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Millimeter Wave Technology I
Editor(s): William E. Keicher; Ronald R. Parenti

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Volume Number: 0337
Date Published: 22 October 1982

Table of Contents
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Millimeter Wave Trends
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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InP Millimeter Diode Oscillators And Amplifiers
Author(s): F. B. Fank
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Recent Advances In Millimeter Wave IMPATT Sources
Author(s): Y. Ma; M. Simonutti; H. Yen
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Novel Approaches To Wide Electronic Tuning Bandwidth In Solid State Millimeter Sources
Author(s): John Ondria
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Ion Implantation For Millimeter Wave IMPATT Diodes
Author(s): Deen D. Khandelwal
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Cryogenic Receivers For Millimeter And Near-Millimeter Wavelengths
Author(s): G. R. Huguenin; P. F. Goldsmith; N. R. Erickson; C. R. Predmore
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Planar Millimeter Wave Antennas With Application To Monolithic Receivers
Author(s): K. S. Yngvesson; T. L. Korzeniowski; R. H. Mathews; P. T. Parrish; T. C. L. G. Sollner
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Printed Dipoleâ€"Schottky Diode Millimeter Wave Antenna Array
Author(s): P. T. Parrish; T. C. L. G. Soliner; R. H. Mathews; H. R. Fetterman; C. D. Parker; P. E. Tannenwald; A. G. Cardiasmenos
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Use Of Metallic Mesh In Submillimeter Optical Components
Author(s): G. D. Holah
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Atmospheric Attenuation In The 30 To 300 GHz Region Using RADTRAN And MWTRAN
Author(s): Vincent J. Falcone Jr.; Leonard W. Abreu; Eric P. Shettle
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Theoretical Investigation Of Millimeter Wave Propagation Through A Clear Atmosphere
Author(s): Robert M. Manning; F. L. Merat; P. C. Claspy
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Atmospheric Propagation Studies At Near-Millimeter Wavelengths
Author(s): P. C. Claspy; F. L. Merat
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Millimeter Wave Atmospheric Turbulence Measurements: Preliminary Results
Author(s): R. W. McMillan; R. A. Bohlander; G. R. Ochs; R. J. Hill; S. F. Clifford; D. G. Bauerle; J. Nemarich
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Automatic Millimeter Wave Mixer Noise Figure Measurements
Author(s): R. E. Forsythe; J. J. McSheehy
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Noise Measurements In Self-Oscillating Mixers
Author(s): Samuel Dixon Jr.
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Active/Passive Terminal Guidance Simulators For Millimeter Wave Systems
Author(s): Larry Keese; Doug Drake; Dwight McPherson; Howard Yarbrough
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Millimeter Radar Reflective Range System
Author(s): Hudson S. Burke; William P. Hansen Jr.
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Coherent 95 GHz Instrumentation Radar
Author(s): David N. McQuiddy Jr.; Stanley J. Goldman; Robert R. Kyle; Richard L. Howe Jr.
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Wideband, Phase Coded Millimeter Wave Instrumentation Radar
Author(s): William E. Keicher; Henry E. Zieman
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Programmable Millimeter Wave (MMW) Radars For Gun Fire Control
Author(s): William DonnaIly
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Millimeter Wave Radiometry
Author(s): T. P. Morton; J. M. Newton; J. A. Gagliano; J. M. Schuchardt
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Millimeter Wave Radiometric Imaging
Author(s): F. J. Poradish; J. M. Habbe
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95 GHz Airborne Tracking Radar
Author(s): J. A. Scheer; P. P. Britt; E. K. Reedy
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