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High Speed Optical Techniques: Developments and Applications
Editor(s): Michel A. Duguay; Richard K. Petersen

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Volume Number: 0094
Date Published: 18 January 1977

Table of Contents
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Laser Driven Subnanosecond Blast Shutter
Author(s): M. A. Duguay; M. A. Palmer; R. E. Palmer
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Subpicosecond Proximity-Focused Streak Camera For X-Ray And Visible Light
Author(s): Albert J. Lieber; H. Dean Sutphin; Clinton B. Webb
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Photoelectronic Streak-Tube Technology Review
Author(s): C. B. Johnson
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Ultrafast X-Ray Diagnostics For Laser Fusion Experiments
Author(s): Lamar W. Coleman
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Remote Profilemetry
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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High Frame Rate Analysis Of Bat Population Levels And Bat Locomotion
Author(s): J. Scott Altenbach
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Some Applications Of Picosecond Optical Range Gating
Author(s): Adam P. Bruckner
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A High Speed Magneto-Optic Camera System
Author(s): Mark H. Kryder; A. Deutsch
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PLZT Ceramic As A High Speed Shutter
Author(s): Milton Laikin
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Phased Roller Movement
Author(s): Walter Renold
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Microprocessor Technology Applied To Digital Data Recording In Instrumentation Cameras
Author(s): Lowell E. Bowles; D. H. Peterson; G. J. Pendley
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500 MHz Fiber Optic Communication Link Using An Injection Laser Diode
Author(s): J. J. Pan; M. P. Arnold
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Picosecond Electronics With Optical Pulses
Author(s): D. H. Auston
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High-Accuracy Range Measurements To The Moon
Author(s): Eric C. Silverberg
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Use Of Picosecond Lasers For Studying Photosynthesis
Author(s): A. J. Campillo; S. L. Shapiro
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Pulsed Laser Stereo Photography Of Electrically Exploded Bridges
Author(s): W. L. Seitz; S. D. Gardner
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Use Of Picosecond Lasers In Measuring Ultrafast Molecular Processes
Author(s): J. Covey
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Application Of Laser Interferometry For Study Of Two-Dimensional Shock Wave Effects
Author(s): Thomas L. Menna
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Supls Photogrammetric Data Reduction System
Author(s): T. H. Wickstrom; M. A. Cates; R. I. Swor
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A Systematic And Quantitative Method For Selecting Camera Systems To Record Specified Levels Of Information
Author(s): Carl M. Franz
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One Gigabit Wideband Modulator
Author(s): J. R. Teague; L. B. Allen
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