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Design of Digital Image Processing Systems
Editor(s): James L. Mannos

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Volume Number: 0301
Date Published: 23 July 1982

Table of Contents
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Image Processor Design Requirements In Land-Use Planning
Author(s): Edward C. Driscoll Jr.
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Geology And Image Processing
Author(s): Mike Daily
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Cartography And The Analysis Of Remote Sensing Data
Author(s): Robert B. McEwen
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Digital Cartographic Systems At The Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
Author(s): Marshall B. Faintich
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Digital Image Processing In Education
Author(s): Robert A. Gonsalves
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Interactive Algorithm Development System For Tactical Image Exploitation
Author(s): Karl M. Fant
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Image Processing Operations And Systems For Legal Applications
Author(s): Francis Corbett; Gerald B. Richards
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Real-Time Image Computer Configuration
Author(s): P. Wambacq; J. De Roo; L. Van Eycken; A. Oosterlinck; H. Van den Berghe
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Use Of Array Processors In Image Processing
Author(s): Gregory J. Wolfe
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Display Or Processor?
Author(s): John R. Adams
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Advanced Architecture For Graphics And Image Processing
Author(s): Nick England
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High-Speed Television Camera And Video Tape Recording System For Motion Analysis
Author(s): James A. Bixby
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Programmable Image Processing Element
Author(s): W. L. Eversole; J. F. Salzman; F. V. Taylor; W. L. Harland
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System Architecture Of Vicom Digital Image Processor
Author(s): William K. Pratt
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Processing Display System Architectures
Author(s): L. Howard Roberts; Michael Shantz
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Innovative Design For An Interactive Image Processing Work Station
Author(s): Bruce Fong; Werner Frei
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Digital Reconnaissance Imagery Processing System For Real-Time And Near-Real-Time Imagery Exploitation
Author(s): Wilson E. Taylor
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Transportability Of Image Processing System Architectures
Author(s): Brian G. Gordon
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On-Line Processing Of High Resolution Imagery From Meteorological Satellites
Author(s): H. A. van Ingen Schenau
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PAR Image Processing System (PARIPS): A Testbed For Automating Image Interpretation
Author(s): John F. Lemmer
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Powerful Hardware/Software Architecture For A Minicomputer-Based Interactive Image Processing System
Author(s): James L. Mannos
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Microprocessor-Based Image Processing System For Dedicated Applications Or Interactive Image Processing
Author(s): F. M. Cady; R. M. Hodgson
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Development And Implementation Of A Low Cost Microcomputer System For Landsat Analysis And Geographic Data Base Applications
Author(s): N. L. Faust; L. E. Jordan III
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Interactive Enhancement Of Tone Scale
Author(s): Donald E. Troxel; William F. Schreiber; Nancy J. Burzinski; Mark D. Matson
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Large Scale Multipurpose Interactive Image Processing Facility At ETH-Zurich
Author(s): Ludwig Besse; Klaus Seidel; Olaf Kubler
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Hardware Systems Design Of An Airborne Video Bandwidth Compressor
Author(s): P. Whiteman; P. Beckwith; F. Couey; D. Bistarkey; L. Chan
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Labeling And Simultaneous Feature Extraction In One Pass
Author(s): P. Vuylsteke; A. Oosterlinck; H. Van den Berghe
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Application Of A Digital Image Processing System To Automatic Fabric Control With Coherent Light
Author(s): C. Draman; P. Meyrueis; P. L. Wendel
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