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Quantitative Imagery in the Biomedical Sciences II
Editor(s): Robin E. Herron

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Volume Number: 0040
Date Published: 1 March 1974

Table of Contents
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Densitometric Analysis Of Blood Flow Of The Optic Nerve Head In Glaucoma
Author(s): Bernard Schwartz; Sumner L. Fishbein; William Selles
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An Operator-Interactive, Computer-Controlled System For High Fidelity Digitization And Analysis Of Biomedical Images
Author(s): R. A. Robb; S. A. Johnson; J. F. Greenleaf; M. A. Wondrow; E. H. Wood
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The Quantitative Display Of Radioisotope Image Data As Computer Generated Color Coded Isocount Contours --Comparison With Digital Printout
Author(s): Ralph Adams; Carl Jansen; George Grames; Duane Zimmerman
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Automatic Digital Analysis Of Video Images
Author(s): Donald G. Carson
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Television Microdensitometry In The Life Sciences
Author(s): Ronald A . Swenson; Colin P. Bond
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Factors And Operational Problems Associated With Choice Of Image Quantizer Systems For Image Search And Discovery
Author(s): John H. Newitt
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The Optical Data Digitizer - An Eye To The Future
Author(s): Gary M. Fitton
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Applications Of Videodensitometry To Quantitative Radiological Measurements In Medicine
Author(s): Lowell Rosen; Norman R. Silverman
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1000 Frame Per Second Flash X-Ray Cinematography
Author(s): Stanley A. Shatsky; Frederick P. Miller; Delbert E. Evans
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X-Ray Electro-Optical Imaging In Vivo
Author(s): J. E. Dowdey; Kenneth W. Bull
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Recent Developments Of The Laser In Medicine
Author(s): Leon Goldman
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An Improved Laser Cane For The Blind
Author(s): J. Malvern Benjamin Jr.; Nazir A. Ali
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Biological Microbeam Irradiation With Lasers
Author(s): Michael W. Berns
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The Laser In Dentistry
Author(s): Ralph H. Stern
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Bio-Medical Applications Of A Holographic System For Automatic Surface Mapping
Author(s): Aaron D. Gara; Rrichard F. Majkowski; Robert P. Hubbard; Donald G. McLeod; Thomas T. Stapleton
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Holography Comes To Life
Author(s): Raymond H. Hoskins
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Pulsed Dye Lasers--A New Source Of Coherent Light Energy For Holographic Applications
Author(s): Peter Shajenko
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Computerized Multiangular Tomography
Author(s): Bruce R. Altschuler; R.Michael Perry; Martin D. Altschuler
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Digital Ocular-Fundus Stereophotogrammetry
Author(s): David G. Falconer; Michael S. Kottler
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Determination Of The Geometry Of Tri-Leaflet Aortic Heart Valves
Author(s): H. M. Karara; G. T. Marzan
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Quantitative Analysis Of Transmitted Images
Author(s): James H. Steele Jr.
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A Proposed Method For The Analysis Of Dermatoglyphic Patterns
Author(s): Dale A. Ausherman; William D. Hall; Robert E. Moyers; Ronald C. Fairchild; Ralph H. Mitchel
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Infrared Photography As A Diagnostic Tool For The Burn Wound
Author(s): Victor J. Anselmo; Bruce E. Zawacki
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Computer Image Processing System Networks
Author(s): Herbert H. Hopf; Murray Shapiro; Marvin King
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X-Ray Image Intensifiers
Author(s): Robert D. Moseley Jr.
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Some Zoological Studies With Image Intensifiers
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Slusher
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New Developments In Still Cine-Photography And Tele-Vision For Medical (Endoscopic) Purposes
Author(s): G. Berci; J. Urban
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Optical Illumination For Endoscopy
Author(s): Valerie F. Olson; George Berci
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The Perceptual Movement Image Produced Without Actual Target Displacement
Author(s): Kiyoe Mizusawa; James S. Haag; Fred S. Palmer
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