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Application of Optical Instrumentation in Medicine IX
Editor(s): James A. Mulvaney; Joel E. Gray; Arthur G. Haus; William S. Properzio

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Volume Number: 0273
Date Published: 16 July 1981

Table of Contents
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Tomography At Nottingham: Methods System Technology And Results
Author(s): G. N. Holland; W. S. Moore; R. C. Hawkes
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Imaging At Hammersmith Hospital
Author(s): J. C. Gore; F. H. Doyle; J. M. Pennock
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Imaging At The University Of California, San Francisco
Author(s): Lawrence E. Crooks; Robert Herfkens; Peter L. Davis
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Phosphorus Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Of Myocardial Infarction Using Surface Coils
Author(s): Ray L. Nunnally
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Three-Dimensional Display Of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Images
Author(s): Gabor T. Herman; Jayaram K. Udupa; David M. Kramer; Paul C. Lauterbur; Andrew M. Rudin; Jay S. Schneider
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A Whole Body Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Imaging System With Full Three-Dimensional Capabilities
Author(s): Howard E. Simon
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Exposure Limits Imposed By Screen-Film Systems On The Transfer Of Image Information
Author(s): J. W. Motz; C. E. Dick; M. Danos
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Influence Of Ambient Light On The "Visual" Sensitometric Properties Of, And Detail Perception On, A Radiograph
Author(s): Romain Bollen; Jean Vranckx
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Sensitometry At Low X-Ray Energies
Author(s): Daniel R. Bednarek; Stephen Rudin; Roland Wong
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Screen Speed Designations: A Need For Standardization And Some Suggestions
Author(s): Gilbert Zweig
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Variation With kVp Of Exposure And Attenuation Throughout A Radiographic System And Assessment Of The Speed Of Films, Screens, And Processors
Author(s): Cupido Daniels; Kenneth W. Taylor
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X-Ray Phantom Development For Observer Performance Studies
Author(s): C. A. Kelsey; R. D. Moseley; F. A. Mettler; T. W. Parker
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Quantification Of Silver In Radiographic Film
Author(s): Martin J. Yaffe; Gordon E. Mawdsley
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Performance Characteristics Of A Digital Fluorographic System
Author(s): S. J. Riederer; F. A. DiBianca; J-P J. Georges; G. A. Jensen; G. S. Keyes; N. J. Pelc; E. R. Steinike; W. H. Wesbey
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An Understanding Of Digital Radiography Through Image Computer Simulation
Author(s): Jean-Pierre J. Georges; Gary S. Keyes; Norbert J. Pelc; Stephen J. Riederer
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Digital radiography: spatial and contrast resolution
Author(s): Paul Bjorkholm; M. Annis; E. Frederick; J. Stein; R. Swift
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Characteristics Of A Linear Xenon Detector Array For Digital Radiography
Author(s): D. J. Drost; A. Fenster
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Digital Radiography Using The Quantex DS-20
Author(s): G. Allan Johnson; K. Ford; R. Heinz
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Evaluation Of Renal Function By Digital Subtraction Imaging
Author(s): O. Nalcioglu; J. A. Seibert; W. W. Roeck; R. M. Friedenberg; H. Rosenberg; J. G. Pearce; J. L. Gehrich
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Digital Subtraction Fluoroscopic System With Tandem Video Processing Units
Author(s): Robert G. Gould; Martin J. Lipton; Paul Mengers; Roger Dahlberg
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Phantoms For The Accurate Simulation Of Energy-Dependent Patient/X-Ray Beam Interactions
Author(s): Robert J. Jennings
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Computer Controlled Technique Factors In Diagnostic Radiology
Author(s): Bhas K. Pillai; Robert G. Waggener; William D. McDavid
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Determination Of X-Ray Tube Potential (kV) Waveform By A Noninvasive Evaluation Of Radiation Output (NERO)
Author(s): William E. Simon; Doug Richards
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System-Level Performance Testing Of Image-Intensified X-Ray Equipment
Author(s): James A. Mulvaney; Raymond P. Rossi; James T. Spicka
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Performance Evaluation Of Image Intensifiers Coupled With Photofluorographic Camera And Their Clinical Application
Author(s): Pei-Jan Paul Lin; Harvey L. Neiman; Richard A. Mintzer; Sheridan N. Meyers
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Photographic Method For Measurement Of Image Intensifier Tube Contrast
Author(s): Robert J. Moore
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Evaluation Of The Resolution Limit For Radiological Procedures
Author(s): Arthur G. Haus; Jeffrey Meyer; Deborah K. Guebert
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Tube By Tube Analysis Of Field Uniformity For Gamma Cameras
Author(s): G. Donald Frey; Armand P. Glassman
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Computer Simulation Of Image Reconstruction With A New Electronically Collimated Gamma Tomography System
Author(s): M. Singh; D. Doria
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Computer Generated Cardiac Model For Nuclear Medicine
Author(s): John F. Hills; Tom R. Miller
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Potential Hazards In Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Imaging: Heating Effects Of Changing Magnetic Fields And rf Fields On Small Metallic Implants
Author(s): Peter Davis; Lawrence Crooks; Mitsuaki Arakawa; Robert McRee; Leon Kaufman; Alexander R. Margulis
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Digital Radiography: An Overview
Author(s): Ben A. Arnold; Harvey Eisenberg; David Borger; Alexander Metherell
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Photoelectronic Digital Radiology: Development And Evaluation Leading To Intravenous Angiography
Author(s): H. D. Fisher; S. Nudelman; T. W. Ovitt; M. P. Capp; M. M. Frost; D. Ouimette; H. Roehrig
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Efficient Use Of Silver Halide In X-Ray Film
Author(s): R. E. Wayrynen
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Anatomy Of Silver Recovery
Author(s): Donald E. Titus
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Dual-kVp Radiography
Author(s): William R. Brody; F. Graham Sommer; Leonard A Lehmann; Albert Macovski; Robert E. Alvarez; Norbert J. Pelc; Stephen J. Riederer; Anne Hall
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X-Ray Microbeam System With A Discrete-Spot Target
Author(s): Osamu Fujimura; Marvin E. Haskin
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Fundamentals Of Computerized Tomography (CT) Tissue Characterization Of The Brain
Author(s): Gary D. Fullerton; Ernesto Blanco
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Tissue Characterization With Contrast Enhancement Of The Brain
Author(s): D. B. Plewes; M. Violante
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Tissue Characterization By Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Of The Brain
Author(s): Leon Axel
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Computerized Heavy-Ion Tomography
Author(s): W. R. Holley; C. A. Tobias; J. I. Fabrikant; J. Llacer; W. T. Chu; E. V. Benton
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Split-Filter Computed Tomography (CT) For Routine Dual Energy Scanning
Author(s): Brian Rutt; Aaron Fenster
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Tissue Characterization Using Energy-Selective Computed Tomography
Author(s): Robert E. Alvarez; William H. Marshall; Roger Lewis
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Dependence Of The Computerized Tomography (CT) Number - Electron Density Relationship On Patient Size And X-Ray Beam Filtration For Fan Beam CT Scanners
Author(s): M. E. Masterson; C. L. Thomason; R. McGary; M. A. Hunt; L. D. Simpson; D. W. Miller; J. S. Laughlin
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Evaluation Of Multiplanar Imaging Capabilities Of Four Current Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners
Author(s): G. Allan Johnson; Melvyn Korobkin; E. Ralph Heinz
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Sampling The Radon Transformation In Conventional Computed Tomography
Author(s): Dennis L. Parker; Vernon Smith; Kristian R. Peschmann; John L. Couch
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Design Of A Multiformat Camera For Medical Fluoroscopy
Author(s): Ernest W. Edmonds; David M. Hynes; Dennis Baranoski; John Rowlands; Karl R. Krametz
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Video-Photographic System For Rapid Inexpensive Unit-Record Recording And Flexible Replay Of Real-Time Ultrasonic Imaging Of The Breast
Author(s): Bayard Gardineer; Charles Howlett; Sidney Krieger; Gerard Lazzaro; David Lyons; Reuben Mezrich; Donald Wiseman
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Reducing Patient Exposure And Operating Room Procedure Time With Electronic Imaging
Author(s): Gerald R. Edelstein
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Digital Processing Of Conventional Tomograms
Author(s): Michael W. Vannier; R. Gilbert Jost
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Digital Storage Compression For Diagnostic Images
Author(s): M. J. Flynn; J. S. Newman; R. M. Mares
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