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Applications of Digital Image Processing IV
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher

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Volume Number: 0359
Date Published: 17 March 1983

Table of Contents
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Model-Based Restoration Procedure For Small, Low-Resolution Optical Images
Author(s): John A. Saghri; Andrew G. Tescher
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Synthetic Aperture Radar Digital Image Formation Processing
Author(s): I. J. LaHaie; A. R. Dias; R. S. Powers
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Adaptive Restoration Of Images With Speckle
Author(s): D. T. Kuan; A. A. Sawchuk; T. C. Strand; P. Chavel
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Direct Image Plane Deblurring
Author(s): Antonio R. Dias
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Signal Recovery From Signal Dependent Noise
Author(s): Rangachar Kasturi; Thomas F. Krile; John F. Walkup
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Automatic Scene-Adaptive Pattern Removal
Author(s): Michael Cannon; Alex Lehar; Fred Preston
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Performance Considerations In Automatic Target Recognition Systems For Infrared Images
Author(s): C. Benning
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Adaptive Gate Multifeature Bayesian Statistical Tracker
Author(s): W. B. Schaming
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Statistical Approach For Forward Looking Infrared (Flir) Target Classification
Author(s): Yun-Kung J. Lin
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Image Scale, Translation, And Intensity Transformations For Real-Time Image Generation
Author(s): Daryl E. Hinman
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Image Skeletonization For Object Position Measurement
Author(s): Budimir Zvolanek; Chung Chang Lee
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SAM Opto-Electronic Picture Sensor In A Flexible Manufacturing Assembly System
Author(s): W. Brune; K. H. Bitter
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Neighborhood Access Problem In Image Parallel Machines
Author(s): Per-Erik Danielsson
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Near Real-Time Automated Inspection And Evaluation System (AIES)
Author(s): C. William Souder; Richard E. O'Hara
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Hybrid Modeling Of Staring Planar Arrays
Author(s): Alan Hunt; Craig A. MacPherson; R. E. Nasburg
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General Purpose Vision Sensor
Author(s): Giuseppina Gini; Maria Gini
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Real-Time Photoelectron Event-Detecting Video System
Author(s): R. H. Macklin; E. K. Hege; P. A. Strittmatter
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Mechanical Model Of The Insect Eye
Author(s): Richard T. Schneider; James F. Long
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Modeling Three-Dimensional Computer Reconstructions From Surface Contours For Diagnostic Imaging
Author(s): Larry T. Cook; Prakairut N. Cook; Samuel J. Dwyer; Solomon Batnitzky; Kyo Rak Lee; Hilton I. Price
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Digital Processing Of Medical Imagery
Author(s): William K. Pratt; Thomas B. Risser
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Integration Of Imagery And Cartographic Data Through A Common Map Base
Author(s): Jerry Clark
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Background Suppression For Moving Point Source Detection
Author(s): Philip D. Henshaw
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High Resolution Image Registration By Thresholded Difference
Author(s): L. J. Pinson
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Radar Image Registration And Rectification
Author(s): M. Naraghi; W. D. Stromberg
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Application Of Digital Image Processing To Acoustic Ambiguity Functions
Author(s): J. Brian Sharkey
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Adaptive Histogram Equalization And Its Applications
Author(s): Victor T. Tom; Gregory J. Wolfe
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Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Image Enhancement For A Generic Blob Target Detection System
Author(s): Chun Moo Lo
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Signal Reconstruction From Fourier Transform Amplitude
Author(s): Patrick L. Van Hove; Jae S. Lim; Alan V. Oppenheim
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Interpolation Of Two-Dimensional Surfaces Using The Gerchberg Algorithm
Author(s): Mark J. Carlotto; Victor T. Tom
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Processing Of Noisy High Resolution Electron Micrographs Of Crystalline Biological Membranes
Author(s): Suzanne B. Luscher
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Restoration Of Defocusing And Chromatism In Color Images
Author(s): J. Bescos; J. H. Altamirano; J. Santamaria; A. Santisteban
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Cardio-Surgical Thermography
Author(s): A. R. Fiorini; R. Fumero; R. Marchesi
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Syntactic Pattern Recognition Approach To Scene Matching
Author(s): John F. Gilmore
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Rotation Invariant Pattern Recognition
Author(s): H. H. Arsenault; Y. N. Hsu; K. Chalasinska-Macukow; Y. Yang
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Computer Evaluation Of Real-Time X-Ray And Acoustic Images
Author(s): M. H. Jacoby; R. S. Loe; P. A. Dondes
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High Speed Pattern Inspection System
Author(s): Burton D. Figler
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Machine Recognition Of Cursive Arabic Words
Author(s): Adnan Amin; Gerald Masini
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Constructive Invariant Coupling Method Applications For Statistical Data Analysis And Effective Decision Rule Synthesis In Digital Image Processing Problems
Author(s): Nicolai A. Nechval
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Compressing, Ordering And Displaying Image Data
Author(s): F. H. Preston; A. F. Lehar; R. J. Stevens
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Analysis Of Three-Dimensional Time Varying Scene
Author(s): Roger Y. Tsai; Thomas S. Huang
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Analysis And Evaluation Of Sequential Quantizers
Author(s): Ali Habibi
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Image Synthesis And Coding Using Gaussian Markov Random Field Models
Author(s): R. Chellappa; R. Bagdazian
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Application Of Hadamard, Haar, And Hadamard-Haar Transformation To Image Coding And Bandwidth Compression
Author(s): Ryszard S. Choras
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Composite Predictive Coding Of The NTSC Color TV Signal
Author(s): C. E. Li; K. R. Rao
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Performance Measures For Statistical Segmentation
Author(s): Dov J. Shazeer
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Image Segmentation By Edge Tracing
Author(s): Marion Lineberry
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Segmenter Wobble In Infrared Images
Author(s): F. Elliott; W. W. Boyd; Marion Lineberry
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Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Approach To Feature Extraction
Author(s): James S. Duncan; Werner Frei
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Automatic Evaluation Of Interferograms
Author(s): Friedhelm Becker; Gerd E. A. Meier; Horst Wegner
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