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Space Optics II
Editor(s): Charles L. Wyman

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Volume Number: 0183
Date Published: 27 September 1979

Table of Contents
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Overview Of The Far Infrared Sky Survey Experiment
Author(s): K. Shivanandan; D. P. McNutt; S. Price; T. Murdock
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Infrared Astronomy Satellite
Author(s): F. J. Low
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Infrared Telescope On Spacelab 2
Author(s): D. Koch
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Design Alternatives For The Shuttle Infrared Telescope Facility
Author(s): F. C. Witteborn; L. S. Young; J. H. Miller
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German Infra Red Laboratory (Girl)-Liquid Helium-Cooled Infrared Observatory For Spacelab
Author(s): Dietrich Lemke; Gustav Klipping; Michael Grewing; Helge Trinks; Siegfried Drapatz; Klaus Proetel
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Spacelab 2 Infrared Telescope Cryogenic System
Author(s): E. W. Urban; L. Katz; J. B. Hendricks; G. R. Karr
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Geometrical Theory Of Diffraction And Telescope Stray-Light Analysis
Author(s): R. J. Noll
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Space Telescope Scientific Instruments
Author(s): David S. Leckrone
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Faint-Object Spectrograph For Space Telescope
Author(s): R. J. Harms; R. Angel; F. Bartko; E. Beaver; W. Bloomquist; R. Bohlin; E. M. Burbidge; A. F. Davidsen; J. C. Flemming; H. Ford
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Light Scattering From Multilayer Optics: Comparison Of Theory And Experiment
Author(s): J. M. Elson; J. P. Rahn
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Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) Measurements Of Stray Light Suppression Coatings For The Space Telescope (ST)
Author(s): Donald B. Griner
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Optical Fabrication Of A 60-Inch Mirror
Author(s): R. C. Babish; R. R. Rigby
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Test And Evaluation Of A 60-Inch Test Mirror
Author(s): L. Montagnino; R. Arnold; D. Chadwick; L. Grey; G. Rogers
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Space Telescope Mirror Substrate
Author(s): William C. Lewis
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Satellite Remote Sensing By A Combination Of Angle And Frequency Scanning
Author(s): Henry E. Fleming
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Interferogram Analysis For Space Optics
Author(s): John S. Loomis
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Ultra-Lightweight Fused Silica Mirrors For A Cryogenic Space Optical System
Author(s): John W. Pepi; Richard J. Wollensak
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Action Of Round Tools On Aspherics
Author(s): Roderic M. Scott
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Feasibility Of Glass Processing By Precision Machine Technology
Author(s): G. M. Sanger; P. C. Baker
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Nuclear-Pumped Lasers For Space Application
Author(s): W. T. Naff; F. W. French
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Geophysical Fluid Flow Experiment
Author(s): Barry G. Broome; George Fichtl; William Fowlis
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Charge Injection Device As A Candidate Sensor For Stellar Tracking
Author(s): Clyde S. Jones Jr.; Gerald J. Michon; Hubert K. Burke; Thomas L. Vogelsong
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Detector Arrays For Photometric Measurements At Soft X-Ray, Ultraviolet And Visible Wavelengths
Author(s): J. Gethyn Timothy; George H. Mount; Richard L. Bybee
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Testing Of Antireflection Coatings Using The NASA Long-Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF)
Author(s): Helen Gourley; P. A. Lovoi
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Use Of Coherent Arrays For Optical Astronomy In Space
Author(s): Herbert Gursky; Wesley A. Traub
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Starlab Ultraviolet (UV) Astronomy Telescope Facility
Author(s): Herbert L. Richard; Joseph H. Oberheuser
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Three-Mirror Anastigmat Used Off-Axis In Aperture And Field
Author(s): L. G. Cook
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On-Axis Three-Mirror Anastigmat With An Offset Field Of View
Author(s): S. G. L. Williams
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Optical System With Fiber-Optical Elements
Author(s): Robert Y. Wong; Mohammad R. Jafarpour
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Thematic Mapper Design Description And Performance Prediction
Author(s): Jack C. Lansing Jr.; Timothy D. Wise; Edward D. Harney
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Digital Image Processing System For Landsat 3
Author(s): George Harris Jr.
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Multispectral Resource Sampler: An Experimental Satellite Sensor For The Mid-1980s
Author(s): Charles C. Schnetzler; Leslie L. Thompson
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Array Technology As Applied To Future Earth Resources Sensors
Author(s): James A. Hall; David H. McCann
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Television Optics For The Voyager Mission To Jupiter And Saturn
Author(s): Leonard Snyder
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Global Wind Monitoring By Satellite-Borne Coherent Lidar
Author(s): R. M. Huffaker; T. R. Lawrence; P. A. Mandics; F. F. Hall Jr.
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Pioneer Venus Infrared Radiometer: Design, Implementation And Preliminary Results
Author(s): J. V. Martonchik; F. W. Taylor
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Imaging And Polarimetry With The Pioneer Venus Orbiter Cloud Photopolarimeter
Author(s): Larry D. Travis
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Pioneer-Venus Solar Flux Radiometer
Author(s): James M. Palmer
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