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Space Optics Imaging X-Ray Optics Workshop
Editor(s): Martin C. Weisskopf

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Volume Number: 0184
Date Published: 9 August 1979

Table of Contents
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Einstein Observatory (HEAO-B) Mirror Design And Performance
Author(s): Leon P. Van Speybroeck
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Development Of Imaging X-Ray Telescopes At Max-Planck-Institut Garching
Author(s): Joachim Trumper; Bernd Aschenbach; Heinrich Brauninger
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Experiments With Diamond-Turned Metal X-Ray Mirrors
Author(s): Gordon P. Garmire
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Cosmic X-Ray Telescope For ARIES Rocket Observations
Author(s): R. C. Catura; L. W. Acton; R. Berthelsdorf; J. L. Culhane; P. w. Sanford; A. Franks
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Wolter-Schwarzschild Optics For The Extreme-Ultraviolet: The Berkeley Stellar Spectrometer And The EUV Explorer
Author(s): Roger F. Malina; Stuart Bowyer; David Finley; Webster Cash
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Laboratory Evaluation Of A High-Resolution X-Ray Microscope
Author(s): J. K. Silk
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Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF)-Performance Requirements And Design Considerations
Author(s): Martin V. Zombeck
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X-Ray Optics For The LAMAR Facility, An Overview
Author(s): Paul Gorenstein
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Comparison Of Wolter-1 And Kirkpatrick-Baez X-Ray Optics For A Spacelab LAMAR Facility
Author(s): R. C. Catura; W. A. Brown; L. W. Acton
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Lobster Eyes As X-Ray Telescopes
Author(s): J. R. P. Angel
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Method Of Obtaining A Parabolic Reflecting Surface From Thin Float Glass Plate And Its Application To The LAMAR X-Ray Telescope
Author(s): E. W. C. Huang; R. E. Cabral; R. E. Brissette
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Quest For Ultrahigh Resolution In X-Ray Optics
Author(s): John M. Davis; Allen S. Krieger; J. Kevin Silk; Richard C. Chase
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X-Ray Telescope Mirrors-Materials, Manufacture, Tolerances And Metrology
Author(s): A. Franks
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Layered Synthetic Microstructures: Properties And Applications In X-Ray Astronomy
Author(s): James H. Underwood; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; Douglas C. Keith
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Fabrication Of The High-Resolution Mirror Assembly For The HEAO-2 X-Ray Telescope
Author(s): Peter S. Young
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Optical Coating Techniques For Wolter-Type Substrates
Author(s): D. P. Mathur; Daniel R. Adamo; Roy C. Bastien; Edward A. Strouse
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Reflectivity Of Gold-Coated Wolter-1 Telescopes At Soft X-Ray Wavelengths
Author(s): Bernd Aschenbach; Heinrich Brauninger; Axel Ondrusch; Joachim Trumper
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Techniques For Evaluating The Surface Finish Of X-Ray Optics
Author(s): H. E. Bennett
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Measuring Equipment For Testing The Directrix Of High-Resolution Wolter-Type Telescopes
Author(s): Erich Heynacher; Dieter Reinhardt
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All Grazing Incidence Interferometer For Testing And In Situ Alignment Of Imaging X-Ray Optics
Author(s): Robert J. Speer; Michael Chrisp
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Surface Roughness Measurement Of Aspheric Surfaces
Author(s): Anthony M. Ledger
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X-Ray Imaging Telescope On EXOSAT
Author(s): R. Laine; P. A. J. de Korte; J. A. M. Bleeker
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X-Ray Scattering From Epoxy Replica Surfaces
Author(s): P. A. J. de Korte
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Role Of Surface Topography In X-Ray Scattering
Author(s): E. L. Church
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Effects Of Scattering On X-Ray Imaging
Author(s): Robert J. Noll
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Influence Of Alignment And Surface Defects On The Performance Of X-Ray Telescopes
Author(s): Dietrich Korsch; Charles L. Wyman; L. Mike Perry
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Design Of Stigmatic Grazing Incidence Telescopes With Non-Parabolic Primaries
Author(s): Carl E. Winkler; Dietrich Korsch
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Astronomical Applications Of Grazing Incidence Telescopes With Polynomial Surfaces
Author(s): W. Cash; D. L. Shealy; J. H. Underwood
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X-Ray Test Facilities At Max-Planck-Institut Garching
Author(s): Bernd Aschenbach; Heinrich Brauninger; Karl-Heinz Stephan,; Joachim Trumper
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Imaging Proportional Counter For X-Ray Astronomy
Author(s): K. S. Long; P. B. Reid; W. H.M. Ku; D. D. Mitchell; R Novick; R. L. Pisarski
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Use Of A Charge-Coupled Device In X-Ray Astronomy As A High-Resolution Imaging Detector With Spectral Resolution
Author(s): D. A. Schwartz; R. E. Griffiths; S. S. Murray; M. V. Zombeck; W. Bradley
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Overview Of Nasa Solar Physics Programs
Author(s): Eric Chipman
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Solar Maximum Mission Ultraviolet Spectrometer And Polarimeter
Author(s): E. Tandberg-Hanssen; B. E. Woodgate; R. G. Athay; J. M. Beckers; J. C. Brandt; R. D. Chapman; C. L. Hyder; A. G. Michalitsianos; R. A. Shine; E. C. Bruner
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X-Ray Spectrometer Spectrograph Telescope System
Author(s): E. C. Bruner Jr.; L. W. Acton; W. A. Brown; S. W. Salat; A. Franks; G. Schmidtke; W. Schweizer; R. J. Speer
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Paraboloidal X-Ray Telescope Mirror For Solar Coronal Spectroscopy
Author(s): W. A. Brown; E. C. Bruner Jr.; L. W. Acton; A. Franks; M. Stedman; R. J. Speer
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CR LS-229 Solar X-Ray Spectrometer/Spectroheliograph Experiment
Author(s): P. B. Landecker; D. L. McKenzie; H. R. Rugge
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