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Image Processing for Missile Guidance
Editor(s): Thomas F. Wiener

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Volume Number: 0238
Date Published: 23 December 1980

Table of Contents
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ATRAN Terrain Sensing Guidance-The Grand-Daddy System
Author(s): Richard F. Koch; Donald C. Evans
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Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOM): A Cruise Missile Guidance Aid
Author(s): Joe P. Golden
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Boeing Shaped Scan Correlator (BOSSCO)
Author(s): Leonard L. Slack; A. James Witsmeer
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USAF Development Of Optical Correlation Missile Guidance
Author(s): Ronald Kaehr; Marvin Spector
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Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator (DSMAC)
Author(s): Jon R. Carr; James S. Sobek
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The Range Only Correlation System
Author(s): C. G. Reed; J. M. Kohn; D. Mercier
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Pulse Doppler Map Matching
Author(s): Edwin R. Hiller
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Development Of Microwave Radiometric (MICRAD) Terrain-Sensing Guidance In The Navy
Author(s): R. P. Moore; J. O. Hooper; C. A. Hawthorne; J. B. Seybold
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Radiometric Navigation Update
Author(s): James L. Nettles; A. James Witsmeer; Robert E. Wilt
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Digital Filters For Infrared Target Acquisition Sensors
Author(s): Joaquin J. Otazo; Eleanor W. Tung; Ronald R. Parenti
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Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Image Enhancement For The Automatic Target Cuer System
Author(s): Chun Moo Lo
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Active 10.6m Image Processing
Author(s): Dorothy R. Sullivan
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Evaluation Of Image Processing For Man-In-Loop Target Acquisition
Author(s): Lewis J. Pinson; James L. Baumann
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Feature Extraction From Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Imagery
Author(s): E. M. Rounds; T. King; D. Steffy
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Three-Dimensional Autonomous Scene Matching
Author(s): J. E. Berry
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Map-Matching Techniques For Use With Multispectral/Multitemporal Data
Author(s): C. D. Kuglin; W. G. Eppler
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Correlation Of Images With Random Contrast Reversals
Author(s): Yair Barniv; Hassan Mostafavi; David Casasent
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Application Of Exact Area Registration To Scene Matching
Author(s): J. Merchant
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Effects Of Rectification On Image Correlation
Author(s): S. M. Jaffey; M. W. Millman
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Image-To-Map Registration
Author(s): Garo K. Kiremidjian
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Potential Applications Of Video Disc Technology To Missile Guidance
Author(s): Charles C. Ormsby; Harvey S. Long
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Minimum Bayes Risk Image Correlation
Author(s): T. C. Minter Jr.
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Evaluation Of Scene-Matching Concepts For Autonomous Acquisition Terminal Homing
Author(s): M. Svedlow
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Match Quality Estimation For Feature-Based Scene Matching
Author(s): J. F. Belsher; H. F. Williams
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Model-Based Scene Matching
Author(s): D. Y. Tseng; D. K. Conti; W. O. Eckhardt; R. Nevatia; K. E. Olin; T. A. McCulloh
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3-D Model Matching For Missile Guidance
Author(s): D. L. Milgram; C. M. Bjorklund
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Application Of Relaxation Labeling To Missile Guidance
Author(s): R. Hummel; D. Panda; R. Aggarwal
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Application Of An Iterative Feature Matching Algorithm To Terminal Homing
Author(s): E. Noges; A. M. Savol; A. J. Witsmeer; D. Moerdyke
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Interactive Flying Spot Image Scanner For Matching High-Altitude Standoff Photographs
Author(s): F. George; P. Meyrueis
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Syntactic Approach To Geometric Surface Shell Determination
Author(s): Donald G. DeGryse; Dale J. Panton
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Some Properties Of A General Camera Model
Author(s): Wolfgang Kober; Charles B. Grosch
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Geometric Constraints In Stereo Vision
Author(s): R. D. Arnold; T. O. Binford
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Adaptive Learning Networks And Image Processing For Missile Guidance
Author(s): Francis J. Cook; Joseph N. Craig
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Optical Methods To Provide Feature Inputs For Adaptive Learning Networks
Author(s): Larry R. Weiner
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Target Recognition For Missile Guidance Using Adaptive Learning Networks
Author(s): Joseph N. Craig; Michael F. Whalen; Francis J. Cook
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Multisensor Image Processing Integration For Missile Guidance
Author(s): Carl Graf; Joel Trimble
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Image Perspective Transformations
Author(s): Robert N. Devich; Frederick M. Weinhaus
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Remote Sensing Of The Sea/Air Interphase As An Indicator Of Subsurface Activity
Author(s): R. E. Baier; C. W. Rogers; V. A. DePalma; R. J. Pilie
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Geological Applications Of Multispectral Techniques For Lithologic And Lineament Analysis
Author(s): Jon D. Dykstra; Charles Sheffield
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Use Of Thermal-Inertia Properties For Material Identification
Author(s): John P. Schieldge; Anne B. Kahle; Ronald E. Alley; Alan R. Gillespie
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Terrain Classification Using Texture Analysis
Author(s): Azriel Rosenfeld
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Using Digital Terrain Data To Model Image Formation In Remote Sensing
Author(s): Robert J. Woodham
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Material Identification Using Broad Band Visible Data
Author(s): Kenneth R. Piech
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Rapid Texture Identification
Author(s): Kenneth I. Laws
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Simulation Of Cultural Scenes For Passive Infrared Sensors
Author(s): A. T. Zavodny; M. A. Mazzer
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Digital Sensor Simulation At The Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
Author(s): Adam W. Mink
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Reference Preparation For Radiometric Update Systems
Author(s): James L. Nettles; A. James Witsmeer
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Geographic Data Bases Supporting Scene Generation
Author(s): George E. Lukes
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Digital Simulation Of Reticle-Systems
Author(s): Siegfried Craubner
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Almost Everything One Needs To Know About Image Matching Systems
Author(s): E. H. Conrow; J. A. Ratkovic
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A Criterion For Best Shapes For Edge Correlation
Author(s): C. A. McPherson; J. J. Hwang; E. L. Hall
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Radar And Optical Edge Measurements
Author(s): Robert Y. Wong
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The performance evaluations of the correlations of digital images - using figures of merit
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi; E. L. Hall
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The Binomial Window
Author(s): William Q. Nicholson; Kenneth S. Davis
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