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Optical Polarimetry: Instrumentation and Applications
Editor(s): Rasheed M. A. Azzam; David Coffeen

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Volume Number: 0112
Date Published: 19 October 1977

Table of Contents
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Techniques Of Measurement Of The Polarization-Altering Properties Of Linear Optical Systems
Author(s): P. S. Hauge
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Optical Polarimeters In Astronomy
Author(s): K. Serkowski
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High-Resolution Spectropolarimetry: A New Atmospheric Remote Sensor
Author(s): Alain L. Fymat
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Orbiter Cloud Photopolarimeter For The Pioneer Venus Mission
Author(s): E. E. Russell; L. A. Watts; S. F. Pellicori; D. L. Coffeen
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X-Ray Polarimeters
Author(s): E. H. Silver; R. Novick; M. C. Weisskopf
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Fourier Photoellipsometers And Photopolarimeters Based On Modulated Optical Rotation
Author(s): R. M. A. Azzam
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Self-Nulling Ellipsometer Design
Author(s): Jack L. Ord
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Photomultiplier Linearization And System Stabilization For Photometric Ellipsometers And Polarimeters
Author(s): D. E. Aspnes; A. A. Studna
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Ellipsometry Of Electrochemical Surface Layers
Author(s): Rolf H. Muller
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Modulated Light Ellipsometry At 10.6 m
Author(s): M. E. Pedinoff; M. Braunstein; O. M. Stafsudd
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Surface Anisotropy Measurements By Ellipsometry
Author(s): J. P. Marton
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Ellipsometric Study Of Light-Induced Changes In Silver Iodide Thin Films
Author(s): R. Gary Layton
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Studies Of Polish Layers On Infrared Window Materials By Ellipsometry
Author(s): D. K. Burge; P. A. Temple
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Optimum Anti Reflection Coating For Anti Reflection-Coated Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (AMOS) Solar Cells
Author(s): Y. C. M. Yeh; F. P. Ernest; R. J. Stirn
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Interpretation Of Ellipsometer Observations Of Anodic Films
Author(s): Craig G. Smith; Rolf H. Muller
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Birefringence In Biological Materials
Author(s): Michael W. Kaplan
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Applications Of The Faraday Effect And Magnetic Circular Dichroism In Chemistry And Physics
Author(s): J. M. Thorne
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Vibrational Optical Activity
Author(s): R. Clark; P. J. Stephens
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Magnetically Induced Circular Polarization Of Emission: Application To Inorganic Complexes
Author(s): K. W. Hipps; G. A. Crosby
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The Role Of Circular Dichroism In Spectroscopy As Elucidated By Sum Rules
Author(s): Dennis Caldwell
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Optical Determination Of The Thermodynamic Phase Diagram Of A Metamagnet
Author(s): William C. Egbert
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Polarization-Dependent Light-Scattering Measurements Using An Electro-Optical Modulator-Based Instrument
Author(s): Randall Thompson; Edward Fry; Jerold Bottiger
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Fast Precise Size Distributions From Light-Scattering Extrema
Author(s): W. Heller
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Polarization Imagery
Author(s): Robert Walraven
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Optical Polarimetry Of Particulate Surfaces
Author(s): B. Zellner
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Polarization Of Reflected Sunlight As Measured From A High-Altitude Balloon
Author(s): Larry L. Stowe
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Polarizing Radiometer Measurements Of Skylight At South Pole Station, Antarctica
Author(s): Bruce Fitch; Kinsell L. Coulson
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Scattering Measurements Of Irregular Particles Vs. MIE-Theory
Author(s): R. H. Zerull; R. H. Giese; K. Weiss
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A Near-Infrared Coronal Emission-Line Polarimeter
Author(s): C. W. Querfeld
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A Spectrum Scanning Stokes Polarimeter
Author(s): Thomas G. Baur; Lewis L. House
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Techniques And Applications Of Elliptical Polarimetry In Astronomy And Atmospheric Sciences
Author(s): Robert A. Stokes
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