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Solid-State Imagers for Astronomy
Editor(s): John C. Geary; David W. Latham

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Volume Number: 0290
Date Published: 1 January 1981

Table of Contents
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Impact Of Solid-State Imaging On Optical Astronomy
Author(s): Herbert Gursky
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Texas Instruments (TI) 800X800 Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Image Sensor
Author(s): Morley M. Blouke; James R. Janesick; Joseph E. Hall; Marvin W. Cowens
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Care, Feeding, And Use Of Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Imagers At Palomar Observatory
Author(s): James E. Gunn; James A. Westphal
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Subtleties In The Flat-Fielding Of Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Images
Author(s): William A. Baum; Bjarne Thomsen; Tobias J. Kreidl
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Evaluations Of Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Performance For Astronomical Use
Author(s): L. Mortara; A. Fowler
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Evaluation Of The RCA 512X320 Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Imagers For Astronomical Use
Author(s): A. Fowler; P. Waddell; L. Mortara
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Low And Moderate Resolution Spectroscopy With An Rca Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)
Author(s): J. B. Oke
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Imaging Characteristics Of The RCA 512X320 Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)
Author(s): John C. Geary; Stephen M. Kent
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Soft X-Ray And XUV Imaging With A Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)-Based Detector
Author(s): N. G. Loter; P. Burstein; A. Krieger; D. Ross; D. Harrison; D. J. Michels
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Single Photon X-Ray Imaging With Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs)
Author(s): R. E. Griffiths; G. Polucci; A. Mak; S. S. Murray; D. A. Schwartz
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Silicon Photodiode Array Detectors For High Resolution Spectroscopy At Lick Observatory
Author(s): Steven S. Vogt
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Faint Object Spectrograph (FOS) 512-Channel Digicon Detector Performance Data
Author(s): R. O. Ginaven; L. L. Acton; D. M. Dieball; R. B. Johnson; H. R. Alting-Mees; R. D. Smith; E. A. Beaver; R. J. Harms; F. Bartko; J. C. Flemming
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Reticon And Digicon Detectors In Use At Asiago Observatory
Author(s): F. Bortoletto
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Photon Counting 200 Channel Detector System For Spectroscopy Of Emission Line Objects
Author(s): Roland Ostreicher
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Image Tube Intensified Linear And Area Self-Scanned Array Detectors For Astronomy
Author(s): C. B. Johnson; R. E. Blank
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Charge-Coupled Device (CCD): Imaging Systems At The University Of British Columbia (UBC)
Author(s): Paul Hickson; Gregory G. Fahlman; Gordon A. H. Walker
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The Royal Greenwich Observatory (RGO) Charge Injection Device Camera System
Author(s): P. R. Jorden; I. G. van Breda
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The European Southern Observatory (ESO) Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Camera System
Author(s): P. Crane; A. Rose; P. Schabel
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The Lick Observatory Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) And Controller
Author(s): Lloyd B. Robinson
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Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Detector Utilization And Development At Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO)
Author(s): L. E. Goad; W. F. Ball
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Astronomical Observations With A Fairchild 202 Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)
Author(s): M. Dreux; C. de Dreuille; T. Fauconnier; B . Fort; R . Jouan; Y. Rio; L. Vigroux
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Description And Preliminary Performance Of A Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Camera
Author(s): A. Bouere; J. Cretolle; B. Fort; R. Jouan; M. Gorisse; A. Lecomte; Y. Rio; L. Vigroux
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Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Imaging Polarimeter
Author(s): J. A. Tyson; R. W. Lee
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Princeton Observing And Picture-Processing Equipment
Author(s): Edwin D. Loh
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The Royal Observatory Edinburgh (ROE) Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Camera System
Author(s): Ian S. McLean; W. A. Cormack; J. T. Herd; C. Aspin
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The British General Electric Company Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Development Program
Author(s): Craig D. Mackay
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The Cambridge Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) System
Author(s): Jonathan F. Wright; Craig D. Mackay
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Virtual Phase Imager For Galileo
Author(s): James R. Janesick; J. Hynecek; M. M. Blouke
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Evaluation of RCA Thinned Buried Channel Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs) For Scientific Applications
Author(s): P. Zucchino; D. Long; J. L. Lowrance; G. Renda; D. D. Crawshaw; D. F. Battson
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Observations Of The Plasma Torus Of Jupiter With A Fabry-Perot/ Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Imaging Spectrometer
Author(s): F. L. Roesler; F. Scherb; R. Oliversen; K. Jaehnig; T. Williams; D. G. York; E. B. Jenkins
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Photometric System For Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Imaging
Author(s): R. Schild; S. Kent
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Optical Studies Of X-Ray Sources With The MASCOT�A Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)-Based Astronomical Instrument
Author(s): G. R. Ricker; M. W. Bautz; D. Dewey; S. S. Meyer
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Echelle Spectroscopy With A Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)
Author(s): Donald G. York; Edward B. Jenkins; Paul Zucchino; John L. Lowrance; Donald Long; Antoinette Songaila
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Precision Astrometry And The Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO) 4-m/Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Parallax Program
Author(s): David G. Monet
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Precision Radial Velocities And Residual Problems With Reticon Arrays
Author(s): B. Campbell; G. A. H. Walker; R. Johnson; T. Lester; S. Yang; J. Auman
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