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Application of Optical Instrumentation in Medicine VII
Editor(s): Joel E. Gray

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Volume Number: 0173
Date Published: 6 July 1979

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Determination Of High-Intensity X-Ray Spectra
Author(s): James A. Mulvaney; Raymond P. Rossi
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Measurement Of The X-Ray-Induced Light Photons Emitted From Radiographic CaW04 Intensifying Screens
Author(s): H. Roehrig; B. Lum; S. Nudelman; M. P. Capp; C. E. Dick
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Quantum Noise Measurements For X-Ray Image Intensifiers
Author(s): Hugh T. Morgan
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Comparison Of Intensity And Time Scale Sensitometric Methods For Evaluating Screen-Film Systems
Author(s): Jose A. Bencomo; Arthur G. Haus
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New Sensitometric Method
Author(s): J. W. Gorski; D. B. Plewes
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Detection Of Bars And Discs In Quantum Noise
Author(s): A. E. Burgess; K. Humphrey; R. F. Wagner
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Contrast-Detail-Dose Evaluation Of Computed Radiography: Comparison With Computed Tomography (CT) And Conventional Radiography
Author(s): Gerald Cohen; L. K. Wagner; S. R. Amtey; F. A. DiBianca; S. F. Handel; C. Katragadda; S. Fogel; R. G. Lester
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Computer-Simulated Images For The Perceptual Evaluation Of Physical Parameters In Radiographic Image Formation
Author(s): T. Sandor; B. Sridhar; R. G. Swensson
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Conversion Of A Radiology Department To Rare-Earth Screen-Film Systems
Author(s): Martin Trefler; Joseph w. Ungaro
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Government Guidelines Versus Image Quality In Chest Radiography
Author(s): John G. Pearce; Gary D. Gillan; Werner W. Roeck; Eric N. C. Milne
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Recent Developments In Non-Silver Halide Diagnostic Imaging Systems And Their Potential
Author(s): Heinz F. Nitka
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Film Selection Considerations For Computed Tomography And Ultrasound Video Photography
Author(s): Ronald P. Schwenker
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Laser Readout Of Electrostatic Images
Author(s): Alfonso Zermeno; Thomas Kirby; Ronald Cowart; Lee Marsh; Poen Ong
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Computer Electronic Radiography For Early Detection Of Vascular Disease
Author(s): D. Sashin; E. J. Sternglass; M. J. Spisak; J. Boyer; K. Bron; L. Davis; C. B. Fong; D. Gur; J. Herron; R. Hoy
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Fore-And-Aft Rotating Aperture Wheel (RAW) Device For Improving Radiographic Contrast
Author(s): Stephen Rudin
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Automated Screening Of Chest X Rays: Texture Analysis Of The Lung Fields In Chest X Rays
Author(s): T. W. Challis; C. M. Haig; D. C. Haig; J. I-I Kulick
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Historical Review Of Mammographic Imaging Techniques In Terms Of Image Quality And Reduced Radiation Dose
Author(s): Arthur G. Haus; Gerald D. Dodd; David D. Paulus
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Radiographic Detectability Of Breast Microcalcifications: In Vitro Studies Using A Wide Variety Of Mammography Techniques
Author(s): Myngen T. Nguyen; Edward A. Sickles
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Mammography With Magnification And Grids Detail Visibility And Dose Measurements
Author(s): Leonard Stanton; Wende W. Logan
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Making An Equipment Allowing Special Liquid Crystals Sheets To Be Used For Breast Thermography In Given Conditions
Author(s): Yves Quenneville
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New Detector System For High-Resolution Dynamic Medical Thermographic Diagnosis
Author(s): Richard Dobrin; Lyn Skolnik; Richard Taylor
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Dispersion In Patient Physical Characteristics And The Concept Of The Average Patient: Implications For Dose Minimization In Mammography
Author(s): E. P. Muntz; H. Bernsteir
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Author(s): Robert F. Wagner; E. Phillip Muntz
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Author(s): Bruce A. Horn; Wilbur J. Brown; Mitchell G. Randall
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Monitoring The Clinical Use Of Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment
Author(s): L. Palmans; B. Endlich
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The Design And Implementation Of A Radiology Information System
Author(s): Gerald R. Edelstein; Alan S. Baker; Bernard J. Ostrum
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Specifications And Requirements Of Idealized Radiographic Equipment For Routine Chest Examinations
Author(s): Pei-Jan Paul Lin; Richard A. Mintzer; Ronald Hendrix; Leonid Calenoff
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Performance Evaluation Of A Fourth-Generation Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner
Author(s): Robert K. Cacak; William R. Hendee
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Performance Characteristics Of A Translate-Rotate Head Scanner With Xenon Detectors
Author(s): Arthur Olson; Maynard High
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Evaluation Of Computed Tomographic Units
Author(s): G. Donald Frey; Joseph D. Wise Jr.; Paul Ross
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Optimizing Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner Geometry
Author(s): G. T. Barnes; M. V. Yester; M. A. King
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Effect Of Slice Thickness On Depth-Dose Distribution Of A Computed Tomography (CT) Scan
Author(s): Massimiliano Szulc; Philip F. Judy
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Display System For Computed Tomographic (CT) Images
Author(s): A. A. van Heck
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Information And Artifact In Second-Order Statistics From Computed Tomography (CT) Images
Author(s): Andre J. Duerinckx; Albert Macovski
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Uncertainties Generated By Computed Tomography (CT) Beam-Hardening Corrections
Author(s): Ira J. Kalet
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Illustration Of A Beam-Hardening Correction Method In Computerized Tomography
Author(s): Gabor T. Herman; Reid G. Simmons
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Aspects Of The Convolution Method For Image Reconstruction From Projections
Author(s): Robert M. Lewitt
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Qualitative Prediction Of Image Discrepancies Due To Object-Time Dependence In Several Computed Tomography (CT) Geometries
Author(s): James E. Holden; Wingfat R.
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Rapid Computer Generation Of Three-Dimensional Phantoms And Their Cone-Beam X-Ray Projections
Author(s): Martin D. Altschuler; Tao Chang; Aloysius Chu
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The Detective Quantum Efficiency Of Computed Tomographic (CT) Reconstruction: The Detection Of Small Objects*
Author(s): K. M. Hanson
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Exposures To Patients From Radiological Procedures
Author(s): Kenneth W. Taylor
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Selection Of Screen-Film CombinationS
Author(s): K. W. Taylor; B. P. McLeish; B. B. Hobbs; T. J. Hughes
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Measurement Of Time Variations Of X-Ray Beam Characteristics
Author(s): C. C. M. Campbell; M. J. Yaffe; K. W. Taylor
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Phantoms For Testing X-Ray Imaging Performance
Author(s): Terence J. Hughes; Klaus R. Schulenburg; N Ramanathan
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An Experimental Computed Tomographic (CT) Scanner
Author(s): M. Yaffe; H. E. Johns
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Correction Of Spectral Artifacts And Determination Of Electron Density And Atomic Number From Computed Tomographic (CT) Scans
Author(s): Aaron Fenster; Dick Drost; Brian Rutt
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Use Of Scattered Radiation Measurements In Radiotherapy Dose Calculations Based On Computed Tomographic (CT) Images
Author(s): John W. Andrew; J. Van Dyk; H. E. Johns
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The Application Of Computed Tomographic (CT) Imaging To Radiotherapy Planning
Author(s): J. J. Battista; J. Van Dyk; W. D. Rider; J. R. Cunningham
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Zeugmatographic Imaging
Author(s): Waylon V. House; Paul C. Lauterbur
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How To Apply Case Series Review Results To Evaluation Of Individual Cases In Diagnostic Radiology
Author(s): J. R. Thornbury; D. G. Fryback; L. R. Kuhns
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Micro-Dose Radiography: Physics Of A System
Author(s): David J. Curtis; Paul Bjorkholm; Edwin Frederick; Theodore L. Houk; Lloyd Salisbury; John H. Jackson
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Use Of A Multiformat Camera For Recording Fluoroscopic Images
Author(s): David M. Hynes; Ernest W. Edmonds; Karl R. Krametz; Dennis Baranoski
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Progress In Ultrasonic Computed Tomography (CT) Of The Breast
Author(s): P. L. Carson; A. L. Scherzinger; T. V. Oughton; J. E. Kubitschek; P. A. Lambert; G. E. Moore; G. E. Moore; M. G. Dunn; D. E. Dick
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Physics And Technical Considerations In The Design Of The Dynamic Spatial Reconstructor (DSR)-A High Temporal Resolution Volume Scanner
Author(s): Erik L. Ritman; James H. Kinsey; Richard A. Robb; Lowell D. Harris; Barry K. Gilbert
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