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Recent and Future Developments in Medical Imaging II
Editor(s): David G. Brown; Stephen W. Smith

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Volume Number: 0206
Date Published: 26 December 1979

Table of Contents
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Medical Imaging: A Clinical Overview
Author(s): Albert A. Moss
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Prospects And Limitations Of Diagnostic Ultrasound
Author(s): O. T. von Ramm; S. W. Smith
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Future Trends In Projection Radiography
Author(s): A. Macovski; W. Brody; L. Lehmann; B. Strul; P-S. Yeh
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Comparison Of Medical Imaging Modalities: Clinical Realization And Engineering Potential Of Nuclear Imaging
Author(s): Leon Kaufman; Robert S. Hattner
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Computed Tomography
Author(s): R. W. Redington
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Panel Discussion On Comparison Of Imaging Modalities
Author(s): Stephen W. Smith; Albert A. Moss; Olaf T. von Ramm; Albert Macovski; Leon Kaufman; R. W. Redington
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B-Scan Ultrasonic Imaging With An Automated Water-Delay System
Author(s): Kai Haber
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Charge-Coupled-Device-Based Dynamically Focused Electronic Sector Scanner
Author(s): Kai E. Thomenius; Seeley C. Kellogg; Richard Bernardi
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Information Storage Requirements In Radiology
Author(s): J. W. Motz; M. Danos
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The Bottom Line In Radiologic Dose Reduction
Author(s): Robert F. Wagner; Robert J. Jennings
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Cardiac Computed Tomography
Author(s): R. W. Redington; W. H. Berninger; M. J. Lipton; B. Brundage; E. Carlsson; P. Doherty
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Development Of A Digital Video Subtraction System For Intravenous Angiography
Author(s): T. Ovitt; M. P. Capp; P. Christenson; H. D. Fisher; M. M. Frost.; S. Nudelman; H. Roehrig; G. Seeley
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Information Capacity Considerations In Medical Imaging
Author(s): David G. Brown; Mary Pastel Anderson; Robert F . Wagner
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Large Area X-Ray Image Receptor With Electrophoretic Display
Author(s): J . D. Kingsley; A . R . Sears; K. H. Yang
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Computed Radiography-A Low Dose X-Ray Imaging System
Author(s): L. K. Wagner; G. Cohen; S. R. Amtey; F. A. DiBianca; R. G. Lester
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Region-Of-Interest X-Ray Tomography (ROIT)
Author(s): O. Nalcioglu; P. V. Sankar; J. Sklansky
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Application Of A Reflection Technique For Improved Temporal Resolution With Dynamic And ECG-gated Computed Tomography
Author(s): M. Nassi; W. R. Brody; P. Cipriano; P. Stonestrom; C. Morehouse; D. Moss; A. Macovski
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Polar Pixel Kalman Filter For Limited Data Computed Tomography (CT) Image Reconstruction
Author(s): Michael H. Buonocore; William R. Brody; Albert Macovski; Sally L. Wood
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Imaging Of The Electrical Conductivity And Permittivity Inside A Patient: A New Computed Tomography (CT) Technique
Author(s): LeRoy R. Price
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Tomography Of Hydrogen With Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), And The Potential For Imaging Other Body Constituents
Author(s): Lawrence Crooks; John Hoennincier; Mitsuaki Arakawa; Leon Kaufman; Robert McRee; Jeffrey Watts; Jerome R. Singer
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Backscatter X-Ray Radiography: Medical Applications
Author(s): Alan M. Jacobs; Bruce C. Towe; John E. Harkness
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Digital Method To Evaluate The Noise Of X-Ray Image Intensifiers
Author(s): H. Roehrig; B. Lum; D. Fisher; D. Ouimette; M. P. Capp; M. M. Frost; S. Nudelman
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Automated Chest X-Ray Analysis
Author(s): William D. McFarland
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Multiple Window Display Techniques In Computed Tomography
Author(s): W. J. Nalesnik; J. B. Shields
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Precision Computer Display Techniques In Nuclear Medicine
Author(s): Brent S. Baxter
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Global Local Edge Coincidence Segmentation For Medical Images
Author(s): J. J. Hwang; C. C. Lee; E. L. Hall
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Imaging Techniques Implemented On Pipeline Minis And An Array Processor With Application To Nerve Fiber Counting
Author(s): Harold G. Rutherford; Gary K. Frykman; S. Andrew Yakush; Ivan R. Neilsen
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Computer-Controlled Video Subtraction Procedures For Radiology
Author(s): G. W. Seeley; M. P. Capp; H. D. Fisher; M. M. Frost; S. Nudelman; T. W. Ovitt; H. Roehrig
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Applications Of Digital Processing In Computed Radiography
Author(s): S. R. Amtey; Charles Morgan; Gerald Cohen; L. K. Wagner; S. Handel; R. G. Lester
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Boundary-Finding Scheme And The Problem Of Complex Object Localization In Computed Tomography Images
Author(s): Peter G. Selfridge; Judith M. S. Prewitt
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Reduction Of Edge Position Uncertainty On Computed Tomographic (CT) Scans
Author(s): Joseph A. Horton; Charles Kerber; John M. Herron; Julius Rebek
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Intelligent Microscopes: Recent And Near-Future Advances
Author(s): Judith M. S. Prewitt
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Volume Estimation: A New, Accurate, Computerized Algorithm
Author(s): Larry Cook; P. N. Cook; Samuel J. Dwyer III
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Digital Boundary Detection Techniques For The Analysis Of Gated Cardiac Scintigrams
Author(s): Eric G. Hawman
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Image Segmentation And Texture Analysis
Author(s): Charles A. Harlow; Richard W. Conners
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Digital Images, Mathematical Modeling And Physiological Parameters
Author(s): J. Nosil; P. McOrmond
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Significance Of Contrast-Detail-Dose Analysis In Evaluation Of Medical Imaging Systems
Author(s): S. R. Amtey; G. Cohen; F. A. Di Bianca
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