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Ocular Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation
Editor(s): David H. Sliney; Myron Lee Wolbarsht

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Volume Number: 0229
Date Published: 7 October 1980

Table of Contents
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Biological Effects Of Full-Spectrum Lighting
Author(s): Elwood D. Bickford
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Biological Effects Of Artificial Illumination
Author(s): Richard Corth
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Hazards To The Eye From UV
Author(s): Joseph A. Zuclich
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Occupational Skin Hazards From Ultraviolet (UV) Exposures
Author(s): F. Urbach; M. L. Wolbarsht
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Medical Surveillance Requirements For Nonionizing Radiation Workers
Author(s): James A Hathaway
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Commentary On The Nonionizing Radiations
Author(s): G. M. Wilkening
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Retinal Effects Of Blue Light Exposure
Author(s): William T. Ham; Harold A. Mueller; J. J. Ruffolo
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Blue light Exposure And Long-Term Deficits In Visual Function
Author(s): A. M. Clarke
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Low-level laser Effects On Rhesus Visual Function
Author(s): Harry Zwick; Bruce E. Stuck; Edwin S. Beatrice
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Deficits In Visual Performance After Long-Term Light Exposure
Author(s): Harry G Sperling
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Analyzing The Hazards Of Broadband Optical Sources
Author(s): David H. Sliney; Wesley J. Marshall
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Retinal Thermal Injury
Author(s): Ralph G. Allen
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An Overview Of The National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health (NIOSH) Activity In Nonionizing Radiation
Author(s): C. Eugene Moss
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Acute And Long-Term Bioeffects And Lamp Safety
Author(s): F. Alan Andersen
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Optical Radiation Measurements And Their Use In Hazard Evaluation
Author(s): R. J. Landry
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Exposure Limits For Broadband 400-1400 nm Radiation
Author(s): Britt Hartmann; Bengt Kleman
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Ocular Effects Of Laser Radiation From 1.06 to 2.06µ
Author(s): Bruce E. Stuck; David J. Lund; Edwin S. Beatrice
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Damage To The Lens From Infrared
Author(s): M. L. Wolbarsht
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The Evolution Of Laser Machining And Welding,With Safety
Author(s): Sidney S. Charschan
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Light Levels In Ophthalmic Diagnostic Instruments
Author(s): Francois C. Delori; Oleg Pomerantzeff; Martin A. Mainster
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A Procedure For Evaluation Of Non-Ionizing Photocopier Emissions
Author(s): Richard Lehman; H. D. Edmunds
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Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation Associated With Video-Display Terminals
Author(s): R. C. Petersen; M. M. Weiss; G. Minneci
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Electromagnetic Emission From Visual Display Units: A Non-Hazard
Author(s): M. L. Wolbarsht; F. A O'Foghludha; D. H. Sliney; A. W Guy; A. A. Smith Jr.; G. A. Johnson
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