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2nd European Congress on Optics Applied to Metrology
Editor(s): Michel H. Grosmann; Patrick Meyrueis

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Volume Number: 0210
Date Published: 20 May 1980

Table of Contents
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Holographic Measurement Of Two-Dimensional Optical Transfer Functions Of Lenses
Author(s): P. A. Sergeev; V. N. Sintsov
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Hybrid Holographic Computer-Made Image Processing
Author(s): M. Draman; P. Meyrueis; E. Soubari
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Automatic Evaluation Of Young's Fringes Related To The Study Of In-Plane-Deformations By Speckle Techniques
Author(s): Horst Kreitlow; Thomas M. Kreis
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Flow Velocity Measurement By A Speckle Method
Author(s): Roland Meynart
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Measurement Of Vibratory Strains On A Turbine Blade By Tandem Speckle Photography
Author(s): Karl A. Stetson
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Optical Heterodyning And Doppler Effect Applied To Laser Vibrometers And Anemometers
Author(s): Jean-Loup Lesne
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Interferential Wavelengths Comparison With Real-Time Signal Processing
Author(s): P. Bouchareine; B. Rougie
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Vander Lugt Filter Optimization For The Metrology In Industrial And Scientific Research
Author(s): D. Vukicevic; N. Demoli; L. Bistricic
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Multichannel Laser System For Multiple Wavelength Cinematographic And Interferometric Diagnostic
Author(s): M. Hugenschmidt; J. Wey
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Subpicosecond Dye Laser Pulses: A New Tool For Optical Metrology
Author(s): J -C. Diets; J. J. Fontaine
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Optical Metrologic Evaluation Of Cotton Fabrics
Author(s): Y. Magoshi; B. Lotz; P. Meyrueis
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Determination Of Size Distributions Of Small Objects By Optical Fourier Transformation
Author(s): R. Butt; K. Hinsch
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Analysis Method Of The Spatio-Temporal Structure Of An Acoustic Field In The Air With The Aid Of Its Optical Fourier Transform
Author(s): P. Smigielski; J. Haertig; G. Waton; J. Schwab; B. Caulet
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Precise Measurements Of Light And Color
Author(s): Georg Geutler; Jurgen Krochmann
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The Dalembertometer
Author(s): P. Smigielski; P. G. Sava
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Laser Beam Scanning For Remote Control
Author(s): Jean Neyroud; Philippe Metayer; Francois Danel
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Particle Analysis By Digital Processing Of Three-Dimensional Hologram Reconstructions
Author(s): G. Haussmann; W. Lauterborn
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Sandwich Holography For Compensation Of Rigid Body Motion And Reposition Of Large Objects
Author(s): Hans Bjelkhagen
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Holographic Vibration Analysis Of Rotating Objects Using Different Types Of Interferometers
Author(s): Manfred-Andreas Beeck
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Holographic Interferometry For Brittle Materials
Author(s): W. J. Beranek; A. J. A. Bruinsma
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Holographic Study Of The Dispersoids In Technical Chemistry
Author(s): Judit J. Timko
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System For The Automatic Analysis Of Interferograms Obtained By Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): J. P. Hot; C. Durou
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Controls Of Aeronautical Structures Under Fatigue Testing By Holographic Pulsed Lasers Interferometry
Author(s): H. Fagot; F. Albe; P. Smigielski; A. Stimpfling; J. L. Arnaud
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Measurement Of Surface Tension By Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): K. Hinsch
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Non-Destructive Testing By Means Of Holographic Interferometry Of Wound Pressure Vessels
Author(s): J. D. Dubourg
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Measurement Of Three-Dimensional Displacement By Four Small Holograms
Author(s): J. Petkovsek; K. Rankel
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Analysis By Real-Time Holographic Interferometry Of Heat Transfer At The Surface Of Cold Solar Collectors
Author(s): J. Guerry; J. P. Hot; C. Durou
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Compact Device For Interferometric Holography
Author(s): Lia M. Zerbino; Hector J. Rabal; Mario Garavaglia
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Quantitative Evaluation Of Holographic Interference Patterns Under Image Processing Aspects
Author(s): Thomas M. Kreis; Horst Kreitlow
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Comparison Of Holographic Measurements And Theoretical Calculations For Vibration Studies
Author(s): B. lneichen; W. Schneider; C. Liegeois
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Vibration Analysis By Stroboscopic, Two-Reference-Beam Heterodyne Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): B. Ineichen; J. Mastner
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Effective Practical Use Of Holography And Related Technologies In Industry
Author(s): P. Smigielski; P. Meyrueis; M. Dubourg
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