub Segen
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Synthetic Discriminant Functions For Three-Dimensional Object Recognition
Author(s): David Casasent; B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar; Vinod Sharma
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Analysis Of Low-Level Computer Vision Algorithms For Implementation On A Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Processor Array
Author(s): Michael R. Lowry; Allan Miller
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Affordable Implementations Of Image Processing Algorithms
Author(s): W. L. Harland; W. L. Eversole
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Image-Based Visual Servo Control Of Robots
Author(s): Arthur C. Sanderson; Lee E. Weiss
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Applications Of Translational Motion Processing To Robotics
Author(s): Daryl T. Lawton
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Neural Analog Processing
Author(s): Robert Hecht-Nielsen
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Algorithms And Architectures For Global Shape Analysis In Time-Varying Imagery
Author(s): O. Robert Mitchell; Anthony P. Reeves; Timothy A. Grogan
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Time-Varying Patterns: Nonparametric Approaches
Author(s): Charles Jacobus
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Application Of Laser Interferometry To Robotics
Author(s): R. H. Anderson; C. W. Gillard; C-C Huang
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Hardware/Software Transparency In Robotics Through Object Level Design
Author(s): T. N. Mudge; R. A. Volz; D. E. Atkins
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Dynamic Aspects Of TV Based Inspection And Measurement Systems For Factory Automation
Author(s): David B. Hunter
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Electro-Optical Sensors Used For Inspection And Quality Control Of Solar Panels
Author(s): R. W. Paulson; H. Decker; J. Hodor; J. Barney
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Normal Incidence Spectrophotometer Film Thickness Measurement Tool
Author(s): S. A. Manning
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Laser Scanning Techniques For Automatic Inspection Of Heat-Sealed Film Packages
Author(s): William E. Wolf
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Magnetoelastic Force Feedback Sensors For Robots And Machine Tools
Author(s): John M. Vranish; E. E. Mitchell; R. Demoyer
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Robot To Solve Rubik's Cube
Author(s): R. D. Dyer; P. D. Bondurant; R. C. Kelley; J. S. Hartman; L. S. Dake; M. A. Lind; F. R. Reich; S. D. Rosier
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Vision Processing For Robot Inspection And Assembly
Author(s): David C. Burgess; John J. Hill; Alan Pugh
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Low-Cost Character Recognition Using A General Purpose Vision System
Author(s): Jim Green
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Vision Guided X-Y Table For Inspection
Author(s): Michel J. Chen
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Production Plant CONSIGHT Installations
Author(s): Mitchel R. Ward; Douglas P. Rheaume; Steven W. Holland; James H. Dunseth
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Defect And Measurement Evaluation System
Author(s): James F. Cosgrove
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Integrated Circuit (IC) Chip Inspection With Incoherent Optical Processing
Author(s): F. T.S. Yu; S. L. Zhuang; N. H. Wang
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Computer Software For Robotic Vision
Author(s): Donald J. Meagher
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Movable Light-Stripe Sensor For Obtaining Three-Dimensional Coordinate Measurements
Author(s): Gerald J. Agin; Peter T. Highnam
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Computerized Tomography On A Logarithmic Polar Grid
Author(s): P. P. B. Eggermont
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Global Optimization In Binocular Vision
Author(s): Michael Shantz
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Three-Dimensional Automated Pattern Recognition Using The Moire Techniques
Author(s): F. Lamy; C. Liegeois; P. Meyrueis
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