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Optical Alignment I

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Volume Number: 0251
Date Published: 31 December 1980

Table of Contents
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Precision Construction Of Optical Systems
Author(s): F. C. Reavell; W. T. Welford
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Interferometric Alignment Of Multi-Element Optical Systems
Author(s): W. S. Smith; E. J. Mattson; R. Myers
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Optimized Alignment-Insensitive Two-Element Laser Beam Expander/Steerer
Author(s): David Shafer
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System Alignment Advantages Of Diamond-Machined Optics
Author(s): Michael E. Curcio
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Alignment Of A Full Aperture System Test Of A Cassegrain Telescope
Author(s): Michael J. Fehniger
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Alignment Of Off-Axis Aspheric Surfaces
Author(s): Mitchell Ruda
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Alignment Techniques Required By Precise Measurement Of Effective Focal Length
Author(s): Timothy D. Wise
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Electronic Autocollimators
Author(s): Thomas H. Thurston
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Alignment Of Large Aperture Optical Systems Using A Bi-Directional Telescope And A Variable Offset Periscope
Author(s): Donald G. Carson; David M. Swain; Robert A. Field
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Shearing Interferometer Block As A Precision Angular Datum Reference
Author(s): C-C. Huang; J. R. Hodor; R. H. Anderson
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Heterodyne Interferometer For Alignment Of The Two Elements Of A Reflaxicon
Author(s): Robert A. Field
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A Common Collimator Approach To Alignment And Performance Testing Of Laser Ranger/Designators And Thermal Imaging Systems
Author(s): F. M. Dickey; J. R. White; R. H. Allen; R. L. Sledge
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Boresighting Of Airborne Laser Designator Systems
Author(s): Thomas E. Godfrey; Walter M. Clark
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Ultimate Limits In Optical Alignment
Author(s): Marek Elbaum; Jerry Nowakowski
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Optical Alignment Of High Resolution Fourier Transform Spectrometers
Author(s): J. B. Breckinridge; F. G. O'Callaghan; A. G. Cassie
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Active Intracavity Alignment System Using A Dynamic Hartmann Sensor Approach
Author(s): M. Tarabocchia; S. Holly; D. Jungwirth
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Analytical Method For Interferometric Alignment Of Reflaxicons
Author(s): Paul W. Scott; W. H. Southwell
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Optical Tooling Application On The Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF) Accelerator
Author(s): Elbert W. Colston; Ronald F. Harrison
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Alignment Of A Two-Beam Interferometer
Author(s): Eldred F. Tubbs
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Technique For Precise Alignment Of Small Diameter Lasers
Author(s): Arthur E. McCarthy
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Centration Of A Linear Cone To The Optical Axis Of A Reflaxicon
Author(s): David M. Swain
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Alignment Of A Four Meter Ritchey-Chretien Telescope
Author(s): J. E. Simmons; W. Schoening; D. Graham; L. Ott
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Influence Of Alignment Errors Of A Telescope System On Its Aberration Field
Author(s): Roland V. Shack; Kevin Thompson
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Telescope Coalignment System For The Multiple Mirror Telescope(MroAT)
Author(s): David McDonough
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Alignment And Evaluation Of The Cryogenic Corrected Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Telescope
Author(s): Noreen Harned; Robert Harned; Ramsey Melugin
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Alignment Design For A Cryogenic Telescope
Author(s): Philip Young; Martin Schreibman
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A Three-Axis Angular Monitoring System For The Magnetic Field Satellite (MAGSAT) Mission
Author(s): P. Wardham Collyer; Frederick W. Schenkel
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Magnetic Field Satellite (MAGSAT) Spacecraft Vector Magnetometer Calibration
Author(s): Sanford W. Hinkal
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Modular Alignment System For Spacecraft
Author(s): M. Henrist; D. Malaise; A. Monfils
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Evolution Of Shiva Laser Alignment Systems
Author(s): Robert D. Boyd
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Alignment System Devices For Medium Repetition Rate Glass Fusion Lasers
Author(s): John F. Hoose
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Antares Automatic Beam Alignment System
Author(s): Q. Appert; T. Swann; W. Sweatt; A. Saxman
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Alignment And Focusing Device For A Multibeam Laser System
Author(s): William C. Sweatt
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Optical Alignment Of The Airborne Laser Laboratory's Gas Dynamic Laser Cavity
Author(s): J. P. Mills; C. E. Moeller
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Active Alignment Of The Feedback Mirror In A Half Symmetrical Unstable Resonator With An Inner Axicon
Author(s): S. J. Cusumano; A. B. Callender; C. R. DeHainaut
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