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High Resolution Soft X-Ray Optics

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Volume Number: 0316
Date Published: 24 March 1982

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Metrological Evaluation Of Grazing Incidence Mirrors
Author(s): M. Stedman
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Use Of Phase Measuring Interferometry For Surface Characterization
Author(s): Chungte W. Chen
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Short Wavelength Interferometric Testing Of X-Ray Optics
Author(s): S. Mrowka; W. Harris; R. J. Speer
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Automated Cylindrical Polishing Of Grazing Incidence X-Ray Mirrors
Author(s): Robert A. Jones; Norman Geril
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Diamond Machining And Mechanical Inspection Of Optical Components
Author(s): R. R. Donaldson; S. R. Patterson; D. C. Thompson
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Surface Profiling By Electro-Optical Phase Measurements
Author(s): G. Makosch; B. Solf
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Status Report On Contact X-Ray Microscopy
Author(s): D. Sayre; R. Feder
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Low Angle X-Ray Scattering Of Chloroplast With CK a-Radiation
Author(s): Hasko H. Paradies
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Grazing Incidence Relay Optics
Author(s): R. C. Chase; J. M. Davis; A. S. Krieger; J. H. Underwood
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X-Ray And Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Using Layered Synthetic Microstructures
Author(s): James H. Underwood; Troy W. Barbee; David L. Shealy
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Design And Assembly Of A High Resolution Schwarzschild Microscope For Soft X Rays
Author(s): I. Lovas; W. Santy; E. Spiller; R. Tibbetts; J. Wilczynski
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Status Of The Zone Plate Microscope
Author(s): G. Schmahl; D. Rudolph; B. Niemann
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Status Of The Sputtered Sliced Zone Plates For X-Ray Microscopy
Author(s): D. Rudolph; B. Niemann; G. Schmahl
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Status Of The Scanning X-Ray Microscope
Author(s): B. Niemann; G. Schmahl; D. Rudolph
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Status Of Microstructure Fabrication
Author(s): John M. Warlaumont
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Optical Performance Of Apodized Zone Plates
Author(s): Harvey Rarback; Janos Kirz
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Fabrication Of Transmission Gratings For Use In X-Ray Astronomy
Author(s): P. Predehl; H. Brauninger; H. Kraus; J. Trumper
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Space And Time Resolved Soft X-Ray Spectra Using X-Ray Transmission Gratings
Author(s): N. M. Ceglio; A. M. Hawryluk; R. H. Price
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Extra-Solar Astronomy With A 2.4 M Normal Incidence X-Ray Telescope At 0.1 Arcsec Resolution
Author(s): Martin Elvis
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Solar Corona At High Resolution
Author(s): L. Golub; R. Rosner; G. S. Vaiana; M. V. Zombeck
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Calculated Performance Of A Wolter Type I X-Ray Telescope Coated By Multilayers
Author(s): R. C. Catura; W. A. Brown; E. G. Joki; R. A. Nobles
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Imaging Performance Of A Normal Incidence X-Ray Telescope Measured At 0.18 keV
Author(s): J. Patrick Henry; Eberhard Spiller; Martin Weisskopf
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Reflectivity And Resolution Measurements Of Metallic Multilayers, Beryl, And Potassium Acid Phthalate (KAP) With Synchrotron Radiation In The 1 keV Region
Author(s): M. Berland; A. Burek; P. Dhez; J. M. Esteva; B. Gauthe; R. C. Karnatak; R. E. LaVilla
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High Resolution X-Ray Scattering Measurements
Author(s): Martin V. Zombeck; Heinrich Brauninger; Axel Ondrusch; Peter Predehl
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X-Ray Scattering Of Superpolished Flat Mirror Samples
Author(s): B. Aschenbach; H. Brauninger; A. Ondrusch; P. Predehl
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Intense Plasma Source For X-Ray Microscopy
Author(s): Robert A. Gutcheck; Julius J. Muray
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Soft X-Ray Sources For The Max-Planck-Institut (MPI) Long Beam (130 M) Test Facility
Author(s): K. H. Stephan; P. Predehl; B. Aschenbach; H. Brauninger; A. Ondrusch
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Conference Summary High Resolution Soft X-Ray Optics
Author(s): A. Franks
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