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Applications of Digital Image Processing
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher

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Volume Number: 0119
Date Published: 8 December 1977

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Viking Image Processing
Author(s): William B. Green
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Astronomical Applications Of Digital Image Processing
Author(s): Paul H. Richter
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The Robot's Eyes: Stereo Vision System For Automated Scene Analysis
Author(s): Donald S. Williams
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An Interactive Lake Survey Program
Author(s): Andree Y. Smith; John D. Addington
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Enhancement Of Solar Corona And Comet Details
Author(s): Walter Matuska; D. H. Janney Jr.; J. A. Farrell; C. F. Keller Jr.
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All-Digital Correlation For Missile Guidance
Author(s): J. B. Clary; R. F. Russell
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Some Techniques For Digital Processing, Display And Interpretation Of Ratio Images In Multispectral Remote Sensing
Author(s): G. W. Wecksung; J. R. Breedlove Jr.
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Halftone Pictorial Encoding
Author(s): J. C. Stoffel
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A Digital Real Time Intraframe Viipeo Bandwidth Compression System
Author(s): H. Whitehouse; E. Wrench; A. Weber; G. Claffie; J. Richards; J. Rudnick; W. Schaming; J. Schanne
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Classification Consistency Of Bandwidth Compressed Multispectral Scanned (MSS) Images Using Bayes Supervised Classifier
Author(s): A. Habibi; A. Y. Hung
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An Optical Analogy To DPCM Digital Image Data Compression
Author(s): B. R. Hunt
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A Conditional Replenishment Hadamard Video Compressor
Author(s): Harry W. Jones Jr.
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Two-Dimensional Image Coding By Micro-Adaptive Picture Sequencing (MAPS)
Author(s): Anton E. LaBonte
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Bandwidth Compression Of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery By Quantization Of Raw Radar Data
Author(s): Richard G. Lipes; Stanley A. Butman
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Charge Injection Device Focal Plane Processor For Video Bandwidth Compression
Author(s): P. A. Merola; G. J. Michon; H. K. Burke; T. L. Vogelsong
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Microprocessor System For TV Imagery Compression
Author(s): G. G. Murray
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Image Data Processing By Hybrid Sampling
Author(s): M. A. Narasimhan; K. R. Rao; V. Raghava
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A Comparison Of The Visual Effects Of Two Transform Domain Encoding Approaches
Author(s): J. D. Olsen; C. M. Heard
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Image Coding: Variable Rate Differential Pulse Code Modulation Through Fixed Rate Channel
Author(s): Andrew G. Tescher; Richard V. Coxt
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An Overview Of The Bureau Of Naval Personnel's Microfiche Image Transmission System (MITS)
Author(s): Don Endicott; Dan Solarek
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New Developments In Digital Image Processing Displays
Author(s): John N. Latta
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Real Time Digital Correction Of Acquisition Errors Applied To Solid State Scanners
Author(s): T. R. Little
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A System For Graphical Image Analysis
Author(s): William D. McFarland; Surachai Suthasinekul; Roderick J. McLeod; Samuel J. Dwyer III
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Scanners Using A Distributive System Of Microprocessors
Author(s): Gerald E. Murine
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Video-Rate Image Correlation Processor
Author(s): J. J. Pearson; D. C. Hines Jr.; S Golosman; C. D. Kuglin
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Microprocessor Arrays For Parallel Pattern Recognition
Author(s): Harvey R. Seliner
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A Real-Time Compensation Technique For Nonuniformities Of Infrared Imaging Arrays
Author(s): C. William Souder; David N. Pocock
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An On-Line Digital Autocorrelator For Speckle Interferometry
Author(s): Peter R. Vokac
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Spatial Warping Experiments With A Precision CRT Display
Author(s): D. Wells; L. Paffrath; H. Mery; J. Cover
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Digital Vs. Optical Techniques In Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Processing
Author(s): Dale A. Ausherman
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Image Restorations Constrained With A Multiply-Exposed Picture
Author(s): J. R. Breedlove Jr.; R P. Kruger; H. J. TrusselI; B. R. Hunt
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Interactive Digital Image Processing With APL
Author(s): Louis D. Grey
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Nonlinear Image Restoration With Signal-Dependent Noise
Author(s): B. R. Hunt; H. J. Trussell
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Digital Image Processing In The Diagnosis Of Glaucoma And Ocular Disease
Author(s): John Kern; Bernard Schwartz
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Locating Man-Made Objects In Low-Resolution Outdoor Scenes
Author(s): Gary M. Klein; Sahibsingh A. Dudani
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Application Of The K-L Transform To Spatial Domain Filtering Of Multiband Images
Author(s): P. J. Ready; R. W. Clark
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Optimal Processing Of Computed Tomography Images
Author(s): J. P. Stonestrom; R. E. Alvarez
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High-Speed Computerized Tomography
Author(s): E. E. Swartzlander Jr.; B. K. Gilbert
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