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Picosecond Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Lawrence S. Goldberg

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Volume Number: 0322
Date Published: 23 April 1982

Table of Contents
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Synchronously Mode-Locked Continuous Wave Dye Lasers: Recent Advances And Applications
Author(s): R. K. Jain
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Subpicosecond Pulses From A Synchronously Mode-Locked Traveling-Wave Ring Dye Laser
Author(s): William Proffitt; Gerald Mitchell
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Comparisons Of Traveling-Wave And Standing-Wave Operations Of Mode-Locked Continuous-Wave Dye Lasers
Author(s): C. L. Tang; J. M. Halbout
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Recent Progress In Picosecond Pulse Generation From Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): John C. AuYeung; Alan R. Johnston
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Optically Pumped Semiconductor Platelet Lasers
Author(s): C. B. Roxlo; R. S. Putnam; M. M. Salour
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Two-Photon Pumped Synchronously Mode-Locked Bulk GaAs Laser
Author(s): W. L. Cao; A. M. Vaucher; J. D. Ling; C. H. Lee
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Continuous-Wave Mode Locked Nd:YAG Laser: A Picosecond Pump Source For The Future
Author(s): Martin G. Cohen
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Analysis And Performance Of A Picosecond Dye Laser Amplifier Chain
Author(s): T. L. Koch; L. C. Chiu; A. Yariv
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Developments In Mode-Locked Lasers And Their Applications
Author(s): A. E. Siegman
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Picosecond Transient Grating Generation Of Tunable Ultrasonic Waves
Author(s): Keith A. Nelson; R.J. Dwayne Miller; D. R. Lutz; M. D. Fayer
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Picosecond Dynamics Of Electron Transfer
Author(s): K. G. Spears; T. H. Gray; D. Huang
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Picosecond Fluorescence In Spinach Chloroplasts
Author(s): Douglas Magde; Sylvia J. Berens; Warren L. Butler
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Picosecond Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Microscope
Author(s): J. Reintjes; M. D. Duncan; T. J. Manuccia
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Picosecond Laser Damage Mechanisms At Semiconductor Surfaces
Author(s): M. F. Becker; R. M. Walser; Y. K. Jhee; D. Y. Sheng
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Picosecond Photoconductivity And Its Applications
Author(s): Chi H. Lee; V. K. Mathur; Wei-Lou Cao; P. S. Mak; C. S. Chang
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Advances In Picosecond Optoelectronics
Author(s): G. Mourou; W. Knox; S. Williamson
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New Developments In Subpicosecond Optoelectronics
Author(s): A. Migus; A. Antonetti; R. Astier; J. P. Chambaret; J. Etchepare; G. Grillon; G. Hamoniaux; J. L. Martin
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Optical Switches For Generation And Pulse Shaping Of Ultrashort Electrical Pulses
Author(s): Kenneth K. Li; John R. Whinnery; Andrew Dienes
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Picosecond Photoconductive Devices
Author(s): A. P. DeFonzo; T. F. Carruthers
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Ultrafast Picosecond Chronography
Author(s): J. G. Fujimoto; M. M. Salour
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Accurate Range Gating Technique With Mode-Locked Dye Lasers
Author(s): Jean-Claude Diels; Ching-Yue Wang; Joel J. Fontaine
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Gigabit Optical Pulse Generations In Integrated Lasers
Author(s): Kenju Otsuka; Seigo Tarucha; Ken'ichi Kubodera; Juichi Noda
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Picosecond And Subpicosecond Luminescence In Semiconductors
Author(s): D. L. Rosen; A. Katz; A. G. Doukas; Y. Budansky; R. R. Alfano
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Generation And Amplification Of Ultrashort Laser Pulses And Applications To Electron Trapping In Amorphous Media
Author(s): C. Kalpouzos; G. A. Kenney-Wallace; P. M. Kroger; E. Quitevis
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Picosecond Photofragmentation Experiments With A Repetitively Pulsed Mode-Locked Nd: Phosphate Glass Laser System
Author(s): L. S. Goldberg; M. J. Marrone; P. E. Schoen
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Predissociation And Picosecond Spectroscopy Of Transient Species
Author(s): D. F. Kelley; P. M. Rentzepis
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Picosecond Kinetics Of Excited State Decay Processes In Internally Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer Photostabilizers
Author(s): Alan L. Huston; Gary W. Scott
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Picosecond Reaction Dynamics In Solution Illusion Or Reality?
Author(s): G. W. Robinson; R. A. Moore
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Picosecond Dynamics Of Solution Reactions
Author(s): Philippe Bado; Peter H. Berens; Kent R. Wilson
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