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X-Ray Imaging
Editor(s): Richard P. Chase; Glenn W. Kuswa

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Volume Number: 0106
Date Published: 29 August 1977

Table of Contents
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X-Ray Imaging In The Laser-Fusion Program
Author(s): Gene H. McCall
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The X-Ray Generation - An Overview Of X-Ray Astronomy 1960-1980
Author(s): Stephen S. Murray
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Film - The Versatile X-Ray Detector
Author(s): L. S. Birks
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Analysis Of Photographic X-Ray Images
Author(s): Allen S. Krieger
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Observation Of Tokamak Plasmas With An Array Of Pin Diode Detectors
Author(s): Gary L. Jahns
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The Analysis Of Magnetohydrodynamic Modes In Tokamaks By X-Ray Techniques
Author(s): N. R. Sauthoff
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Pinhole Imaging Techniques For Hard X-Rays
Author(s): A. J. Toepfer; L. P. Mix; H. J. TrusselI
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X-Ray Microscopy Of Laser Fusion Plasmas Using Coded Imaging Techniques
Author(s): N. M. Ceglio
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Time-Resolved Coded Aperture Imaging System For Nuclear Fuel Motion Measurements
Author(s): K. T. Stalker; J. G. Kelly
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Some Applications Of One-Dimensional Coded Apertures
Author(s): R. G. Simpson; H. H. Barrett; J. G. Kelly; K. T. Stalker
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Imaging Of Solar Active Regions With Fresnel Zone Plates
Author(s): G. Kramer; H. J. Einighammer; H. Brauninger
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Grazing Incidence X-Ray Microscopy Of Laser Fusion Targets
Author(s): Michael J. Boyle
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Design, Fabrication And Performance Of Two Grazing Incidence Telescopes For Celestial Extreme Ultraviolet Astronomy
Author(s): M. Lampton; W. Cash; R. F. Malina; S. Bowyer
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A Total Transverse Aberration Function For Grazing Incidence Optics
Author(s): James F. McGee; John W. Burrows
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High Resolution X-Ray Optics For Astronomical And Laboratory Sources
Author(s): J.Kevin Silk
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Bent Glass Optics
Author(s): J. H. Underwood; D. Turner
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Design, Fabrication And Expected Performance Of The HEAO-B X-Ray Telescope
Author(s): Leon P. Van Speybroeck
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Coded Imaging Of Relativistic Electron Beam Targets
Author(s): John N. Olsen
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The Curved Crystal X-Ray Spectrometer For The HEAO-B Satellite
Author(s): C. R. Canizares; G. W. Clark; D. Bardas; T. Markert
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A Hard X-Ray Imaging Instrument For Solar And Cosmic Sources
Author(s): Gordon J. Hurford
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MOS Solid-State Detector Arrays For X-Ray Imaging
Author(s): Louis N. Koppel
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Microchannel Plate Response To Hard X-Rays
Author(s): K. W. Dolan; J. Chang
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X-Ray Quantum Efficiency Of Microchannel Plates
Author(s): Paul J. Bjorkholm; Leon P. Van Speybroeck; Michael Hecht
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High Resolution Imaging X-Ray Detector For Astronomical Measurements
Author(s): J. P. Henry; E. M. Kellogg; U. G. Briel; S. S. Murray; L. P. Van Speybroeck; P. J. Bjorkholm
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