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Integrated Optics and Millimeter and Microwave Integrated Circuits
Editor(s): Bob D. Guenther; William Pittman

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Volume Number: 0317
Date Published: 2 August 1982

Table of Contents
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Optics In Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD)
Author(s): William O. Davies
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Plea For Synergism
Author(s): J. W. Mink; B. D. Guenther
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Integrated Optics Strapdown Inertial System
Author(s): Clifford G. Walker
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Integrated Optical Logic Devices
Author(s): W. D. Bomberger; T. Findakly; B. Chen
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Design Criteria For Integrated Optical Devices
Author(s): L. D. Hutcheson
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Single-Mode Fiber-To-Channel Waveguide Coupling
Author(s): O.Glenn Ramer
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Optical Damage Resistance Of Lithium Niobate Waveguides
Author(s): R. L. Holman; P. J. Cressman
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Development Of The Multiwavelength Monolithic Integrated Fiber Optics Terminal
Author(s): C. R. Chubb; D. A. Bryan; J. K. Powers; R. R. Rice; V. H. Nettle; E. A. Dalke; W. R. Reed
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Novel Optoelectronic Devices Prepared By Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Author(s): W. T. Tsang
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Mode Selection With A Three-Layer Dielectric Rib Waveguide
Author(s): A. B. Buckman
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Integrated Optics Elements For An Optical Gyro
Author(s): Anthony Lawrence
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Applications Of The Integrated Optical Light Modulator
Author(s): C. M. Verber; R. P. Kenan; J. R. Busch
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Novel Semiconductor Lasers For Integrated Optics
Author(s): Shyh Wang
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GHz Bandwidth (GaAI)As Semiconductor Lasers And Optical Detectors For Signal Processing Applications
Author(s): Luis Figueroa
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Radiation Loss From A Dielectric Channel Waveguide Bend
Author(s): David C. Chang; Robert Holland; Edward F. Kuester
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Visible And Infrared Waveguiding In Proton Implanted N-Type GaP
Author(s): J. M. Zavada; H. A. Jenkinson; T. J. Gavanis; R. G. Hunsperger; M. A. Mentzer
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Design Approach For A Thermally Compensated Injection Laser Stack Transmitter/Receiver
Author(s): Mark D. Skeldon
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Recent Developments In Infrared Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters
Author(s): M. Gottlieb; J. D. Feichtner; J. J. Conroy
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Intrinsic Bistable Guided-Wave Devices: Theory And Applications
Author(s): Dror Sarid
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Optical Fiber Data Link For Missile Guidance
Author(s): R. B. Powell; D. W. Holder; J. H. Wright
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Multiplex Holographic Filtering Through Contact Screens
Author(s): H. K. Liu; J. G. Duthie; J. Johnson
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Multiple Filter Storage
Author(s): Kenneth G. Leib; Jay Mendelsohn
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Space-Invariant Composite Matched Filters For Space-Variant Processors
Author(s): H. J. Caulfield
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Components For Angular Division Multiplexing
Author(s): G. A. Gasparian; G. J. Herskowitz; H. Kobrinski
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Optical-To-Optical Image Conversion With The Liquid Crystal Light Valve
Author(s): W. P. Bleha; P. F. Robusto
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Interfacing A Focal Plane Infrared Mosaic Array And An Optical Processor
Author(s): David Casasent; Charles F. Hester
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Silicon Liquid Crystal Light Valves For Optical-Data Processing
Author(s): U. Efron; J. Grinberg; P. O. Braatz; M. J. Little; B. H. Soffer; M. A. Monahan
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Integrated-Optical Techniques For Near-Millimeter-Wave Technology
Author(s): S. E. Schwarz
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Progress In Millimeter Wave Integrated-Circuit Imaging Antenna Arrays
Author(s): Dean P. Neikirk; David B. Rutledge; Michael S. Muha; Hyeon Park; Chang-Xuan Yu
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Recent Advances In Dielectric Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits
Author(s): Tatsuo Itoh
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Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit Devices Based On Optoelectronic Control
Author(s): Chi H. Lee; P. S. Mak; A. P. DeFonzo
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Silicon Technology Applicable To Monolithic Millimeter Wave Sources
Author(s): A. Rosen; M. Caulton; P. Stabile; A. Gombar; W. Janton; C. P. Wu; C. W. Magee
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Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski Growth Of Low Dislocation GaAs
Author(s): C. G. Kirkpatrick; R. T. Chen; D. E. Holmes
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Planar Doped Barriers By Molecular Beam Epitaxy For Millimeter Wave Devices
Author(s): R. J. Malik
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Hexagonal Ferrites For Millimeter Wave Applications
Author(s): Gordon R. Harrison
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HgCdTe Liquid Phase Epitaxy: An Overview
Author(s): C. A. Castro; R. Korenstein
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Impact Of Molecular Beam Epitaxy On Millimeter Wave And Optical Systems
Author(s): George D. O'Clock Jr.; L.Peter Erickson
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Cooperative Transients In Inter-Atomic Correlation In The Presence Of An Externally Applied Coherent Field: Relation To Intrinsic Mirrorless Optical Bistability
Author(s): Charles M. Bowden; C. C. Sung
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Fiber Optic Pulse Compression Concept For Processing Wide Bandwidth Radar Signals
Author(s): E. O. Rausch; R. B. Efurd
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Picosecond Signal Processing With Planar Nonlinear Integrated Optics
Author(s): G. I. Stegeman; R. Normandin
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Periodic Oscillations And Chaos In Optical Bistability: Possible Guided-Wave All-Optical Square-Wave Oscillators
Author(s): H. M. Gibbs; F. A. Hopf; D. L. Kaplan; M. W. Derstine; R. L. Shoemaker
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Switching Of Reflection Of Light At Nonlinear Interfaces
Author(s): A. E. Kaplan; P. W. Smith; W. J. Tomlinson
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Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits For Communications And Radar Applications
Author(s): L. Wandinger
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Multispectral Radiation Detection Of Small Changes In Target Emissivity
Author(s): J. A. Gagliano; J. M. Newton; J. M. Schuchardt
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Application Of Molecular Beam Epitaxy To Microwave And Millimeter Wave Devices
Author(s): N.Walter Cox
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Real Space Transfer Electron Device Oscillator--A New Candidate For The Near Millimeter Range
Author(s): Paul D. Coleman
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Receiver Technology For The Millimeter And Submillimeter Wave Regions
Author(s): Brian J. Clifton
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Potential Of Integrated Optics And Integrated Millimeter And Microwave Circuits For Future MICOM Systems
Author(s): William C. Pittman
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Future Directions In Close Combat
Author(s): Bruce W. Fowler
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Optical Command And Beamrider Missile Guidance
Author(s): R. L. Sitton
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Future Directions In Fire Support Weapons
Author(s): Kenneth C. Evans
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Future Directions In Air Defense
Author(s): Donald R. Peterson
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