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Polarizers and Applications
Editor(s): Giorgio B. Trapani

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Volume Number: 0307
Date Published: 17 May 1982

Table of Contents
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Practical Prism Polarizers
Author(s): Grant M. Miles
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Effect Of Boration Upon The Stability Of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Iodine Polarizers
Author(s): R. J. Kostyla; K. J. Abcunas
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Generalized Model For Wire Grid Polarizers
Author(s): Pochi Yeh
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Hydrolytic Stability Of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Iodine Polarizers
Author(s): Larry Bolt
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Evaporative Thin Metal Films As Polarizers
Author(s): Robert E. Slocum
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Electro-Optic Shutter Devices Utilizing Lead Lanthanum Zirconate Titanate (PLZT) Ceramic Wafers
Author(s): Allen L. Thornton
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Continuously Variable Electro-Optic Filter
Author(s): J. B. Whitley; R. E. Cuthrell; D. M. Mattox
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Fiber Optic Reflection Coupler For Bidirectional Transmission
Author(s): George A. Gasparian
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Advances In Electro-Optic Shutter Stereoscopic Displays
Author(s): John A. Roese
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Minimum/Constant Voltage Lead Lanthanum Zirconate Titanate (PLZT) Electro-Optic Shutters
Author(s): James O. Harris Jr.; Jack D. Cyrus; George R. Laguna
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Light Transmission Characteristics Of A High Density Electro-Optical Light Gate Array Based On Lead Lanthanum Zirconate Titanate (PLZT) Ceramics
Author(s): Norbert E. Samek; Miguel A. Munoz
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Polarizers For Liquid Crystal Devices: The User's Viewpoint
Author(s): A. E. Perregaux
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Remote Sensing Of Subsurface Water Temperature By Raman Polarization Spectroscopy
Author(s): Donald A. Leonard; Bernard Caputo; Johnathan D. Fridman
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Measurement Of Ocular Counterrolling (OCR) By Polarized Light
Author(s): Robert V. Kenyon; Byron K. Lichtenberg
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Photoelastic-Modulator Polarimeters In Astronomy
Author(s): James C. Kemp
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Optical Pulse Compression Using Polarizing Techniques
Author(s): Harry E. Bates
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Liquid Crystals As Large Aperture Waveplates And Circular Polarizers
Author(s): Stephen D. Jacobs
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Solc Filter Engineering
Author(s): William J. Rosenberg; Alan M. Title
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Color Contrast In Polarizer/Retarder Optical Systems
Author(s): Giorgio B. Trapani; Kevin J. Abcunas
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Achromatic Retardation Plates
Author(s): Alan M. Title; William J. Rosenberg
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