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High Power Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Charles C. Tang

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Volume Number: 0270
Date Published: 15 September 1981

Table of Contents
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Laser-Induced Damage In Optical Materials: 1980 (Summary Of The Boulder Damage Symposium)
Author(s): H. E. Bennett; A. J. Glass; A. H. Guenther; B. E. Newnam
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Meeting Specifications Of Antares NaCl Laser Windows
Author(s): V. E. Straughan; D. J. Krus
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10.6 Micrometer Antireflection (AR) Coatings For Sodium Chloride Windows
Author(s): R. I. Seddon
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Enhanced Reflectance Mirrors For Space-Borne HF Laser Applications
Author(s): T. M. Donovan; S. J. Holmes; L. B. Fogdall
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HEL (High-Energy Laser) Silicon Component Technology
Author(s): Terry V. Roszhart; Herman Vogel; Dave Shemwell; Matthew Miller; Robert McIntosh
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Classification And Design Of Large Laser Mirrors
Author(s): Robert B. McIntosh Jr.
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Reflective Laser Beam Expander With No Aspheric Surfaces
Author(s): David Shafer
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Reactive Etching Of Semiconductor Surfaces By Laser-Generated Free Radicals
Author(s): David Harradine; F. Read McFeely; Bobbi Roop; Jeffrey I. Steinfeld; Dean Denison; Larry Hartsough; John R. Hollahan
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Ultraviolet Phase Conjugation And Its Practical Implications
Author(s): S. L. Shapiro; Robert A. Fisher; B. J. Feldman
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Industrial Applications For High-Power Lasers - An Overview
Author(s): David A. Belforte
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Long-Pulse KrF Amplifier As An Internal Confinement Fusion (ICF) Driver
Author(s): R. S. Bradford Jr.; J. A. Betts; R. Aprahamian
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Angular Multiplex Laser Fusion Drivers
Author(s): Joel H. Parks
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Applications Of The Free-Electron Laser
Author(s): G. R. Neil; D. Arnush; H. Boehmer; M. Caponi; J. Munch
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The Free Electron Laser As A Fusion Driver
Author(s): D. Prosnitz; L. Schlitt
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Continuous Wave (CW) Optical Resonance Transfer Lasers (ORTL)
Author(s): John H. S. Wang; Jack Finzi; Philip K. Baily; Kin K. Hui; Gerald W. Holleman
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Alignment System For Advanced Laser Resonators
Author(s): David R. Dean; Gerald T. Volpe; Jerold L. Jacoby
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Continuous Wave (CW) Chemical Laser Diagnostics
Author(s): G. Golnik; J. T. Lewis; P. J. Pomphrey; R. W. Steffen
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Pulsed Chemical Laser With Variable Pulse-Length E-Beam Initiation And Magnetic Confinement
Author(s): S. T. Amimoto; J. S. Whittier; M. L. Lundquist; F. G. Ronkowski; R. Hofland Jr.
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Performance Of A Coated Cone In An Annular Resonator
Author(s): J. K. Guha; John L. Martin; Roger A. Mickish; Earl E. Pape; Dennis Wonica
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Some High-Power Laser Applications Of The System Optical Quality (SOQ) Computer Code
Author(s): A. S.Y. Lau; W. B. King
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Adaptive Optics Compensation Of Thermal Distortion
Author(s): Robert K. Tyson
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Adaptive Resonator Control Techniques For High-Power Lasers
Author(s): R. H. Freeman; J. M. Spinhirne; D. Anafi
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Applications Of Active Illuminators To Adaptive Optics For Laser Systems
Author(s): Doug Elerath; George C. Valley
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Experimental And Analytical Investigations Of The Effect Of Wall Roughness And A Curved Elbow Inlet On Thermal Blooming In Axial Pipe Flow
Author(s): Prakash A. Iyer; Peter I-Wu Shen
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Pulsed DF Laser Performance: Model And Measurements
Author(s): Raymond L. Taylor; Michael F. Weisbach; J. Doyle McClure
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Holographic Documentation Camera For Component Study Evaluation
Author(s): Richard Fusek; Kevin Harding; James Harris; John Murphy
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Design Approach To A High-Precision Reflectometer For Component Study Evaluation
Author(s): Cem Gokay; Kevin Harding; John Loomis; Joe Marcheski
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