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Cardiovascular Imaging and Image Processing: Theory and Practice
Editor(s): Donald C. Harrison; Harry A. Miller

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Volume Number: 0072
Date Published: 11 March 1976

Table of Contents
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Tutorial Developmental Highlights And Present Applications Of Cardiac Ultrasound
Author(s): Richard L. Popp
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The Technology Of Miniature Acoustic Element Arrays
Author(s): N. Bom; C. T. Lancee; J. Ridder; C. Ligtvoet; J. Roelandt
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Ultrasonic Imaging Using Two-Dimensional Transducer Arrays
Author(s): W. L. Beaver; M. G. Maginness; J. D . Meindl
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Sector-Scanning Echocardiography
Author(s): Walter L. Henry; James M. Griffith
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Potential Of Real-Time Orthographic Ultrasonic Imaging For Cardiovascular Diagnosis
Author(s): Philip S. Green; Kenneth W. Marich
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Computer Processing Of Echocardiographic Images
Author(s): William J. Sanders; Donald C. Harrison
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Dynamic Cardiac Imaging Using A Phased-Array Transducer System
Author(s): Joseph Kisslo; Olaf von Ramm; Frederick L. Thurstone
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Doppler Instrumentation For Measuring Blood Velocity And Flow
Author(s): Robert W. Gill; Charles F. Hottinger; James D. Meindl
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Applications Of Doppler Ultrasound In Clinical Vascular Disease
Author(s): R. W. Barnes; D. E. Hokanson; D. S. Sumner; D. E. Strandness Jr.
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Processing And Display Techniques For Doppler Flow Signals
Author(s): John M. Reid
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Tutorial Angiocardiography - Past And Present
Author(s): Harold Sandier
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High Speed Cineradiography : A Teciinique For Obtaining Physiologic Data
Author(s): Peter R. Lynch; George H. Stewart
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Quantitative Three-Dimensional Dynamic Imaging Of Structure And Function Of The Cardiopulmonary And Circulatory Systems In All Regions Of The Body
Author(s): R. E. Sturm; E. L. Ritman; E. H. Wood
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Single Plane Angiography: Current Applications And Limitations
Author(s): Herman L. Falsetti; Robyn J. Carroll
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Regional Myocardial Shape And Dimensions Of The Working Isolated Canine Left Ventricle
Author(s): Erik Ritman; Kai Tsuiki; David Donald; Earl H. Wood
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Real-Time Detection And Data Acquisition System For The Left Ventricular Outline
Author(s): Johan H. C. Reiber
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Acquisition Of Quantitative Physiological Data And Computerized Image Reconstruction Using A Single Scan TV System
Author(s): Norman A. Baily
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Digital Image Processing Of Vascular Angiograms
Author(s): R. H. Selzer; D. H. Blankenhorn; E. S. Beckenbach; D. W. Crawford; S. H. Brooks
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Algorithms For Reconstruction
Author(s): A. C. Kak
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Computer Measurement And Representation Of The Heart In Two And Three Dimensions
Author(s): Daryl Rasmussen
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Three-Dimensional Reconstruction And Display Of The Heart , Lungs And Circulation By Multiplanar X-Ray Scanning Video Densitometry
Author(s): Richard Robb; Erik Ritman; Earl H. Wood
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Computer Storage And Retrieval Of Coronary Trees
Author(s): C.Frank Starmer; W. M. Smith
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Clinical Applications Of A Quantitative Analysis Of Regional Left Ventricular Wall Motion
Author(s): Richard F. Leighton; John M. Rich; Mary E. Pollack; Pablo I. Altieri
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Clinical Application Of A Light-Pen Computer System For Quantitative Angiography
Author(s): Edwin L. Alderman
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Quantitative Analysis Of Regional Myocardial Performance In Coronary Artery Disease
Author(s): Douglas K. Stewart; Harold T. Dodge; Morris Frimer
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Myocardial Blood Flow: Roentgen Videodensitometry Techniques
Author(s): Hugh C. Smith; Richard A. Robb; Earl H. Wood
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Computer Analysis Of Femoral Angiograms For Evaluation Of Atherosclerosis In Post-Infarct Males-Clinical Correlates
Author(s): Miguel E. Sanmarco; David H. Blankenhorn
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Tutorial Nuclear Cardiography And Scintigraphy
Author(s): Peter McLaughlin
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Three-Dimensional Imaging Of The Myocardium With Isotopes
Author(s): T. F. Budinger
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Dynamic Radionuclide Determination Of Regional Left Ventricular Wall Motion Using A New Digital Imaging Device
Author(s): Peter Steele; Dennis Kirch
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Positron Emission Reconstruction Tomography For The Assessment Of Regional Myocardial Metabolism By The Administration Of Substrates Labeled With Cyclotron Produced Radionuclides
Author(s): Michel M. Ter-Pogossian; Edward J. Hoffman; Edward S. Weiss; R.Edward Coleman; Michael E. Phelps; Michael J. Welch; Burton E. Sobel
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The Role Of Technetium-99m STannous Pyrophosphate In Myocardial Imaging To Recognize, Localize And Identify Extension Of Acute Myocardial Infarction In Patients
Author(s): James T. Willerson; Robert W. Parkey; Frederick J. Bonte; Ernest M. Stokely; L.Maximilian Buja
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Assessment Of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction By Radionuclide Angiography Comparison to Echocardiography and Serial Measurements in Patients with Myocardial Infarction
Author(s): Heinrich R. Schelbert; Hartmut Henning; Robert A. O'Rourke; William L. Ashburn
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Introduction Commercialization - Issues And Answers
Author(s): Gene Schmidt; Donald C. Harrison
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The Stanford-Ames Portable Echocardioscope: A Case Study In Technology Transfer
Author(s): Gene Schmidt; Harry Miller
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Commercializing The Echocardioscope: A Case Study In Biomedical Technology Transfer
Author(s): Alain C. Enthoven
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A Venture Capital View Of Technology Transfer
Author(s): John S. McCullough
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Biomedical Technology Transfer A Manufacturer's Viewpoint
Author(s): Dean O. Morton
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The User's View Of Commercially Available Medical Technology
Author(s): Donald C. Harrison
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